This neighbor of yours sounds quite capable.

What neighbor?

Since this comes from the BLH Facebook page (scroll way down to find it), on the thread talking about the Blessed Little Gas Station Encounter, my assumption is that Sue Winnie is talking about Al Wilson, not the Naugler’s next-door neighbor.  She’s saying that in her opinion, Al “sounds like” he’s capable of being violent. She’s never met Al. She knows absolutely nothing about Al. She’s only read what Nicole has written about Al.

The second comment is equally ignorant. “These people” are “threatening” the poor Blessed Little Nauglers. Al’s daughter goes to get some fuel for her car, Joe sits and stares at her, she thinks he’s creepy, and suddenly that is “threatening” poor Lard-Ass.

And just so we all know it, the police are cited as being basically incompetent and refusing to help Lard-Ass Naugler.

The “unwanted photo-taking” is “constant.”

These two women are just blathering. They don’t have a single idea of the truth in all this. They just take whatever pops into their very vacant skulls and type away. I can totally discount them.

But Nicole doesn’t interject anything here, you know, like “Well, I don’t think Al would do anything violent.”

Oh, no, instead she piles on.

She cannot pretend she didn’t see these two comments.  She commented herself at the bottom, in answer to the two comments.  Both comments express concern about possible harm that might be done to the Blessed Big-Ass Family by Al Wilson.

And what is Nicole’s reply?

She reiterates that it was local.

This happened at the local store.

She makes it clear that she is talking about real-life stuff here, not comments on Facebook or blog postings.

We aren’t going to go into hiding because of a few assholes.

Get this straight now.  They have accused Al’s minor daughter of “following” Joe and yet they assert that they are not going to go into hiding over the huge threat that she is, all 100 pounds of her.

I’m just going to get rid of the assholes.

What, exactly, does she mean here? How does she propose to “get rid” of the “assholes” (meaning Al Wilson and his minor daughter)? I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she means that she’s going to block the “assholes” on social media, but that doesn’t make any sense. She already has blocked Al from everything possible.

What is Nicole suggesting she’s going to do here?

She talks a lot about “documenting” things. Well, I am documenting this. Nicole, you might think about retracting this statement.

I’m just going to get rid of the assholes.



To close out the month, I offer this.

Dear Beth, in case somebody tells you that you are the subject of a whole page  and you come over here to look, I’ll give you some answers.

First, Shitgate.

. . . why would local authorities not be citing you for it?

They did. They are. Court is Tuesday.

Second, Goatgate.

. . . why are they not having it handled legally and appropriately?

It was.  Joe accepted a “deferral order.”

If they have any real concern, they would go through proper channels and not call themselves “trolls” in the first place.

We didn’t called ourselves “trolls.”

That is Nicole’s name for us. We are mocking her when we use the term. Here’s just one example.


Is there a particular reason why your family would not want to move out of the region?

As a commenter put it so well, “everywhere you go, there you are.” They don’t move for several reasons. First, they have nowhere to go.  Nicole’s business is in the area. Second, they can’t make ends meet now. They have no money to move. Third, CPS would follow them wherever they go.

I suspect most of you are laughing at this by now. I admit laughing when I read it.

I carefully chose this particular comment to illustrate something, though. Had Beth been just a wee bit less judgmental, I would have passed her by. But she insists on passing judgment on me, so she’s fair game.

Beth is an example of a person who reads something, thinks very little and certainly not very deeply, and then begins typing.

How many times do you see on social media somebody posting a long tale about how wronged they have been, and how their landlord/mother-in-law/cousin/co-worker did something horrible to them and it’s all so bad and please pity me?  And then what ensues is a whole raft of comments that all take for granted that the tale is absolute fact, and that the evil person who perpetrated this terrible outrage is actually a terrible person.

I see it a lot. Maybe I see it because I’m sort of looking for it. Blogging like this has made me a bit of a skeptic.

My parents were divorced when I was 13. My mother was better than lots of divorced parents and was fairly careful to not criticize my father in front of us kids, but we knew, of course, that there was a big problem. You don’t get divorced over nothing. We knew the basic details. And we all (there were three of us) just accepted our mother’s version, which we absorbed through tiny comments made here and there.

Mom was pure and innocent. Dad was bad.  That concept colored the rest of my childhood, estranging me from my father and making me really angry and resentful of him.

