It just shouldn’t be this easy.

Someone who shall not be named wrote a comment on Nicole’s latest attempt at blogging.

Wait.  I’ll just let you see it.


In between all this silly flattering stuff about the “beautiful family” and everyone being “sick in the head” was a very hard truth.

Why are there so many critics?  Why are all these critics so disparate?  (Not “desperate,” Nicole. “Disparate.”  Look it up.) Most of the critics have almost nothing in common apart from their visceral loathing of the Naugler parents.  Why?

Yes, some of us in course of this debacle have become friends. But we weren’t friends before this.  Regardless of Nicole’s stupid assumptions, I have no ties to the Breckinridge County Sheriff’s Office. I accepted a friend request from someone who reads my blog. That’s it.  And until Nicole discovered that this person was my Facebook friend, I didn’t know she had anything to do with the sheriff.

At any rate, this comment was not made by a supporter. It was made by a critic who wanted to point out that when everyone hates you, the problem is probably with you, not everyone else.

Nicole, being clueless, didn’t get it, but hopefully some of her brighter readers will.

It’s not her “political and philosophical beliefs.”  Nobody cares about that. I didn’t even know about the whole anarchy thing until well after this blog was started, certainly a long time after Joe came sneaking over to my Facebook page and snooped around and then threatened to sue me.

What motivates me is being told I cannot speak (by Joe), threatened with a lawsuit for having an opinion (by Joe), and then having my son called a dead junkie (by Nicole).  Similar stories are the major part of what motivates others. Joe and Nicole have earned this.

And in case Nicole doesn’t believe she’s been had, here’s the comment awaiting moderation.



facebook bullying
click image to link to source

This is from way last January.  Nicole was peeved with Facebook. They seemed to take down her nasty posts, but refused to take down anyone else’s when she complained about it.

It’s not fair, she said.

Today she’s back at it again. Facebook is not fair.


The article she is linking to is here.

Here’s my summary of what it says:

So-called “like” pages, unlike personal pages, do not automatically get placed on the feeds of the people who “like” those pages. That is censorship, and very wrong and bad. To get those posts shared to every single person who has “liked” the page, one has to pay money. That is also very wrong and bad. And to make matters worse, we posted something political and it was removed by Facebook because Facebook hates third parties.

That is not an exact quote, of course, but it’s the gist of what the little rant is about.

The part about Facebook “pages” having to pay to get their posts seen is accurate.  Sort of.

Here’s the deal.  If you click “like” on a page, you will see little of it in your feed unless you interact with the page. You have to go visit that page, or “like” a post, or even better, comment on a post.  If you do that, Facebook says to itself, “Hey, Sally likes that content, so we’ll show her more of it.”

Nicole is very aware of this, and it’s the reason that she posts stuff on BLH intended to encourage comments.


Like this. Nicole does not give a flying fuck what anyone else is doing about the weather.  She doesn’t even typically enter into the ensuing conversation.  She probably doesn’t even read it.  She’s trying to entice people who see this post on their wall to comment, to interact with her page. If they comment, then they will get more of her posts scrolling  by.  These “What about you?” posts are clickbait.

In addition, there’s another way.

skeptical ob

This is a page that I “like.”  (I told you all that Dr. Amy is my hero.)  In order to make sure that I see everything she posts to her page, I simply checked the “See First” option shown above.  The default is “default.”

It’s entirely within my ability to customize my own Facebook page so that I see the stuff I want to see.  There are several pages where I have done that.

There are other pages that I have “liked” but really don’t care if I ever see anything from them again. Everyone has these. They are the pages you “liked” because your cousin has a friend who is a plumber and she asked you to “like” his page, so you did.  Or you got interested in a story or situation and “liked” a page about it, but after three months, you lost interest.

If I got everything posted from every page I have “liked,” along with all the stuff my Facebook friends post, my feed would scroll faster than I could read it.

Facebook knows this, so they have attempted to create the best solution they can so that my Facebook experience is positive and I keep hanging out there.

They also allow people with “like” pages to purchase exposure.  Nicole has availed herself of this opportunity from time to time.


