5 thoughts on “30 4 30 Day 11”

  1. Oh Nikki you blow my mind!
    What sort of person, even and especially one who thinks there should be no laws/rules/round earth in life, goes out of their way to attempt to spoil things for children who are being given a chance to enjoy camp. Yes – that’s right – YOU DO.
    You really have trawled to the depths of your swamp – sorry pond – on this one.

    So you are waiting for a call tomorrow before you do a live woe is me session.
    I really hope that your call, if you actually get one, tells you to go away and bug someone else with your mean and vile hatred of anything good. Getting children to camp is something good and as someone has pointed out on facebook, you could have jumped on the bandwagon of this one and got some positivity out of it for a change.

    You are all trying to “decide the best way to end all of this mess that we’ve been dealing with for 2 1/2 years”. Well gosh I am sure that getting on with your business, spending time together with your family, maybe seeing a little less of court and actually trying to build up a real homestead may help with that! Ignore the “trolls” and focus on the people who big you up. You may actually find that more people are supportive and you could even reap some rewards yourself ….. oh who am I kidding!

    Looking at the recent activity on BLH, I am guessing that they have about 47,000 followers who are just watching this for the drama or who don’t even see their posts. Take away the sock accounts and the special people and very few people actually care about what they do or say.

    Isn’t next week another court week for someone? there is normally a burst of crazy in the build up to a court appearance even if it isn’t one of the parents.


  2. just so everyone knows ..EBAY Charity takes the funds directly from the paypal account less the shipping…which we are way in the hole on and Lisa and Sally have generously offered to pay the difference on.

    So Nicole you should contact ebay directly ( 1-800-eat-shit) if you think THEY are keeping the monies.

    And keep up the good work with sending me ideas.

    love ya


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