Gorilla Whisperer

nicole comment

She didn’t watch the video. Gotta smile.  Of course not.

Can’t embed the video, but here’s a link. Don’t be like Nicole. Go watch it.

If Nicole had bothered listening to the Q & A in the video, she would know that the zoo has a specially trained team to handle situations with large, dangerous animals.  They practice this.  They are prepared for this. They try to prevent it, but they practice just in case.  But no, it was lawyers, of course.

Events like this are rare, but do happen. Gorillas are an endangered species. One method we use to help save them is to keep them in zoos and hopefully increase their numbers in a protected place. To finance that effort, the zoos are open to the public.  It’s a potentially risky endeavor, and there are pros and cons to it, but I really don’t think the world needs Nicole Naugler’s lofty, totally uneducated opinion on the subjects of either animal husbandry and zookeeping, or parenting.

And a “local gorilla” (what in the hell is a “local gorilla”?) charged Joe. Hell, he probably thought Joe was his long-lost twin brother.  Wanted to give him a hug.

Having seen how Nicole reacted when the teeny fender-bender-that-didn’t-bend-a-fender occurred, I can tell you how she would have reacted had one of her children gone into the gorilla enclosure.  She would have been screeching in her high-pitched voice at  full volume, and threatening everyone on the planet with lawsuits if they didn’t get her child out of harm’s way immediately, because she has her rights and by gosh, the Constitution.  We already know how Nicole reacts to stressful situations.  It’s not pretty or flattering.

But of course, the Naugler children never do anything they shouldn’t (except eat pancakes).  This is totally the fault of the child’s parents. And Nicole wants to “believe that the gorilla would have given the handler his child.”

This is exactly why they do not have a half-baked, idiotic, dog groomer on the dangerous animal response team at the zoo.

“Scuse me very powerful and potentially deadly primate. I have watched Jungle Book as well as Mutual of Omaha. I am an animal behaviorist. I am coming into the enclosure to reason with you and explain to you the error of your ways. Here now gorilla . . . Give me the tiny human. Embrace me and be blessed.”

And a great comment on her page, which likely won’t last.


“Hey, gorilla, can you spare a dime?”

* Quoted snark is not mine. It comes courtesy of The Nefarious Please, who is smart and witty and funny.


If you’d like to read somebody’s commentary on the gorilla situation, somebody who actually knows what she is talking about, and not the silly ramblings of a woman whose total expertise is that she knows how to cut a Maltese dog’s coat and give him a bath, well here you go.

Be Still, My Beating Heart

I am going to go ahead and embed this video, because even though we hear the children’s voices, we do not see their faces.

unschooling lesson

Nicole describes this on Youtube as an “unschool biology lesson.”

Dear Flying Spaghetti Monster, what an amazing description.

A better one would be “child cutting up heart and getting it pretty much all wrong.”

Education involves more than just exploring the world.  If that’s all that was involved, you could just put your toddler outside and let him figure out stuff, like traffic, say, or ponds, or cliffs.  We don’t do that.

We don’t do it because we want to see him grow up and not get squashed flat by a semi.  We also do it because as a species we have reached the top of the food chain by building on the accomplishments and failures and experiences of those who came before us.

If you have to figure out stuff from scratch every time, we’d still be learning to make flint arrowheads and start fires.

The child talking in this video quite clearly has no idea how blood circulates through the heart.  He calls everything an “artery.”   “. . . it isn’t as strong as this one. . . ”  He doesn’t seem to know that there is a great big vein in there as well, nor I expect, does he know the difference.

heart diagram

He then cuts the heart right in half cross-wise, leaving the atria in the top section and the ventricles mangled in the bottom.  He doesn’t know what they are or how they work.  He doesn’t know what the little “flap” is about.  And his sibling seems to think that blood is actually made or formed right in the heart.

Hands-on stuff is great.  I am frankly very much in favor of it.  When Nathan was at home, we once got a beef heart (a better choice because they are so much bigger) and went in with another family and did a whole big lesson, dissecting that heart.

