6 thoughts on “30 4 30 Day 14”

  1. I don’t know why she is so upset…she claim that she doesn’t DO any of these things….so whats the problem?

    Pardon me while I go climb back on Al….in Kentucky…..from RI


  2. Apparently this is poking the bear. You know what? Who cares at this point. Sometimes there are people who spread misery wherever they go for years and they get away with it. Eventually though people decide enough is enough. That’s where I am at. She’s gotten away with being a miserable human being for years, she’s gotten slaps on the wrist,and has been a perpetual victim. Finally she is getting a taste of her own medicine and it’s past due. So yeah fuck you Celeste.

    And I’d gladly get in a bidding war for this cutie but I just bought a whale. I’ll probably buy something else next week though because Deb is one talented lady.

    And Deb, I miss you!!!


  3. I love the little hairpieces that are actually bath loofahs. Talk about a hint. Does it come with soap too? LOL.


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