30 4 30 Day 12


Just so everyone knows ..EBAY Charity takes the funds directly from the Paypal account less the shipping…which we are way in the hole on and Lisa and Sally have generously offered to pay the difference on.

So Nicole you should contact ebay directly ( 1-800-eat-shit) if you think THEY are keeping the monies.

And keep up the good work with sending me ideas.

love ya

For anyone who doesn’t understand this, one of Nicole’s most beloved leg humpers referred to the trolls as “voodoo dolls.”

Deb found that hilarious (as did I) and decided to make a voodoo doll for real.




9 thoughts on “30 4 30 Day 12”

  1. It can be personalized too!

    A fantastic suggestion by one of our beloved leg hump-hers (wink)

    13″ voodoo doll created for the bloviating supporter of your choice…i will embroider the name the winner chooses on the a*s…(insert another wink)

    Comes with enchanted pins and doll stand.

    painted canvas and machine stitched, handmade wonky button and the trust of 45,000 supporters….


  2. I wanted the snail but was out bid..I just assumed that the shipping would be included in my final offer and I would have been totally ok with that…the pieces are adorable and it is for a great cause..


  3. I just assumed that the shipping would be included in my final offer

    That is correct, but apparently Deb estimated low on a few items. It’s okay. We’re working it out.


  4. I am sorry but I may have to contact law enforcement following this post.
    This just caused me actual bodily harm as I choked on my tea the minute I saw the doll!

    This is like the gift that keeps giving. Super funny shit!

    I am alternating between pissing my sides laughing and coughing. So wish you shipped to where I am as Lisa would never get her hands on this.


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