But we actually dissected it.  The kids cut it properly, because they had guidance.  They tracked the major arteries and labeled them. They identified all the structures.  They traced the flow of blood, from the heart to the lungs, back to the heart, into the atrium, down into the ventricle and out to the body and then back again.  When we were finished, our children had put their fingers in all the holes, said, “yuck” a lot, giggled some more, but they knew how blood flowed.

Or at least, they had some idea of how it works.

We did this with one beef heart, some adult supervision, proper equipment, a bit of planning, some diagrams, and an hour or so.

How many goats will have to die so that the Naugler children can carve up the heart, still warm, and demonstrate their complete ignorance and total lack of guidance in their so-called joke of an educational process?

And just shut up, Nicole.  I am not “picking on your family.”  I am picking on you and your dead-beat husband.  Your children are not responsible for any of this. You are.


This is actually sort of silly, but I don’t feel very well (I am recovering from Cruise Crud quite nicely, but it’s slow), and it made me laugh.


The phrase “bunch of loons” refers to anyone who is critical of Nicole’s fabulous lifestyle.  One of “us” is equivalent to Israel Keyes.

And who was Israel Keyes?  In case you don’t remember, or barely remember:

Israel Keyes
Click image to link

Israel Keyes was a pretty notorious serial killer who committed suicide in prison.

So “Charles” is saying that “he” thinks that Nicole’s critics are harboring a serial killer. We’re losing our “souls.”  (Sorry, Charlie, but I’m an atheist. We don’t have souls the first place.)

“Charles,” however, didn’t really think through “his” analogy.


An afterthought:

“Charles” is sort of fixated on serial killers.  “He” likes this sort of thing:



Good Examples

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms.
Ron Paul

Great quote, huh?  And especially apt in that he’s one of Nicole’s idols.

unschooling definition

So let’s talk a little bit about setting examples. Nicole and Joe “unschool” their children. This is a vague, amorphous idea that can encompass anything from allowing the child to explore whatever subject(s) he wishes on any particular day to doing no schooling whatever of any sort.  My guess is that the Naugler type of unschooling comes closer to the latter than the former.

But, regardless, we all know that children learn from the examples and role models they see around them. That’s how they learn to talk, by mimicking the language spoken to and near them.

Before I go any further, I want to make something clear because I’m sick and tired of reading Nicole’s bullshit about this. I am not now, nor have I ever, targeting her children.  I do not use their names. I obscure their faces. I will not allow any discussion or speculation about any of the children. Frankly, I don’t know all their names.  I couldn’t tell you their ages. I’ve even gone so far as to refuse to engage one of the older kids here because he’s still a minor.

This blog is not about the Naugler “family.”  It’s about Joe and Nicole Naugler, the two adults, who are scammers and grifters. That’s what it is about.  Because they have children, and because they use their children in their scamming operation, it’s impossible for me to ignore the fact that those children exist, but that’s the extent of my involvement with their children.

Nicole has told us that the children know all about the negative press the adults get.  If they do, that is entirely because Joe and Nicole have chosen to enlighten them.

And one other disclaimer: this is about guns. Again.  Politically, I lean so far left that if you pushed me a little, I would fall over. That is not a secret. I do not apologize for it. I don’t like guns. I am in favor of strict gun-control laws. I would like to see the 2nd Amendment repealed. I know other people (even other liberals) disagree with me on this issue vehemently. That’s fine. I also know that currently, the 2nd Amendment has not been repealed.

So, this is not about “guns bad.”

It’s about a bad example. It’s about bad “unschooling.”  It’s about making very poor choices.  It’s about sowing discord and possibly reaping disaster, to use a biblical metaphor.

Nicole hates the police. That is not a secret. She posts hundreds of anti-police memes and links to articles and comments on her various Facebook pages.  The number goes up, it seems, whenever she feels especially threatened by any authority figure of any sort.

She not only doesn’t like the police.  She doesn’t like things like licensing, or traffic laws, or anyone telling her what she can or cannot do.  Period.  It runs the gamut from getting a license for her business to filing a tax return to fencing her livestock, and now the big drama is about shit.