I went into adulthood believing the same thing. Mom was good. Dad was bad.

But when I was in my forties, I began to see the world a bit differently. Not nearly so black-and-white. Raising a child, living in the adult world, well, that sort of thing will do that to you if you’re lucky. And I began to understand my father much better.

I also began to understand that marital strife often (usually) involves two people. There is more than one way to see my parents’ divorce. My mother was not totally innocent. My dad was not totally evil. These were two flawed people (translation: normal) who just couldn’t live together. That’s not their fault. It’s not my fault. It’s nobody’s fault.

But that’s the case with most disputes.

They do it for the joy of causing trouble.

Notice that?  See how Beth pronounces judgment?  She is completely and entirely wrong in nearly every accusation she makes, and then she slams down the gavel and there we have it.  Evil.  Wrong. Bad.

She makes little to no effort to read much of anything.  I know this because she has no idea that the Nauglers have been reported to CPS over and over and over again.  She has no idea that Goatgate went to court and the Nauglers totally lost. She has no idea that Shitgate is an ongoing case in the court system right now.  These are all facts documented right here, complete with copies of the applicable court records. She could have asked her questions on any of the “troll” pages and gotten immediate answers.

But she didn’t.  Like folks on Facebook do all day every day, she just accepts Nicole’s version of events as factual and pronounces judgment.

I did the same thing with my parents’ situation, but I had an excuse. I was a kid and I was trusting my mother. Beth is an adult and she is trusting a perfect stranger on social media.

But what is really interesting is how Nicole reacts to this kind of thing.  Just like the discussion about Shitgate, where multiple people kept expressing outrage and amazement over “outhouses,” Nicole does not correct anything.  It is rare for her to correct a leghumper who is passing judgment on any critic. She only goes into correction mode if it’s in her interests to do so.

Of course, why would she?  Beth might just hit the donate button if she is affronted enough by what she sees as persecution of the innocent Naugler family.






My policy here, I hope, is well-known to anyone who has read this blog for more than a few minutes.

I don’t go after the Naugler children. I obscure their faces. I won’t allow their names to be used here. I actually avoid talking about them unless it is absolutely necessary to flesh out the subject matter. I can’t pretend, as I’ve said, that the Nauglers do not have 11 children that they regularly pimp out on social media in order to inspire donations.

My policy remains.

Nicole, of course, has no such policy.

She comes after children no matter what. Living children. Dead children.  Doesn’t matter to her.

Then she screams bloody murder about how we are intimidating and stalking and harassing her “family,” using all 11 children as human shields.

custer store

This is the Custer General Store. It is located on a corner out in the middle of rural Kentucky, near the Naugler “wilderness.” This is common in rural communities. We have a similar store near here.  Everyone goes there. Neighbors often meet/see each other there.

They sell gas. See the gas pump on the far right of the photo?

The other day, Al Wilson’s minor daughter was on her way to work, and she pulled in to get some gas. She paid no attention to anything else, pumped her gas, and then realized that Joe Naugler was sitting in his van on the other side of the island.

Apparently, Joe the Slob couldn’t even bother to move enough to pump his own gas, but got his son to do it for him, so Joe just sat there and watched Al’s daughter putting gas in her car.

And Joe knows what Al’s daughter looks like and that it is, in fact, Al’s daughter. He’s made sure that Al knows that.

beginning 2

. . . my oldest son thought the girl working on the fence was cute. . .

followed immediately by

. . . we have recently put surveillance cameras up too. . .

which, of course, was a complete lie.

This was an attempt by Joe to intimidate Al. He had no idea who he was messing with, though.  Al doesn’t exactly get intimidated very easily.

That was, as you can see, a year ago.

So Joe, knowing that this minor is Al’s daughter, sits and watches her and grins at her. Just stares at her, watching her every move.

She leaves the pump, walks into the store to pay for her gas and finds herself waiting in line behind the oldest Naugler boy, the one who thought she was “cute.”

I will tell you what she thought of him. She thought that he was “dirty” and “smelled bad.”

He left the store.  She then paid for her gas and went back out to her car.

The Nauglers, who had finished up their business before her, were still sitting there, and while she walked back to her car, both of them, father and son, watched her every move and “leered” at her.

She got in her car, left, and called her father, because she thought the whole episode was “weird.”