Remember, Facebook is free. How is that possible?  How does Facebook remain free and Mark Zuckerberg become a bazillionaire?

zuckerbergnetworthIf you’re curious about that, here’s a very good graphic that shows the whole process. Basically, Mark Zuckerberg has gotten rich by providing a super-duper advertising environment on steroids. And we all “watch” the ads willingly.  Facebook is not a benevolent public service, like a city park. Facebook is a business.

It’s called “free enterprise.”  Yes, the whole “free market” stuff that Nicole loves, loves, loves.


There’s an example. [Note: the economy had improved dramatically when Nicole wrote this, and the job market had started recovering nicely, but that’s beside the point.]

She’s all about the free market and deregulation.  No rules, by god. Do whatever the hell you like.


She goes even further, though. In her view, she can refuse service to anyone she likes for any reason at all, and they can’t say a single word. [I’d give almost anything to see somebody test out that little hypothesis. She’s wrong, and the courts have made it clear in recent years that she is entirely wrong.]

But no matter.

I say who, I say when, I say how much. It’s my business.

That applies to any business.

Well, Nicole, you colossal idiot, Facebook is a business. They say who, they say when, they say how much, according to you.

But by all means, do get mad at them.  Get irate.  Get so angry and put out by their “discrimination” that you leave.



I bet the grocery stores love Nicole and her hoard of children coming in and taping shit to the dog food bags.




Nicole, quit threatening and just do it.  I don’t threaten you. I just write.  And I comment. You are tiresome.

I have produced screen shots of you threatening me  and of you and your minions (since you seem to love that word) calling me mentally ill and I won’t bore everyone with another episode of that.

But you are accusing me, directly, of “having a hand in the harassment” and I want you to present proof of that.

You’ll no doubt say that I “drove for 90 minutes to stalk your family,” when that is absolutely not true and I have made it clear it’s not true.

whiny blogger

But I’m sort of tired of this.

Put your money where your mouth is, Nicole. Meet me for lunch. I’m paying.  You name the date, time and place. Bring Joe if you like, but no kids.

I dare you.  If you won’t “leave your safety zone where your opinion won’t be questioned,” I say you’re a coward.  Stick your neck out.  I have no problem whatever with sticking out mine.

Meet me for lunch.

Do not underestimate me.


Oh, so I’m wrong about Nicole.  Right.  Well, in that case, surely she’ll agree to meet me for lunch.

Nicole, your husband was not cordial until after he had a beer in his belly. Your husband came charging into the road, stopped our vehicle and yelled at us.  He either didn’t record that part, or he deleted it. I have no way of knowing which it was.

My husband doesn’t follow this very closely, but he knew enough to know that Joe Naugler has a criminal record for menacing behavior. He was afraid of Joe, and that’s the truth. Afraid not so much that Joe would beat him up or anything, but that Joe would act in such a way that Dave and Kyle would have had to beat his ass. And Dave did not want to be put in that situation.

There were not only two men in the vehicle, there were also two women and a child. Dave was simply being cautious with a man who has a criminal record for threatening people.

Let’s have lunch. Talk it over.  You name the place.  You set the day and the time.  My only restrictions are that I have to be home in time to milk.  Milking occurs at 7 am and 7 pm.  The drive is about 1 1/2 hours.

Or are you a coward?



Outright Lie

city council woman

First: baby in hot car story.  I have never once, ever, repeated that rumor here on this blog. Ever. Find it, Nicole. Find the place where I repeated that rumor.  [Comments by other people do not count, unless you want me to start holding you accountable for every comment your idiotic followers make. I’ll be happy to begin doing that.]

Second: saying you have “issues” with your business.  Find it, Nicole. Point it out to me.  Not only have I never said any such thing, I go out of my way and piss off my readers because I will not, absolutely will not, allow them to speculate about your god-damned fucking business.  It’s an off-limits subject here, and you know it.

So how are those two things the “same thing the blogger. . . tried getting the minions to do a few months ago”?