The Nauglers are faced with the Health Department’s notice that they are going to have their property tested for raw sewage. I have been asking one simple question for months now:  what are they doing with the contents of the white buckets?  The answer, repeatedly, has been a very vague “we compost our shit.” Apparently, the Health Department agrees with me that the answer isn’t good enough, so they are investigating.

This, of course, is enough to give Nicole hives.  And she has taken to Facebook to explain how terrible it all is and also to make some veiled threats.

take to court
Uh, no.  Nicole, I cannot just willy-nilly haul you into court. I can do what I have done: blog publicly.  You don’t get to hand down either/or demands.

joe dangerous
Get what she’s saying here.  Joe would kill me.  KILL me.  For blogging. This is a man who has been convicted of menacing behavior.  He came to my Facebook page and threatened me with legal action for expressing my opinion.  This blog wouldn’t exist if he hadn’t done that, by the way.  So, yes, I am mildly afraid of him.

4th amendment
Apart from the fact that Nicole has no idea what the 4th Amendment entails (authorities have full legal right to access your property any time they wish to do so, just like traveling salesmen can come to your door without being shot), notice that she’s saying that they will very likely create a “huge scene.”

But we already knew that.

nobody hurt
So in typical Naugler fashion, she deflects.  It becomes all about how “people” are “stalking” her.  They’re taking photos of her property.  Actually, it seems that one person did that. I have no idea who. It certainly wasn’t me, since I was in Europe or the Caribbean or someplace when this happened.

And this is causing her “family” alarm.  Why?  How?  By “family,” she’s suggesting that her children are frightened.  Why would they be?  Frightened because somebody drove past their place and took a few photos, and not even any photos of any people?  Were they even home when this happened?  The person didn’t come on their property.  How could the “family” be “alarmed” by this?

I’ll tell you how. They could be alarmed if Joe and Nicole alarmed them by hammering it into their heads that there are bad people out there trying to get them.  Bad people.  And that the police are some of those bad people.

The result is that Outside is menacing. There is no help to be found Out There.  So, when the Health Department wishes to inspect their sewage situation (as the Health Department has a legal right to do), they join the list of Bad People Outside.

And you have to learn to protect yourself from Outside.

Like this.

kid gun
No link to the video because child.

Right in the middle of all this drama, with the Health Department ultimatum and the supposed drive-by “stalking,” and the dozens of memes and articles and complaints about the police and how evil they are, we have this nice video of one of the children shooting a rifle.

I had no idea what this gun was, so I asked. It’s apparently a fairly high-end, expensive rifle. According to my source, it would make a good hunting rifle.  It’s desirable, supposedly (I don’t find any of them desirable, but that’s not the point).  Rounds for this gun cost about a buck a shot.

These are people who live in a garden shed. They don’t have running water. They don’t have a kitchen, or bathing facilities. They could pack up their possessions in probably less than an hour. To call them poor is an understatement.

But they own (I suppose they own it) an expensive rifle and they spend one dollar per shot teaching their children to shoot.

It’s not about whether it’s a good idea to teach children about guns.  We could discuss that forever. Is it a good idea to teach a child to drink alcohol responsibly?  Is it a good idea to arrange for a child to have sailing lessons? What about horse-back riding?  Or piano lessons? Those are all judgment calls. The answer in every case is:  It depends on your circumstances.

A child growing up in rural Idaho probably doesn’t need sailing lessons, but learning to ride horse-back might be a good thing. A parent raising a child in Nantucket might consider sailing lessons an absolute life-saving must.

My concern here is example-setting and priorities.  The child in the video is learning that spending lots of money on guns is a good thing, but spending money on education is a waste.  Spending money on a toilet is a waste.  Spending money on a kitchen is a waste.  Maintaining a clean environment is a waste.  Strewing trash everywhere is fine (and Nicole, don’t pretend that your property is not trashy and that it’s not your trash).

Spending money on expensive guns and ammunition is a priority.

The question is why?

The answer is that the evil Outside is threatening.

Those children are not learning that you use guns to hunt.  They are learning that you need guns to keep away the Outside.