I want to interject something here.

I have met this minor daughter. She is strikingly gorgeous. She is also not even slightly interested in the Naugler family or in her father’s interest in them. She doesn’t care two hoots about them other than the fact that Joe Naugler already sat on the roadside in front of her house watching her a year ago, and it made her uncomfortable enough that she told her father about it.

If I were a teenage girl and Joe Naugler stared at me like that, it would make me nervous too.

Anyway, that is the total extent of Al’s daughter’s encounters with the Nauglers. She thinks Joe is “creepy.” She thinks the eldest son, who is her age, is “dirty” and “smells bad.”  She thinks her two encounters with them were “weird” and she doesn’t care if they exist or not.

But here’s Nicole’s spin on this.

chopper dan

Now, where would Nicole be “learning” that Al’s daughter is “stalking” Joe?  (“Chopper Dan” is Al.)

From Joe, of course.

Joe knew perfectly well that Al would have something to say about this, so he went straight to Nicole and fed her this bullshit.

Nicole wants to believe Joe. She believes him when he tells her he paid $900 for a $400 chain saw.  She believes him when he tells her he didn’t drink a beer in the road with Kyle. She believes him about all sorts of things, some of them way more serious than those. And he lies to her, over and over and over again. You’d think she’d learn.

adult child

But she cannot leave it alone.

First, the child involved here is not an adult, any more than the oldest Naugler progeny is an adult. But Nicole has no problem at all coming after somebody else’s minor child, while simultaneously screaming bloody murder if anyone says anything at all about her brood.

Second, nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody, gives a fuck, Nicole, if you are “documenting” non-existent events.  Document away. Call the FBI. Have fun doing so. That minor child has been stalked by your husband twice now. She has never followed him anywhere. She has no interest in you or your slob of a husband or your son or anyone else in your family.  And she has never been to your business and wouldn’t know how to find it.

Third, nobody is “playing games” with your oh-so-precious family.  This is not about your “family.”  It’s immaterial to me whether you have eleven children or twenty children or two children or no children.  This is about you and Joe.  You and Joe are scammers. You are grifters. You are the dregs of society. You are, in my personal opinion, the scum of the earth.

Fourth, Al Wilson is perfectly capable of protecting his family, and he’s better at it than you can even imagine.

I have a rule about minor children. But your oldest is not going to be a minor for very much longer. Keep that in mind as you “document.” You might try teaching him that emulating his deadbeat, lard-ass, useless-waste-of-protoplasm father is probably not the best idea. Call it #unschooling.


Nicole, who never, ever reads this blog, has responded with a really disjointed, rambling screed on her own blog. From what I could piece together, it seems that the boy with Joe that day wasn’t the oldest son, but the next-to-the-oldest, who is 15, not 17.

This, if true, would tend to completely validate the daughter’s account, since she doesn’t know one Naugler boy from another. She has no interest in the Naugler family, period.

And it changes nothing at all. Joe is still a slob, and he still has a very bad habit of sitting in his vehicle watching people he doesn’t like. Joe, of course, knows perfectly well who Al’s daughter is, and didn’t have to wonder. He’s watched her before, by his own admission.

And Nicole, regardless of your assertions, she didn’t come to your little salon. What part of “she has never been there” do you not understand? You have never laid eyes on this girl.




no idea

That’s odd. She has “no idea” how what the porta-potty company does is different from what they do, just dumping shit on the fucking ground.

No idea.

Well, I don’t even want to do this. I’m not even slightly interested in the laws about this in Kentucky.

But do you know how long it took me to find out “how it’s different”?

Two minutes.

I Googled the words “composting regulations Kentucky.” This was really hard. I had to think a lot.  You know, for maybe 30 seconds of that two minutes.

And I found this, right off the bat.

KY composting law


You know those numbers and letters in blue?  Those are links. You can click on them. The first one is for “solid waste.”  Like shit. “Special waste” is waste with high levels of heavy metals and stuff like that. We’re not interested in that.

Click on the first one and you’ll go here.

It’s tiny print and not very pretty, but the gist is this. You can’t just put this stuff right on fields, you know, right on the ground, Naugler-style.

It has to be treated in a very particular way and tested for very particular things. The site has to be inspected and approved, and then it has to be inspected again periodically.  There is a whole lot of fine print.

