Gorilla Whisperer

nicole comment

She didn’t watch the video. Gotta smile.  Of course not.

Can’t embed the video, but here’s a link. Don’t be like Nicole. Go watch it.

If Nicole had bothered listening to the Q & A in the video, she would know that the zoo has a specially trained team to handle situations with large, dangerous animals.  They practice this.  They are prepared for this. They try to prevent it, but they practice just in case.  But no, it was lawyers, of course.

Events like this are rare, but do happen. Gorillas are an endangered species. One method we use to help save them is to keep them in zoos and hopefully increase their numbers in a protected place. To finance that effort, the zoos are open to the public.  It’s a potentially risky endeavor, and there are pros and cons to it, but I really don’t think the world needs Nicole Naugler’s lofty, totally uneducated opinion on the subjects of either animal husbandry and zookeeping, or parenting.

And a “local gorilla” (what in the hell is a “local gorilla”?) charged Joe. Hell, he probably thought Joe was his long-lost twin brother.  Wanted to give him a hug.

Having seen how Nicole reacted when the teeny fender-bender-that-didn’t-bend-a-fender occurred, I can tell you how she would have reacted had one of her children gone into the gorilla enclosure.  She would have been screeching in her high-pitched voice at  full volume, and threatening everyone on the planet with lawsuits if they didn’t get her child out of harm’s way immediately, because she has her rights and by gosh, the Constitution.  We already know how Nicole reacts to stressful situations.  It’s not pretty or flattering.

But of course, the Naugler children never do anything they shouldn’t (except eat pancakes).  This is totally the fault of the child’s parents. And Nicole wants to “believe that the gorilla would have given the handler his child.”

This is exactly why they do not have a half-baked, idiotic, dog groomer on the dangerous animal response team at the zoo.

“Scuse me very powerful and potentially deadly primate. I have watched Jungle Book as well as Mutual of Omaha. I am an animal behaviorist. I am coming into the enclosure to reason with you and explain to you the error of your ways. Here now gorilla . . . Give me the tiny human. Embrace me and be blessed.”

And a great comment on her page, which likely won’t last.


“Hey, gorilla, can you spare a dime?”

* Quoted snark is not mine. It comes courtesy of The Nefarious Please, who is smart and witty and funny.


If you’d like to read somebody’s commentary on the gorilla situation, somebody who actually knows what she is talking about, and not the silly ramblings of a woman whose total expertise is that she knows how to cut a Maltese dog’s coat and give him a bath, well here you go.


Be Still, My Beating Heart

I am going to go ahead and embed this video, because even though we hear the children’s voices, we do not see their faces.

unschooling lesson

Nicole describes this on Youtube as an “unschool biology lesson.”

Dear Flying Spaghetti Monster, what an amazing description.

A better one would be “child cutting up heart and getting it pretty much all wrong.”

Education involves more than just exploring the world.  If that’s all that was involved, you could just put your toddler outside and let him figure out stuff, like traffic, say, or ponds, or cliffs.  We don’t do that.

We don’t do it because we want to see him grow up and not get squashed flat by a semi.  We also do it because as a species we have reached the top of the food chain by building on the accomplishments and failures and experiences of those who came before us.

If you have to figure out stuff from scratch every time, we’d still be learning to make flint arrowheads and start fires.

The child talking in this video quite clearly has no idea how blood circulates through the heart.  He calls everything an “artery.”   “. . . it isn’t as strong as this one. . . ”  He doesn’t seem to know that there is a great big vein in there as well, nor I expect, does he know the difference.

heart diagram

He then cuts the heart right in half cross-wise, leaving the atria in the top section and the ventricles mangled in the bottom.  He doesn’t know what they are or how they work.  He doesn’t know what the little “flap” is about.  And his sibling seems to think that blood is actually made or formed right in the heart.

Hands-on stuff is great.  I am frankly very much in favor of it.  When Nathan was at home, we once got a beef heart (a better choice because they are so much bigger) and went in with another family and did a whole big lesson, dissecting that heart.

But we actually dissected it.  The kids cut it properly, because they had guidance.  They tracked the major arteries and labeled them. They identified all the structures.  They traced the flow of blood, from the heart to the lungs, back to the heart, into the atrium, down into the ventricle and out to the body and then back again.  When we were finished, our children had put their fingers in all the holes, said, “yuck” a lot, giggled some more, but they knew how blood flowed.

Or at least, they had some idea of how it works.

We did this with one beef heart, some adult supervision, proper equipment, a bit of planning, some diagrams, and an hour or so.

How many goats will have to die so that the Naugler children can carve up the heart, still warm, and demonstrate their complete ignorance and total lack of guidance in their so-called joke of an educational process?

And just shut up, Nicole.  I am not “picking on your family.”  I am picking on you and your dead-beat husband.  Your children are not responsible for any of this. You are.


Presumption of Innocence

Some may remember, if you have good memories, that there used to be a concept in Anglo-American law called a presumption of innocence, innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Now that’s so deep in history that there’s no point even bringing it up, but it did once exist.
-Noam Chomsky

I have recounted this story in detail before, but I will summarize it again.