First, and to repeat, your children are not being targeted. You are.

Second, the second highlighted segment is directed at me.  It’s ridiculous, but it’s also informative.  Nicole believes that whatever your children do later in life is directly a result of your parenting.  If your children do well, you were a great parent.  If your children make mistakes, you were a bad parent.

This is fallacious, of course, but that’s not the point.

The point here is that she strongly believes that children learn from their parents’ example. I’ll be interested in seeing how she feels about that as her children grow up. Will I hold her to the same standard she uses for me and everyone else who is critical of her?

baby with gun
By all means, start young

Home is the Sailor, Home from the Sea

I am home at last.  At our actual, real house, not in our temporary “house” where we have been living for the past six weeks.

Here’s the temporary “home.”

The Norwegian Star in port in Ålesund, Norway on May 3, 2016

Considering that we boarded the Norwegian Star on April 10 in Tampa, Florida, and debarked from her in  Copenhagen, Denmark on May 17, and arrived here at home last night (May 21), well, I simply could not have done all the crap I’ve been accused of doing.

When you’re going to be absent from your home for six weeks, out of the country, you are out of your mind if you advertise that fact on social media. We are not out of our minds, so we didn’t.

We sailed for a week in the Caribbean, then two weeks transatlantic, stopping in Bermuda and the Azores. From Copenhagen, we sailed north to Norway for a week, and ultimately spent nine days in the Baltic Sea, visiting several different countries, including two days in Russia. Finally, we stayed for three days in Copenhagen, and then flew to Reykjavik, Iceland for an overnight and then home. Twelve countries, eighteen ports. Sightseeing and snorkeling.  Hot weather, cold weather. Smooth sailing, and some rough seas.

It was our first vacation in ten years. I highly recommend cruising.  It’s not nearly as expensive as you might think. Maybe start a GoFundMe?

My sincere thanks to “The Nefarious Please” for pinch-hitting so perfectly for me.

And my sincere apologies to those who contacted the blog for one reason or another and got silence. I had extremely limited internet access. The Star offers WiFi on board, but it is very poor quality and very expensive. We opted out and spent the money on wine instead.

at dinner

The Norwegian Star has actual bathrooms, for those who are interested.

star bathroom

That is not, of course, my photo, but it never occurred to us to take a photograph of the bathroom.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a lot of reading to do to get caught up with the Naugler Soap Opera.

Hey Mac, can you spare a dime?

Money is like manure; it’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around encouraging young things to grow.

– Thorton Wilder


We all know someone that is always in need. Something is always wrong — always an excuse. Everyone is out to get them. Nothing is their fault.

For many, “begging” means the scruffy man at the corner liquor store, tin cup in hand, a cardboard sign. For others it’s a homeless mother with a baby. That kind of begging is easy to look at and decide whether you’re going to help or not.  You see it. You have a good gut feeling if the person will use, or abuse your donation. You can tell if the person is truly in need or just begging because they don’t want to earn an honest living. For some folks, it’s a way of life. 

They may hear the clink of a coin in the cup, and you may keep walking. You see it with your eyes. Your guts tell you if they really need help or will go grab a bottle of Thunderbird and wake up with wet pants.

The internet is a whole new street corner.  Now you have thousands and thousands of potential handouts “walking by”.  If you can convince folks that you’re a wholesome, hardworking, reverent individual that could just use a little bit of help . . . well, you’re off to a grand start.  People have soft hearts and most will try to help someone in need.  The Nauglers are well versed in subtle online begging, the art of asking for money without being “in your face” with their desperate needs. They have been doing it for years, yet continue to add to their family despite their inability to support the children they already have.

It’s a pattern. The constant hints and subtle suggestions. But hey, you read through the repetition and make up your own mind. Are they doing this? Ask the church groups they’ve been in.

Sound harsh? maybe it is. But responsible adults do not constantly drop hints and ask for others to pay for things. Some of us consider this to be the crux of “responsibility”.




This was quite probably a rather misguided attempt at humor. But at this point, who knows.

13219754_10153681942993182_547206151_nOK, but you certainly aren’t shy about supplementing with donations.