Nicole is absolutely lying through her teeth when she says to her clueless follower that she has “no idea” what the difference is.

She knows because she has looked all this stuff up.


She is talking here about getting a permit for an actual outhouse, one with a hole in the ground. They are legal, but they have to be inspected to make sure they are positioned so that they don’t encroach on anyone’s well and to make sure the hole is deep enough and all that stuff.

But “right now” they are just too busy to obey the law. Nicole needs a rest from the drama. Fuck the judge. Fuck the health department. Can’t they see that she is tired?  Don’t they understand that it’s hard work convincing people to donate $250?

But you do realize that if she knows how to get a permit for an actual, real outhouse with a hole in the ground, she also knows exactly what the regulations are for composting solid waste?

And it is not a fucking outhouse.

It is NOT an Outhouse

I want to illustrate something Nicole does regularly.  When she wants to deflect from the reality of whatever situation she is in, she is vague, doesn’t explain stuff, and when her supporters/leghumpers/followers make comments that clearly show that they don’t understand but are outraged because harassment, she never corrects them.

outhouse 1

It’s not an outhouse. There is no hole in the ground. They shit in buckets and dump the shit on the ground. That’s the problem.


It’s not an outhouse.


Because it’s not an outhouse.


That’s lovely, but the Nauglers don’t.


As I said, that’s lovely, but the Nauglers don’t.


It’s not an outhouse and no one called. It’s an ongoing case. There was an inspection today which was court-ordered.


Yelling won’t help, Dianne.


It’s not an outhouse.


It’s shit dumped on the ground.


No, it’s not. It’s shit dumped on the ground.


It’s not an outhouse.


Cindy, see above.


If “she” did, she lied. It’s not an outhouse and it’s an ongoing case. The inspection today was court-ordered.


Outhouses are not illegal, but this is not an outhouse.


It’s not an outhouse.


Close, but it’s not an outhouse. It’s also not “compost.” It’s a pile of shit.


It’s not an outhouse. They shit in a bucket close to the house. They don’t have a horse. If they did, it would die of starvation.


You can’t fall in. It’s not an outhouse and there is no hole.


That’s lovely, but this is not West Virginia and it’s not an outhouse.


The government totally “belongs in this stuff” and it’s not an outhouse.


That’s lovely, but it’s not an outhouse.


No comment for Amber.

Out of 153 comments (at last count), there are those 25 that clearly show that those people haven’t got a clue what this is about. They think the poor innocent Nauglers are being persecuted for having an outhouse, with a hole in the ground.

Only they aren’t, it’s not, and there isn’t.

Those people aren’t to blame, although Amber is pretty dumb.  Nicole is to blame. She just allows this. One out of every six comments comes from somebody who simply doesn’t understand and she makes not a single attempt to enlighten them. She doesn’t link to anything. She doesn’t “educate.”  She just allows them to be outraged and counts the numbers of supporters and waits for the clicks on the Paypal button.

It’s dishonest. It’s fraud. And she’s a scammer.

She makes one teensy effort to explain, sort of.


Why would he need to take samples?  Nicole says it’s shit. He takes her word for it. It’s clearly shit being dumped on the ground. I’m not sure what else there is to say.

compost heap

And this, by the way, is just about all we were allowed to see of the Blessed Shit Pile.  The inspectors, of course, got closer and had a better view.


The court ordered it.  They didn’t “allow” it. The judge ordered it.


Several comments like that. Nicole lets them stand.

She’s a fraud.

The Word is “Helicopter”

I want to make something quite clear here.

I am not critical of Nicole and Joe’s “parenting style.”  I don’t care what time her kids go to bed. I don’t really care about how they discipline those children, provided they aren’t beating the shit out of them.  I just don’t care.

helicopter title

But if you’re going to present yourself as some expert on “unschooling,” you might just spell-check your titles.

public school

This is called “deflection.” She’s answered this question before, but she doesn’t want to do so here. So she “answers the question” by asking another question. She thinks this is clever.

no public school

There’s the actual answer to the question. And it’s not really what it appears to be. She says she would “allow” private school.  However, Nicole and Joe Naugler can’t even pay their basic bills.  It’s for damn sure they wouldn’t be able to afford private school tuition. The kids would never even ask.

But I will answer Nicole’s deflecting question.