Prove what you’re saying. I dare you.

You insist that I am lying about you. Show me the lies, Nicole.  Point them out.

Nobody is bothering “your family.”  This is not and never has been about your “family.”  It’s about you.  And it’s about Dead-beat Beer-guzzling Joe.

Deal with it. Document if you like.  So am I.

Another PSA

from nicole psa

The blogger, her troll, and their minions are all in the same [sic].

Now you see why I posted that stuff about the business yesterday. I knew she would do this. And I knew she’d do it no matter what I said.

I am not exactly sure, though, who “the troll” is. I am also not certain who my “minions” are.  People who comment here?  Dunno. Do I communicate with people who comment here?  Sure. They comment. I sometimes reply. That’s called “communication.”

Am I in contact with some of them apart from this blog?  Yes, I am. Some of them have become my very good friends.  There is positive community that has developed from this.

But I want to talk a bit about friends.

Real-life friends are sometimes virtual. I have real-life friends who I have never met in person. I have one friend I would consider to be a very good friend (and she is not in any way associated with the Naugler thing, so quit speculating, Nicole) and yet we’ve never met face-to-face. We talk on the phone frequently, sometimes for lengthy periods. We talk about not just issue that drew us together in the first place, but about life and philosophy and art and music and you-name-it.

I have other online friends who I have gone out of my way to meet in real life, and they have become my real-life friends.

There’s nothing wrong with this.

But Nicole confabulates a bunch of stuff to make her claim that somehow every critic she has is connected to me personally.

My Facebook page is wide open.  It’s almost entirely public. I did that several years ago in part because the Romancing people were doing their best to get into it and find stuff. It was just easier to not bother with trying to keep it all private.  My attitude was “fuck ’em” and I opened it up. For another thing, by having it wide open, I collect what a friend of mine and I call “butterflies.”  A butterfly is a loonie who wanders onto my page and begins making ludicrous statements and outrageous arguments. They are sort of fun, when I’m in the mood for that.

However, I keep my friend list private. Nobody can see it, not even my friends.  I do that because the Romancing folks started attacking my friends just for being my friends.  I don’t want to subject my friends to the fun that comes from these blogs.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that people can’t figure out that somebody is my Facebook friend. If the friend has their friend list public, then I will show up as their friend. There are also other less common ways to figure it out.

But going by who comments on my page, or who “likes” something won’t tell you anything.  Anyone on earth can comment on my page, and anyone can “like” anything.

Furthermore, because my Facebook page is wide open and almost entirely public, I am not really very picky about who my friends are. I don’t really care. Send me a friend request, Nicole. I’ll accept it.  The only friend requests I ignore are the ones from people in Bangladesh and the very obvious fakes.  I also have “following” set up, so I actually have far more “followers” than I do actual “friends.”

I’m saying all this because Nicole has decided that I am in cahoots with the person who put up the fake grooming page solely on the basis of interaction on Facebook. Her take on it is that if somebody “likes” something on my page, or somebody is my Facebook friend, or somebody comments on my Facebook page, then it follows that we are close personal friends.

This is simply not true.  I am a blogger.  One blog has a very limited audience. The other, this one, has a much wider appeal. People send me friend requests just because they “know” me from the blog.  They read here and they send me a request.  That’s great and I accept them.

It does not mean that we’re bosom buddies and collude daily about the evil Naugler family. Hell, Joe was “following” me for a while.  Does that mean Joe and I were colluding?

The truth is much simpler. The truth is that the Nauglers have made a lot of enemies. They’ve been at this making-enemy thing for years.  They have left a trail of burnt-out bridges behind them that stretches out for miles, from Maine to Texas to Kentucky.

This is not my fault.

. . . there would be evidence. There is not.

Well, actually there is.  At least, around here, there is.  I didn’t post the piece about the horse until I was absolutely sure there was a horse. Nor did I make claims about whether or not the horse was a permanent addition because at that point I wasn’t sure.

Every word I said about the bucket-shitting was proven in court.

I’ve posted articles about Joe’s criminal record. What is not factual about those?

