Taking Care of Emergencies

Nicole has posted audio of a telephone conversation with Sheriff Pate. As you read this, keep in mind a few things.

First, it’s hard to hear what Pate says. She talks over him, and then Joe  jumps into the conversation, and they both talk over him.  His audio is not as loud and even when I turn it way up, I still can’t understand much of it.

Second, this audio clearly is not from the beginning, nor does it end at the end. This is the middle. We have no idea what is missing.

I’ve been there.  Joe recorded us on the road and conveniently left out the part about the beer, and then lied to Nicole (I guess) and said he never had any beer.

So don’t take this as any sort of proof of anything at all, although what she thinks it’s supposed to prove is beyond me.  That Sheriff Pate is reluctant to deal with these lunatics is quite understandable, and as always, he is patient and never gets testy.

Here you go.

NICOLE: So she’s thinking these things while he’s giving information.

PATE: There’s been a lot of things on that (unclear) need to tell her.

NICOLE: Well, that’s fine, but she needs to stop. . . um driving by my house, swearing at my family, making false. . .

PATE: (unclear)

NICOLE: I am, but he tells me, I have an email saying that I have to talk to you about it. He says, you need to take that up with the sheriff. The sheriff says I need to take it to you. So, I mean, Bradley Butler told me, I need to take it to you. So then what do I do? You tell me to take it to him, he

PATE: I will tell you. . .

NICOLE: They say it’s up to you.

PATE: that basically the state police need to . . . (unclear)

NICOLE: The state police. . .

PATE: . . .but you all have not been

NICOLE: Well, I understand that. I understand your position but

PATE: . . . pleased with our services

NICOLE: Well, that is. . .

JOE: that is irrelevant

PATE: have a responsibility, but I think you ought to contact the state police if you have a. . .

NICOLE: Right, which we do and they tell us that they can’t do anything, that it’s up to the, the sheriff’s office

JOE: We’ve recorded all the conversations and that’s what they’ve told us. . .

NICOLE: That’s what they’ve said

JOE: that it’s up to you – you’re the highest , they have certain things like murder, stuff like that.

NICOLE: But they say that every time I call, they say to call, to call the sheriff’s office, call the sheriff’s office, and I have, I have taken, and I’ve taken it to, and I’ve taken it to the county

PATE: . . . if it’s an emergency situation

JOE: Well, emergency situations like that we can address ourselves

NICOLE: Linda told them that Q pulled a gun on her

So, Joe is gonna “address emergency situations” himself. Or he and Q?  Or he and Jacob and Q?  Or what about he and Jacob and Q and the daughter who is such a crack shot?  Is that what he means?  I suspect it is.

But beyond that, I think Nicole is wanting to show us that Pate really did say that the Nauglers were not pleased with Pate’s service.

You know, I worked in hospitals for years. I worked in a same-day surgery, running the recovery room, for a long time. I worked in ICU. I worked occasionally in the ER.

I had patients who were coming out of anesthesia and were off their rockers. I’ve had patients who were deathly ill or drugged out of their minds and had no idea where they were or what was going on.  I’m not talking about these folks.  They received the best care I could possibly give them. I kept them as safe as I possibly could even if that meant restraining them.

But occasionally, we’d get a patient who was just an asshole.  Complete and total asshole. Unreasonable. Demanding. Complaining. Total pain in the ass. The kind of patient who said “Do you know who I am?” or “I have rights.”

And we took care of Asshole Patient.  We gave Asshole Patient all the same care that Nice Patient got. Nobody got cheated. Asshole Patient got what he paid for.

Except that it was slower. Not detrimental-to-his-health slower, but gee-I-have-to-go-to-the-bathroom-right-now slower.  He got his pain meds, but Nice Patient got his faster and with a smile and a joke and some small talk.  Asshole Patient got his when we jolly well got around to it and we said nothing or as little as possible. Nice Patient undoubtedly had a better experience than Asshole did.