Our son indicated to us, as I’ve described before, how unhappy he was in his private school (the one she thinks would be fine).  So we homeschooled him. And when he came to me and said, “I’d like to go to public school,” I replied, “Okay. Let me look into it a bit.”  And I did. And he did.

So our son had all three types of “schooling”: private, public and homeschooling.


I’m not sure what her point here is, except to use this as filler material. Parents differ. Family dynamics differ.  Yeah. We know that.

some questions

I don’t know anyone who thinks they “have the authority to change how other people parent,” or that if the parenting “has a negative effect. . . we should intervene.”

Children are not – and I will repeat this because not understanding this causes big problems – they are not the property of their parents. At the moment of a child’s birth in this country, he becomes a citizen of this country. And as a citizen, he has rights.

Joe and Nicole love to argue and fuss and whine about their supposed rights. But their children have rights too.

One of those rights that the children have is the right to an education. That was the whole point of the establishment of the public education system, so that every child could obtain a basic education. This leads to an educated citizenry. It means we have an educated work force. It provides us with an educated electorate.

Joe and Nicole Naugler are systematically depriving their children of the basic right to an education. I don’t care what they say about “unschooling.” They are not educating those children.  Joe does not do shit when it comes to any sort of schooling. They scored poorly on the testing done by CPS for only one reason: they didn’t know the answers to the questions.

“Unschooling” does not mean “don’t do anything at all.”  It supposedly means that you tailor the learning to the child.  It’s actually much harder to do, if you do it right, than conventional homeschooling. And it becomes harder and harder the more children you have.

I am tired of Nicole insisting that “everyone who meets the children knows how wonderful and educated and superior and intelligent” they are.  Everyone does not know that. Furthermore, I’ve seen enough of her oldest child’s writing (or what purports to be his writing) to challenge that statement.

This is very like Joe’s insistence that “everyone who meets me loves me.”  No, they don’t.  I have met Joe and I cannot stand him.

If children fail in public school (and children do fail in public school), we know about it. We can see test scores. We can see that the child is not doing well. We can evaluate how well the teacher does. If half her class is struggling, we can try to figure out why. Is it the children?  Is it her?

10 books 3 days

But with Nicole and Joe’s kids, we can know very little. We have her word that one of the children read ten books in three days.

I did some math. I know it’s hard, but I struggled and did it.

In order for what Nicole claims there to be true, and assuming that the child reads at the level and speed of a college graduate, she would have been reading non-stop for 9 hours every day for three days.

I used to take my homeschooled child to the library and he would bring home a box of books that rivaled that one, maybe once a week.

He would then go through those books exactly the way I went through the library books I checked out. He skimmed some of them. He thoroughly read a couple of them. He might read part of one and then quit. Apart from books that he was required to read as part of his school curriculum, I didn’t care. He had the books. Read them or not. His choice. That’s what adults do and that’s what he did.  It’s also what the Naugler child did.

But Nicole insists that she read every word in every book because the child is “exceptional.”

Let’s assume for a second that this is true, and that this kid reads at that speed with comprehension and devours books like M&Ms.

If that is the case, she is even more deprived than we can imagine, because she is not being given opportunities to develop her amazing talents. Instead, she is living in a garden shed with nothing.

Nobody really knows. The child might be doing fine. The child might not be doing fine.  Nobody knows.  The child’s rights are being held hostage by her parents, who believe they are accountable to nobody.

And that’s just education. There are other rights we could discuss.

The reason this stuff is important is because the rest of us, the rest of the citizens, have a stake in these children. Not just Nicole and Joe. Society cares because in a few short months, the welfare of one of their children will cease to be their responsibility entirely and that benefit (or burden) will fall directly on the larger society. And then a year or so later, we’ll have another one. And then another one. And so on, until we, as the larger society, absorb all eleven of them, for better or for ill.


She makes these great leaps of logic.

Do we get a say in how another parent raises their child?

Yes, we do, as Nicole and Joe learned last year when the state of Kentucky came down on their heads and said, “No, you cannot have your children housed a three-sided shanty fit for livestock.” We get a say if a parent is beating the hell out of their four-year-old and endangering the child’s life. We get a say if Mommy is letting her boyfriend sexually abuse her 6-year-old daughter.  Yes, we do.