I rely heavily on screen shots and Nicole’s own words.

She retorts with vague “you make stuff up” comments.  She says “there would be evidence and there is not.”  What “evidence”?

There were, in fact, white buckets being shat in and dumped on the ground.  There were, in fact, goats running loose. There were, in fact, multiple batches of chicks being killed willy-nilly.  Maggie does, in fact, go down to the neighbor’s house frequently when she manages to get loose.  Angel did, in fact, threaten somebody’s dogs and behave aggressively and got shot. Nobody “stole” her, which is what Nicole accused people of doing.

She did, in fact, threaten to kill her own dog if people didn’t find a home for him.

Of course, I offer my opinions on this stuff. That’s what a blog is, for Pete’s sake. That’s what I get to do.  But I am pretty sure that nobody reading any of this has trouble determining what is fact and what is opinion.

If my goal was to be liked, I wouldn’t be so opinionated.

Well, it’s a relief to know that.


Not My Business


This is a fake.  It’s a mirror-page on Facebook mimicking Nicole’s business.  I am not going to provide a link.

I want to say something about this.  The reason I want to say something is that whoever started that page thinks it’s a great idea to link to this blog.

I cannot stop that person from doing that.  But just like I make public commentary about Nicole’s public commentary, I can do the same thing with this.

To the person who started that page:  Bad idea. Very, very bad idea. I would very much appreciate it if you would refrain from linking here. I am not associated with this, don’t want to be associated with it, and actually refuse to be associated with it.

I understand the outrage. I understand what Nicole does. I’ve been the recipient of a good bit of her garbage.

But I am not – repeat: NOT – going after her business, now or ever.

I have permitted a few comments that skirt around the business, most particularly from Patricia, who has personal experience with Nicole. I have not commented on those.  Patricia is free to say whatever she likes here because she can back it up with first-hand knowledge and because I believe that Patricia understands the principle I am trying to exhibit. I am not going after Nicole’s business.

I did not have anything at all to do with those (hilarious) reviews that were put on her page. I don’t know who did. She brought that entirely on herself when she asked for help with the dog and involved a rescue and then was rude to them. I am not the only person on earth who is outraged by the behavior of Nicole Naugler.

I have had nothing to do with anything that could ever be construed as criticism of her ability to do her job, or her ability to earn money, or even about her work ethic when it comes to her job.

My criticism of her is about her parenting skills, her cavalier attitude regarding the welfare of her children, her online grifting and begging and hinting for money, and her portrayal of herself as some sort of back-to-the-land homesteady person which she clearly is not.

Now, any questions about this?  Have I made myself clear?

Profit Margins

passing the time

Nicole reads the blog.  Nicole says she doesn’t but she actually reads every word I write. That’s so flattering.

Nicole has been scrolling back, looking at old posts to find things to be pissed off about.  She is “easily amused” with the little piece called “Buckets and Bows” found here.

The entire point of that piece was to talk about how many bows it would take to pay for a Porta Potty.  You know, instead of just giving in and getting their septic system up and inspected.  I was basically making fun of their financial priorities.

And I did a bit of speculating about the cost she incurs in making a single bow.

Nicole spent a bit of time this afternoon, since she has so much time on her hands what with a full time business to run and eleven children to interact with, correcting my figures.


And she didn’t stop there. She is big time mad at Patricia, her former employer, so she went on to critique her as well.


Your grooming quality sucks as much as your bows do.

Well, let’s just let the world decide.  Here are some of Patricia’s bows, and remember, she doesn’t sell them. They simply go with the dogs when they are groomed.



And here are Nicole’s bows.  You decide.



I found it all sort of interesting, frankly.

First off, Nicole just had not a clue what I was talking about in the first place.

My guess was that it would take 1725 bows to pay for the Porta Potty for an entire year. Here’s what I said.


Actually about 220 Bows [sic] ties, or flowers Or [sic] I could groom 4 dogs.

Really?  The cost of a Porta Potty for a whole year is $1272. Nicole earns (after expenses) $1272 for grooming four dogs?  She gets $318 for grooming a single dog?  If so, I am going into the dog grooming business.