In addition, when it came to some injections, and some IVs, we got to pick the size of the needle we used.  When it came to catheters in bladders, we got to pick the size we thought was needed as well.  We also removed stitches, and that can be done the more-or-less painless way, or it can be done, well, not so painlessly. Ditto when it comes to removing adhesive tape, or turning a patient in bed.

Remember that when you’re tempted to be Asshole Patient.

And Nicole and Joe Naugler are quite definitely Asshole Patients.



Copycat Outrage

I am bad, of course, for writing the Copycat post.  Terrible. An awful person.

Here I was, defending that book-cover illustrator who I don’t even know, and in doing so, I was mean to a kid.

Or something.

But here’s the deal.

Nicole only wants laws to apply to her, not to everyone else. She feels like that about free speech, about guns, about the right to photograph what is in front of you, about the right to ride down a public road, you name it.

And she feels like that about YouTube.


youtube2Thank you for proving my point, Nicole.



Nicole did a “clarification” video today.  Here it is.

All right, I do most of my best thinking in the car (1), so I wanted to do a video this morning. Um, first I wanted to apologize for. . . some of my videos have been kind of scatter-grain – scatter-brained, and um, I know some people think I’m a ranting lunatic (2), and maybe I am, but anyhow, I feel I have good reason.

I have had, we have had, a lot on our plate lately. We’ve been bombarded from several aspects, and, um, it’s extremely, it’s extremely emotionally and mentally exhausting. Um, the one thing I wanted to discuss, and kinda clarify more, is that last week, when the horse got out and the cops were called, there were two mornings in a row that the horse got out. (3)

Um, the second morning is the morning where, I had left for work, and my husband had, um, my son, um, um, my old, my sixteen-year-old son was outside working and um, the horse was gone. And so he went down to the property line with a bucket of grain and tried to retrieve, shake the grain and the horse comes back, she follows you right back up to her pen. So that’s what he was doing.

Linda Sneed, I’m sorry, Ron Sneed came out and approached Q. He had a weapon in, gun in his hand and Q retreated. Ron was yelling at him. So Q came back up to the house, told his father “We have a problem.”

So his father and him walked back down and talked with Ron Sneed.

The police report says that Linda Sneed claims that Q pulled a gun. Q didn’t have a weapon on him. Q, according to Ron Sneed, her father, Q had a bucket of grain. So I’m not sure why the county attorney would take two conflicting reports and say that Q was either holding a weapon or he was holding a bag of feed. I’m, but Ron Sneed testified that it was a bag of feed, a bucket of feed. Q didn’t have a weapon. He didn’t point it at anybody. Ron Sneed did have a weapon. I do not believe he pointed at anybody, but I’m, I’m trying to figure out how my son has ended up with charges based on this.

And later that day he was not down by the road. After that incident, my husband walked down, and everybody was inside until things calmed down because we are not allowing this to escalate even though it escalates anyway. But we do what we can to keep things as calm as possible. (4)

So, Linda is lying. The county attorney has to know that she’s lying, but yet he proceeded with these charges.

Now, I’m gonna ask this. If my son’s being charged with brandishing a weapon that he didn’t have, why isn’t Ron being charged with a weapon that he did have, admittingly said he had. I believe he still had it when the cops came. Which, again, isn’t actually a crime, and neither was, would it be if my son had had one on him, which he didn’t.

Um, pointing at somebody is a crime, which, that didn’t happen. Ron Sneed, in his audio testimony that we have and in his affidavits that he signed, never once said that my son pointed a gun at his head

So I got the papers yesterday, and in my video, I was livid, because now they’re going after my son. I have been targeted, and now they’re going directly after him in particular and I’m not going to allow it. (5) These ch – only option, the lady (unclear) yesterday, “Well, we can take it to court.” I don’t want to take it to court and argue in front of a judge. I want these charges dropped, and I want Linda Sneed charged with filing false charges. (6)

You can continue to call the county attorney’s office today. I will be contacting the state attorney as well, although I’ve been told in the past if I have a problem with my county attorney, if I have a problem with my sheriff, I need to sue them. Um, I guess that’s our option at this point.