We go to lots of trouble and have lots of really interesting, good conversations about how to achieve the twin goals of allowing parents as much freedom as possible in choosing how to rear their offspring, while simultaneously protecting the rights of the child and the rights of the large society. We’ve worked at this for, oh, 230 years.  We’re doing okay, I think.

Are we trying to create a society of clones? Do we embrace individualism?

See? “If you make me adhere to even the bare minimum of standards, you’re trying to create a society of clones.  You aren’t embracing individualism. You evil statist.”

The first US public school began in 1821, just 32 years after the country began.  So we’re talking about a system that has been in place for 200 years, most of our history.  Anybody look out across the face of America and see Stepford wives marching?  I don’t. Is “individualism” a trait that most Americans embrace enthusiastically?  I think so.


Let me give you a little hint about something. Whenever somebody starts talking about “sheeple,” it is safe to disregard everything they have to say.

Especially when they purport to have brilliant, educated children with no effort whatever, and can’t spell “helicopter.”





Damaged Goods

I really did not want to blog here today.  I didn’t.

But damn.

children know

They know they aren’t being molested, yet they see others making that accusation.

How? How do they “see” that?

They know they aren’t starving, yet they see others making those claims.

Again, how?  How do they “see” that?  Who do they “see” doing that?

They know they are intelligent educated children, yet they see others questions [sic] if they can even function in society.

And exactly how do they “see” that?

These children live “off-grid.”  They have no WiFi at their shed. They have no access to the internet. There are 11 of them, and they share one cheap little Kindle Fire. If they get WiFi, it would be at the salon, I suppose.

How do they “see” anything?  How would they know anything at all is being said about them?

The oldest kid, the one who commented here, and whose remarks were not allowed because he is not of age, said quite clearly that his mother told him what was said on this blog and so he came over here to make a comment.

And when I would not permit him to participate in the discussion here because of his age, Nicole blasted away at me.

my removal

As you can see, I simply don’t want minor children participating here. That’s because somebody should protect them.

J comments

She was pissed off about it. So pissed off that she told him “they” removed his comments.  Because we don’t want the truth, don’t you know. But the children are tired of people talking shit about their life.

And how did that kid know that somebody was “talking shit” about anything?

nicole told him

Because Nicole told him.

This was last December.


This is a kid who has “suffered emotional abuse.”  If we want to help, leave him alone, she says. Yet she goes and tells this “emotionally abused” kid that somebody on a blog made a comment that he won’t like and then hands him her phone so he can reply.  (Or writes the reply as though she is the kid in question.  Who knows which it was?)

My children know the reality. . . And it scares them. It scares the crap out of them.

So why, in the name of all that is reasonable, does she do this?

damaged child

chatting Z


These are thumbnails of YouTube videos that Nicole uploaded to the public internet for more than 1000 perfect strangers to see. I am not going to link to them. I do not condone this. It’s awful.

These are not sweet videos somebody took to share with Grandma. You can do that and keep it private and just send the link and password to those you wish to see it.

These are pimp-out-your-kid videos. And these are not videos of the “teenagers.” These are younger children.

She is exploiting these kids for donations. She does these videos, assuring everyone that her children are just so happy and well-adjusted and well-educated and it’s all so perfect. And then she turns around and decides that they are scared out of their wits because of stuff people say on social media.

No reasonable parent, if they thought their children were so scared of what people were saying on social media about them, would point out that stuff to them, and certainly would not get them to perform for the camera like trained monkeys in an effort to raise money.

Pardon me if I simply don’t feel it, Nicole. Nobody has done anything to frighten your kids but you.


Open Door, Insert Foot

BLH Title

Nicole did a blog post the other day which I have largely ignored until now.  You can probably guess why from the title alone.

However, Nicole opened a door here.  And I will insert my foot.

We are going to have a guest blogger this evening.  I’ll let her introduce herself, but remember, this is about Nicole’s own public words. In the article linked to above, she pretty much trashed every employer she ever had.

I am not going to discuss her current business, the one in the title. This article is not about that. This article is an attempt to right a wrong, to give a voice to the person who was libeled in Nicole’s screed. Please keep the comments limited severely to what is discussed here and avoid speculation or commentary about her current business.

And now, I present the guest blogger.


Hi there, I have remained in the background for the most part and only occasionally commented on the blog. I have tried to not talk about Nikki and Joe and my personal experiences with them until now, since she opened the door. I’m going to step on in.