I am going to assume here that Nicole is having trouble reading all this, and thought I was saying that it would take 1725 bows to pay for the Porta Potty for a month. Math is hard, but apparently reading comprehension is harder. So she says, no, it would take 220 bows per month, or she could groom 4 dogs.  The four dogs thing makes sense, if she’s talking about a month, because the price of the Porta Potty is $106/month, and her profit from grooming a dog would be about $25 (after expenses).

But if that’s the case, then the figure of 220 bows is for a month, too.  And if you multiply that by 12 (write it down, Nicole), you get not the 1725 bow figure I came up with, but a whopping 2640 bows.  Either that, or she’s trying to say that they make almost $6 profit on every bow (in which case, I’m going into the bow-making business).

So my estimate about how many bows would be required was way too low.  It’s actually almost 1000 more.  Sheesh.  All so they can say they didn’t give in to the ebil guvmint.

But her main beef was my estimated costs of her expenses to make the bows.

What Nicole is basically saying here is that I estimated way too high.  And I concede. That may very well be true. I have no way to know if she has some Hobby Lobby coupon, or what the percentage off might be.  All I did was look around online a little bit and find the going price for ribbon and the other supplies and make some guesses.  I wasn’t claiming to have any exact figures and I think I made that pretty clear.

So I was way too high on expenses.

Her bows, of course, are wonderful quality, made from the finest materials, better than anyone anywhere.

My bows are quality and my customers agree.

See? Wonderful stuff. Fabulous.  The best to be had anywhere.

Only, then she insists that the stuff she uses is

cheap as dirt on Ebay.

She wants the whole world to know that she uses the cheapest shit she can find.  She uses the absolute dirt cheap crap she finds on Ebay and at Hobby Fucking Lobby  to make her fabulous bows.

I suppose that all that cheap crap turns into quality simply because she touches it.  You know, like “the touch of the Master’s hand.”


So she’s doing another bow sale.  Gotta pay for that Porta Potty somehow.

Last time the goal was to have $1000 in orders.  Again, she’s unclear here, so I don’t know if she means that they need to make $1000 profit or if she simply has a goal of $1000 in sales.  That’s not the same thing, Nicole, just in case you don’t understand.

Anyway, $1000 was the goal.

They did “great” last time and sold less than half that amount.

I wonder what “abysmal failure” would look like.

But no matter.  I took the liberty of fixing up her sale ad to better reflect the message she is trying to send the world.


You’re welcome.

passing the time

Not a rewrite.  An update because I love it too when people who don’t know what they are talking about put their ignorance on display like this.




Thank You


I want to thank you all for the messages about Minnie.

It appears that Nicole has been snooping around on my Facebook page, scrolling way back in time and she found this.  She thinks that somehow our dog having an accident equates to her animal cruelty and threats to put her dog down if people didn’t step up and fix the problem that she created.

This accident happened last winter before we went on our cruise.

Dave had Minnie outside, and turned his back for two minutes and she headed for the road. As I have mentioned, I think, she is eleven years old but behaves like a puppy. She thinks that everyone is coming to see her.

So when a car came down the road, she went out to greet it, and ran right into the moving vehicle.

The woman driving (our neighbor) was horrified, thought she was dead, and rushed up to tell us.

We thought she was dead, too. Dave got her and was walking back up to the house, thinking about where he would bury her, and I came over and realized that her eyes were flickering slightly.  She was not dead.

But I thought she could not possibly live.  She had blood draining from her nose and mouth, and quite obviously had a serious head injury.

So we got in the car to take her to a nearby vet to have her put to sleep. Thankfully, he was closed.

We then headed to a nearby town (30 miles) to our usual vet.  She had a pretty massive seizure while en route and I thought she would die then.  Dave and I both were crying most of the way there.

When we arrived, I jumped out of the car carrying her and ran into the office. They treated us like it was an hospital ER, which it actually is if you think about it.  After they took her away, we waited.  And after about an hour, the vet came out and gave us the news.