Venmo, Paypal, Go Fund me . . . crowd source funding masters.


They ended up with over $45,000 from this effort alone.  They had a very detailed list of what the expenses were to be used for.  They have repeatedly become very hostile when people ask if they were used as promised.

13236108_10154214276951289_292946786_n (1) Interestingly, this post linked directly to a site that made it easy to send the seeds.

13249525_10154214286776289_427088175_n Untitled3

Ah yes, the subtle hints.


Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Untitled2Think about this one for a moment. They are running a business. Why would clients be dropping off food and money?

Oh yeah, get over it.


Fundraiser for a business? Wait . . .

Is it a business or a charity?

13094124_10207741242503271_525796367266982827_nHere’s an odd one. Somebody set up a Go Fund Me campaign. It’s quite probably satire. However, in exposing and explaining that they did NOT set it up, they certainly didn’t fail to ensure folks knew where they COULD “donate”.

a bThis is only a smattering of the constant posts and a bit of insight into what is going on.

Remember, they garnered over $45,000 in Go Fund Me donations. What have they done with them?

Brought to you by “Nefarious Please and others”

This was sent by a blog reader. It seems pretty benign. It’s a nice story. Charity and kids. It might actually stir up warm feelings. But please notice the comment “Put money in my hand.”

How hard are these folks to figure out?

Well “technically”. . .



Let’s make a collection. Here’s two more.

still accepting

They’re “still accepting donations.” As though there will come a day, some day, when they are no longer accepting donations.


And the vehicles. Have the Nauglers ever actually bought a car or van all by themselves?  Nicole tells us that she really doesn’t like to finance things. She much rather that “angels” just give stuff to her.

You know, like she refuses to do for her kids.

This is probably what you came here to find out about.

A quick note. This blog is not Joe and Nicole Naugler’s Blog. This blog was created to refute and dispel the claims they make, to elucidate their methodology, and to allow thinking people the opportunity to see the truth and make their own decisions.

A word of caution. If you comment, we recommend you do not link to your actual identity as many people that have spoken out against the Naugler adults have been doxxed, harassed, and bullied online.

Been watching the news lately? Here’s the truth.

The first article

The second

And here is the third article with the real truth.

The third

You read these and make up your own mind.

“The Nefarious Please”


This comment was posted in response to the third article (above). It was posted on March 6th.
qq qqqPretty much sums it up.


Not A Public Service Announcement

The below photograph has been altered to protect the identity of the innocent. I replaced their faces with cartoons. Otherwise the post that Nicole Naugler ran in a local group of almost 17,000 has not been altered in any way shape or form.



Well, I can tell you, beyond a doubt that Nicole Naugler is spinning and lying, and telling falsehoods in this post she added to a local group.  These are the innocent victims filmed by Joe Naugler on his court date for the pretrial hearing in his criminal charges the other day;  Fondly referred to as goat-gate.  These three people were standing outside the Breckinridge County Courthouse.  After the trial — Minding their own business — Chatting.

As they stood there, away from the insanity and drama,  Joe, walked up to them and, cell phone in hand, poised and positioned, smirking his idiotic smirk, to let them know beyond any doubt that he was watching them. Documenting them. He said “and these are the people that came to visit today”  (If they have the guts to release the actual video, it will confirm this)   It would appear the “in your face” filming was meant to intimidate the individuals. When it didn’t elicit the response Joe needed, Nicole took it a leap forward.

Nicole and Joe do indeed know at least two of these people. One of the people is the complaining witness/victim of Joe’s previous criminal conviction for menacing.

Let’s stop and think about that for a second. Joe has a protective order stating that he is not to contact, harass, or intimidate this witness to his previous criminal trial. (The one he was found guilty of). Yet he found it prudent to walk up on them and ensure they knew he was filming and documenting them.

One thing that Nicole very conveniently fails to mention is this.  As if Joe and Nicole have not harassed her enough in this past year, she had the great misfortune to have business at the courthouse that day, unaware that Joe was in court yet again for neighborly criminal misconduct.  She was there for a different reason. When she saw friends in the courtroom, she naturally sat next to them. To sit a spell and catch up with neighbors.