My name is Patricia and I own Pup Cuts and Nicole worked for me for 4 months from the January til April 2014 (right after Easter, right after her baby was born).

She came to me looking for a job because the person she was employed by was basically “treating her like shit” and “wouldn’t listen to any of her suggestions.” It was winter (a slow time for groomers) but I hired her anyway knowing that things would get busy again as spring came.

I gave her 75% commission, which meant for every dollar she made she gave me 25 cents, and because she had no clients of her own I would split the daily work and give her half.

What I got for my kindness was her and a “occasional child” (occasional means 2-3 every single day), the shop smelling like burnt popcorn, wood stove, and piss. They wanted to get water every day after the place at the park they got water from put a lock on the spout.

I came in one morning after the weekend and there was a mud path from the tub to the door that I got to mop as my customers were arriving that morning.

Joe and the kids would sit in the van in the parking lot and I had one longtime customer call me and tell me she would not be back because of that.

Her children basically treated me like crap, they stole from me and they stole from the seniors upstairs who left their supplies for their dances in the kitchen of the banquet center above me. I was outnumbered in my own business and was being walked on and treated like an outcast. I was not a happy camper.

The final straw was when a friend posted a picture of a dog who was groomed at my competition (and her ex-employer) and it was wearing one of my signature bling items that I had taught her to make. When I asked her about it she informed me she had the right to sell them to anyone she pleased.

So I drew up a contract and I said sign it or you’re out.

Then ole Joe pops up with his mouth about ALL the profit I was making from them… again.. for every dog I GAVE her out of MY pocket I got a 25 cent per dollar return.

Now let’s talk about the profit Joe.

My daughter worked at a hotel and they were hiring, so Missy gave him a good recommendation and helped him get the job. Joe showed up filthy daily, was caught numerous times doing their laundry in the business machines. This was a problem because when they went to put the sheets and other items on the beds, they kept finding straw and debris mixed in with the clean items. Joe really liked his job though; he would take nice hot showers daily, and would hang out in the rec room watching TV instead of being at the front desk, you know, the place he was being paid to be. Also whole cases of snack items that were going missing, that is all I’m going to say about that.

While Joe and my daughter were working together Joe asked to borrow $30.00 from her and her boyfriend to buy some pot. He was very open to us about smoking pot, and I personally don’t care as I think it should be legalized. Anyway, he borrowed the money and was supposed to pay it back the following Friday when they all got paid. Friday came and Joe didn’t have the money but would get it to them soon, but as time passed the kids realized they were not going to get their money back. Joe even threatened them, leaning over the counter at work and sneering at them said, “And what are you going to do if I don’t pay you.”

I finally had to confront Nikki about it and ask her for repayment of the money since Joe was being such an asshole. With a surprised look on her face, she whipped out that phone and after a curt conversation, paid me the $30.00. Joe had not told her about any of it.

So you see Nikki, it’s not always a good idea to put people on blast. You can color your lies any way you want for your leg-humpers.  This blog post only scratches the surface of the amount of shit I put up with for 4 long months.

Since you like to threaten people, and you know where I live, I would like to let you know that I have live video surveillance and if I catch you on my camera I will get you for trespassing. Have a nice day.

Oh and I was in the 4-wheeler with Sally Davis, and yes, Joe, you drank that beer.  I was the girl with the pink hair in the back; I waved, guess you didn’t recognize me.


And now you’ve heard the other side of the story.

Here is the contract that Nicole refused to sign.

contract 1

contract 2

contract 3

contract 4

contract 5

Nicole’s argument, in her blog posting, is that she should have been treated as an employee, not an independent contractor. This contract is fairly standard in the industry for an independent contractor, and it’s the path Patricia chose.  It’s completely legal.

This whole thing is a mystery to me, anyway, since as an employee, Nicole would have had taxes taken out of her pay and given right to the evil government.  Taxation is theft, she says.


As an independent contractor, she would be able to keep all the money she earned, and would have responsibility for filing (or not filing) her taxes as she saw fit.

So why was she clamoring for employee status?

Apparently she wasn’t.  She just wanted to change parts of the contract to better suit herself. Patricia refused, so Nicole refused to sign it.  Patricia then showed her the door.

As I’ve said before, Nicole is an asshole.