Yes, it was a severe head injury. He said her prognosis was 50/50. He put her in a 100% oxygen tent and she stayed there for 48 hours (to provide as much oxygen to her brain as possible until the swelling began to subside).

The issue once she looked like she might live was what her quality of life might be like.  We honestly were not sure.  The vet was much more optimistic than I was, frankly, but the three of us discussed it and we were in agreement that if she had severe brain damage that would make her life miserable, we would put her to sleep.

She came home three days after the accident.

Mullins Minnie

Here she is. The vet holding her is Dr. David Mullins, Midway Animal Hospital, Somerset, Kentucky.

She was a pitiful sight.  (She had just had a bath, because Dr. Mullins said he couldn’t release her in the condition she was in  – she had peed and pooped herself a bit, and had dried blood all over her head.)

But we were glad to see her alive and conscious.

me and Minnie

After we got her home, we realized that she was walking in circles. Literally walking to the right in a circle.  She could not walk straight.  She had lost all spatial recognition and if you put her on a chair, she would just walk right off the edge.

Dr. Mullins said that was okay (!!! and I said it was not okay, and he said that yes it was for the moment), and that he thought she would slowly improve.  His guess was a week.

It took about two weeks.  She spent about a week never barking a single time, which was beyond weird.  Her circles gradually got larger and then she began walking straight for very short distances.

He asked me on followup if I thought there was any brain damage, and I replied that it was impossible to tell since she had little to no brains in the first place.  (I told you all that she’s a complete moron, didn’t I?)  This accident is the reason we refer to her as Minnie the Muddle-headed Maltese.

But here’s the deal.

It was a preventable accident.  However, it’s a pretty long way from our house to the road and Dave just had no idea she’d run straight down there.

And, once the accident had occurred, we took her straight to the best vet in the world and she survived quite nicely.  It cost about $400. We did not have to mount a GoFundMe and beg strangers to pay the bill.

She never goes outside without a leash on now, ever.  She cannot be trusted and we tell her so frequently.

Accidents happen. They happen to everyone, to adults, to children, to children that grow up and become adults, to pets, to livestock.  It’s not having an accident that makes you irresponsible.

What makes you irresponsible is when you fail to provide a remedy once the accident has occurred, and more importantly, when you repeat the same things over and over again (getting pets and livestock you are not prepared to care for and cannot afford) and expect a different result.

My sincere thanks to all of you who messaged me privately because you were concerned about her.


Here she is, as I type this, sleeping on a chair right behind mine.  It’s her chair and where she always sleeps when I am working at my desk.

Oh, and before you can say anything –






Of Course

A horse is a horse of course of course.
And no one can talk to a horse of course.
That is of course unless the horse is the famous Mr. Ed.

Go right to the source and ask the horse
He’ll give you the answer that you endorse
He’s always on a steady course

Talk to Mr. Ed

Theme to the television program, Mr. Ed

When you’re so poor that you live on marginal, crap land that can’t even support a decent garden, with no cleared pasture land of any sort, and you have no water supply, but have to haul it all in using white buckets, you try your best to do something about your situation.  Don’t you?

And when you’re so poor that you don’t even have a house but jerry-rig a three-sided shack that would just barely be housing for a couple of goats, and it’s so bad that your children are removed by the state and you have to go online and beg money from strangers, and you buy a garden shed to live in but squander the rest of the money on heaven knows what, you try your best to do something about your situation.  Don’t you?

And when you’re so poor and stupid that you refuse to use any birth control for anyone including your pets, and you keep reproducing like you don’t know what causes it, having one baby after another without even being able to afford the original two or three or four, you try your best to do something about your situation.  Don’t you?

Don’t you?

No.  You don’t.

Instead, you get a horse.

Because that is exactly what you need.   An animal that does nothing at all but eat and shit and hang out.  A great big animal that does nothing at all and is quite capable of killing you without meaning to do it. That’s what you do.

When you have been to court already because you cannot keep your animals contained on your property, and you have no fencing at all, it makes sense to get a horse, doesn’t it?