Um, but I did want, I do want Bradley Butler, and I’m sure he’s watching this video or maybe his friends are, or whoever else, I don’t even care, I want those charges dismissed. And I want Linda charged with filing a false report. Because in no way. . . a sheriff’s deputy and a state trooper showed up after we called, she called and told them that my son was threatening them with a weapon. There were noth – they left. They – Ron Sneed said everything was fine. My husband said everything was fine. My husband only said that he wanted Linda dealt with because she just won’t stop, and that was all that was said. And I don’t know why this is escalating. We have done nothing wrong. A horse getting loose is not this escalated of a crime.

I was reading the sell and trades yesterday. Three people (holds up three fingers) were talking about livestock loose. A cow loose here, a horse loose there, did anybody find – I’ve got a horse, does it belong to anybody. These things happen. But for it to escalate to this sort of criminal activity and these sort of criminal charges is, is just mind-blowing to me.

So that’s what I wanted to clarify on that. And again, you guys can call. Uh, I’ll post numbers again today in the link of this video when I post it. Um, make those calls. Um, there was something else I wanted to say, but it completely spaced my mind and I’ll probably post about it later, but I did want to clarify that and, um, hopefully this gets resolved soon, because. . .

Oh, the family court thing. That’s what I wanted to talk about. The, um, family court case is still open. We’re on three hundred, I mean five hundred and thirty-six days since my children were taken. They were returned eight weeks later, but yet our court case is still open, which is just beyond any comprehension of not only myself but anybody who’s ever been involved in the family court system on either side, from the CPS workers, to lawyers, to other Guardian Ad Litems to other judges and anybody else whose ever been involved.

But right now, what I’m asking for, is if you guys would like to write a letter, if anyone who’s had actual interactions with my children, um, if you would write a letter of recommendation, so to speak, to the judge on what your experiences and opinions of the interaction with my children were. I’m only asking for people who have had actual, physical, you inter – you talked with them, you’ve met them face-to-face, um, clients, friends, people from church, whoever. Write those letters. Send them to me at my business, 837 N. Dixie Boulevard. (7) Send them in today or tomorrow. They don’t have to be certified or anything like that. Just stick a stamp on them and throw them in the mail, because I’m going to be bringing those to the judge next time we go to court which I have no idea when that will be. So I’d like to get them in sooner rather than later. But that’s what I wanted to ask. Hopefully we can get this case closed and they, they think that there, our parenting style, our “radical parenting style,” our unconventional parenting style is damaging our children in some way. So now they wanna run my kids through all sorts of more testing to make sure that they are “normal,” and they’re not being detrimented in any way. So if you have first-hand experience that my children are not detrimented, that would be great, and I’ll submit those in and I guess I’ll post the links to contacts in the comments and you all have a blessed day.

  1. This is her “best thinking”?
  2. Yeah, we do.
  3. Two mornings in a row?  How about almost daily?  How about over and over and over again?
  4. If this is what you do to “keep things as calm as possible,” you’re doing it wrong.
  5. How does it feel, Nicole, you bitch?nathan admission
  6. I know Trump has been issuing orders like a mad banshee for days now, but you don’t have the power he thinks he does, Nicole. You can’t just say “you want this” and “you want that” and have everyone jump.
  7. This is hilarious. Write letters telling the judge about your experience with the Naugler kids and send them to Nicole, so she can carefully vet them and toss the negative ones.  A better idea would be to write your letter, if you’re so inclined and think it would be meaningful, directly to the judge and mail it directly to him.

And one last observation.  It oughtta be a law that you can’t drive and make ranting videos at the same time. I swear, I am so glad I don’t have to worry about that woman on the roads around here. She is a menace.


If you have had personal experience with the Naugler kids and want to send a letter about that experience, here are the addresses you can use to bypass Nicole’s sorry self.  (Thank you for that information.)

Breck County CHFS
110 Old US HWY 60
Hardinsburg KY 40143

Or send it to
Commissioner Adria Johnson
275 East Main St.
Mail stop 3w-a
Frankfort KY 40621