Nicole and Joe also know another of the people in the photograph, and Nicole admits that.  What she omits, is that this is the neighbor and father of the young girl that Joe stalked at her family farm last summer. Her dad is the same man that has repeatedly stated he believes Joe is simply a “failed man, husband and father” We’re talking about a guy that has 23 years of military service to our country and has not succumbed to these kind of intimidation tactics. Why was he there? Good question. He was there because of these allegations. And then some more ridiculous accusations.   He was there because he wanted to see how in the world Mr. Naugler could ever justify his alleged involvement regarding the goats and how Joe was going to claim that he was responsible for “colluding” with the neighbor.

Joseph Naugler. The “failed man, husband, and father.”

Not Joe, but rather the man pictured is the man that said it. Yes it infuriates Joe, but maybe the guy in the picture has a point?

He was there because he had been defamed on the internet and wanted to know how Joe was going to continue besmirching his name. He was there because he fought for our rights. He was exercising his own, as well as providing moral support to a fellow retired veteran and friend who was the criminal witness for that day’s criminal action (goat-gate) against Joe.

The third person was there as a court watcher.  She now gets to watch her back whenever she goes to town, because, well, because Nicole is a liar and a vengeful wench.  I think it was driving Nicole and Joe crazy that they couldn’t identify that one person, so they posted her photograph with a pack of lies.  Something to get someone to identify the woman.  What could Nicole say to do that, surely the truth would not have gotten her anywhere?

Lets not forget Cheryl Dewitt an administrator on the local Meade Sell n Trade.  Without her choice to allow Nicole to post this very unorthodox and uncalled for post this problem would not have arisen.  She is the enabler in this endeavor.  Even when contacted about the nature of Nicole and the nature of the photographic post she chose to allow it to stand.  She removed comments identifying Nicole’s vengeful act, then advised people to personally message Nicole with the identifying information.  It was a very poor choice and not very community minded.  Shame on her. I can only hope Cheryl understands the liability she has opened both herself and this community page to.  Not worth it.  If I were her I would apologize and make it right publicly on the page and within the community.  It might just save her.

These pictured people have not been stalking Nicole or her family, certainly not her eleven children, quite the contrary. These people have not harassed the Naugler family at all. They have not threatened, they have not endangered the Naugler family, business or any such nonsense.

They have voiced their opinion. They get to do that. Guys like the complainant and the man pictured fought for us so that we can have freedom of speech and the ability to exercise our legal rights.

What they are are simply good and active participants of their community. They are victims and critics, they see through Nicole’s bullshit, and if you ask me the only thing Nicole actually feels has been threatened is her bottom line.

The above post epitomizes everything that Joe and Nicole are.  Joe can’t post this stuff, he’d probably end up in jail, and, let’s face it, Joe is scared of jail.  He sacrificed his children over his “rights” fast as could be when threatened with jail by the county.  So the man of the family had to step up.  Thus in trots Nicole to do the dirty work.  Just as immediately after Joe’s latest (failed) plea deal in criminal court (goat-gate) Nicole was online posting falsehoods and photographs of that complainant neighbor’s property and family, she couldn’t let another opportunity pass by where she didn’t attack more of her perceived enemies, aka, Joe’s victims.

The above post that Nicole made was to a local group with 16,000 plus followers in our small community.  I know — different county, but in Kentucky we have an abundance of counties and this page is from a very closely and interwined county. It is an inflammatory post, one could call it a “call to arms”, based on very  frightening and completely false allegations.  This goes far beyond simple defamation, slander or libel. Quite frankly this post and any others that may exist are potentially dangerous to the victims, as well as damaging to our community.

Are you starting to understand what Joe and Nicole are yet? What vipers they are in our midst.  Even with protective orders in place, probation and time on the shelf they will exact their revenge.  Joe can’t and apparently won’t jeopardize himself, but Nicole can do it.  No stone goes unturned, no act of revenge is too big or too small, because being a good neighbor is hard.

Courtesy of the “Nefarious Please”