Ever buy one of these?

HP Envy 4520 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer

Maybe not this exact one (this is the same printer we have), but one similar?

You know how the printer really doesn’t cost very much (this particular one is $72, which is the most I’ve ever paid for a printer), but the ink will bankrupt you?

Horses are like that.

It’s October.  In the fall, horses are often sold for a fraction of their value because the owner is going into winter and knows exactly what it is going to cost to feed that horse, and doesn’t want that expense. So he sells it cheap. Or even gives it away.

You know, a brown horse.  They’re a dime a dozen in Kentucky.

And often, when people want to dump one of these animals in the fall, they don’t even check to see what sort of place they are putting it. They don’t necessarily care. They just know what hay and grain cost and they don’t want to have to buy them.

I could make a list of what it costs to keep a horse.  It’s like cartridges for the printer. You can buy the OEM cartridges that cost $30 each, or you can go online and get the cheap knockoffs that have half the ink and leak for $10.  Or you can get really cheap and try to refill them yourself and have ink leak out all inside your printer so that you end up having to buy a new one.

But of course the printer isn’t alive, and the brownish horse is, at least for now, until Nicole goes online and threatens to put it down unless somebody comes and gets it in a week.

I don’t know about Breckinridge County, but around here, you know, in the Russell Springs area (since Nicole is doxing me), square bales of decent hay run about $4/bale in winter.  The price goes up as winter progresses. And if you have no place to store hay, you have to buy it frequently.  It’s far cheaper to buy the big round bales, but you have to be able to handle those and the Nauglers can’t.  And you can’t feed a horse the kind of shit hay that you can get away with feeding to beef cattle.  You have to buy decent hay.

A typical horse will eat about 15-20 pounds of hay daily.  An average bale around here weighs about 40 pounds.  That means it costs, using square bales, about $2/day to feed a horse. And the price goes up, as I said, the longer the winter goes on.  And that’s just hay.  Grain is extra.  Hoof trimming is extra, and woe is you if you don’t have it done.  When you have zero pasture, that expense goes on year-round. A vet will charge you about $100 just to come out, and you can’t take the animal in if you don’t own a trailer.  But of course, they won’t get a vet. They’ll just forage around and come up with “herbal remedies off the land.”

These folks are gonna have to haul water for a horse. Just the thought of doing that makes me cringe.  In winter, it freezes and you have to bust the ice.  Often.

Horses don’t “free range.”  They need a place to live.  You can’t just tie one up to the side of your garden shed like in the movies.

shed sticks

Please tell me that this is a shower shed and not a horse shed.  Please.

If this is intended to house a horse, I am never going to stop laughing.  What is with all the sticks?  Does bamboo grow in abundance on that shitty land?  It must.

Anyway, the Nauglers now have a horse, or at least it appears that they do. Somebody saw it tied to their garden shed as they passed by.

You know, because that is exactly what they need.

Maybe it was just visiting.  One can always hope.


Do It Right


Do it right if you’re gonna do it, Nicole.

This is not Nathan’s “childhood home.”  He never lived here, you dipshit.

His website is here.  The movie website is here.

But this is Nicole, doxing.  When she says she doesn’t ever, ever do it, you can see that she does. And she cannot do it without bringing Nathan into it.  Of course, he’s dead and can’t come after her, so she thinks that is safe and fair game.

If I were employed, she would call my employer and harass him/her. She’s done it to other people.  I bet she’d call me if she knew my phone number.

This is why I do what I do.  I have never published her address that I remember.  I certainly have never done so purposely.  I didn’t send anyone over to her business page to mock her.  She did that to herself.  I didn’t call in the rescue people. She did that to herself.  I never even use the names of her children.  I block out their faces.  She mocks mine.

I am not religious and don’t have any expectation of justice in the sweet bye-and-bye, but I go to bed every night in an actual house with electricity and running water.

Karma is a bitch.

By all means, come visit, Nicole.  We’ll have a nice cup of tea and some cookies.  I’d offer you a beer, but I think you probably don’t drink.