I had a very unpleasant encounter with Camille Lewis and Keturah Naomi (that’s her screen name) on Camille’s wall several years ago. I was naive and had no idea I was walking into a hornet’s nest, but I made the well-founded, proven assertion that sometimes people lie or fabricate sexual assault stories.

They went berserk, and the discussion ended with Camille basically ordering me to cease and get off her wall.  I did.  That began my slow dance around Camille, in ever-widening circles, as I distanced myself from her.

Since then, the narrative, which she embraced thoroughly and perpetuated both herself and by using her surrogates, has remained. Remember, Camille’s approach is to just repeat bullshit again and again, perpetuating rumors, until people believe it.

And recently, while I was in Europe and elsewhere, St. Catherine has come out of semi-hibernation to rant and rave a bit.

I hate Tweets, because of the difficulty that ensues trying to understand the truncated language, but here’s the deal (apparently).

First, I have never “raged” about transgender bathrooms.  Ever.  I think the controversy is beyond silly. I just spent several weeks out of the US and believe me, people use unisex bathrooms all over the world and only stupid Americans get all riled up about it.  But, hey, Cathy loves to rant and rave.

She is upset about Toiletgate. [I grabbed a couple of photos of Camille’s bathrooms from the net and put them on the old Romancing blog, calling them “The Queen’s Thrones.”]

The original post was in October of 2015, and somehow nobody gave a damn until Steve Not-So-Bright got all outraged and demanded that the photos be removed.  Friends of Frances, in my absence, sought to protect me legally (thank you for caring), and altered the photos.  They will be returned in all their original glory as soon as I get around to it.

The photos were not “stolen.”  I got them from Zillow.  You can’t get more public than that. I never pretended to have obtained them anywhere else and even linked to the source. I used them, three selected photos from a collection of dozens, for the purpose of satire.  Fair use.  Sue me.

But all that said, Cathy went ballistic.  Camille is the mother of 2 children.  That is relevant, somehow. In another tweet she suggested that I might have broken into Camille’s house to take photos of her bathrooms. Seriously. [Thank you, Greg, for finding the tweet and blogging about it.]

But the relevant part of this is that she implies that there is something sort of sexual going on with this. There are two children in the home.  I posted photos of the bathrooms.  What?

The next day, while I was happily toodling about in Norway, she went after the assistant pastor at Bethel Baptist Church over something.  I’m not sure what.  Notice the reference to “steal pics”?  I have no idea what she’s talking about, but that doesn’t matter either.

Cathy is furious with the assistant pastor because he spoke with me when I contacted Bethel to ask about Cathy’s assertion that she’d been raped by a former assistant pastor who was convicted – the Fake Rape. The story is clearly and demonstrably false, totally fabricated in Cathy’s fevered imagination.

Josh is bad.  He’s bad because he spoke to me on the phone.  Me.  Notice who I am.

I am the “child abuse/rapists enabler blogger.”

So, needless to say, when I got home and saw this shit, I was mildly perturbed. Not manic, like St. Catherine gets, but mildly perturbed.  I am frankly quite tired of it.

That leads me directly to the current situation brewing at Bob Jones University.

This story, of course, was a gold mine for both Camille and Cathy.  I have no idea where Maytag is.  I hope she shows up, because—well, you’ll see.

Former Bob Jones student arrested for sexual assault.  Oh, my.  As you can imagine, there is no end of moaning and carrying on from both of these women that BJU knew, didn’t do enough, should have known ahead of time, and basically are “child abuse/rapists enablers.”  Like me, don’tcha know.

Well, there’s a story I’ve been sitting on for years.  It’s time to talk about it.  If it upsets anyone because I am talking about it, that is totally on St. Catherine and Camille.  They know all about it. They’ve always known about it.  They have said exactly nothing.

I am far kinder than they are though.  I believe strongly in our system of justice, something they do not. I believe in the presumption of innocence.  I believe in it for everyone, for the person I’m going to talk about and for the young man in the story above.

And for that reason, I have redacted all the images about this to remove all the identifying information about the man’s identity.  It’s a matter of public record and if you actually want to go digging, you can find the case record, but I’m not going to point you there.  I do not want the Google to immortalize this, just because I am a fair, decent person.  I will assure you that the person who I am protecting has never hesitated to criticize me vehemently.

In 1992, a Bob Jones University student, working as a counselor at a camp, was accused of molesting a young boy. He was arrested.

And there we are. Bob Jones University was harboring a child molestor.  Right?  Right?

After all, I’ve been criticized, yelled at, laughed at, and vilified for daring to suggest that sometimes the accusations simply are not true.  It never happens, I was told again and again. Especially it never happens with children. They are just telling the truth, every time.  Always.

Okay. So this young man molested a small child. Right, Cathy?  Right, Camille?  Right, Maytag?  Stand up and be counted, damn all of you.


He was found not guilty.


Well, no matter. That has never stopped the likes of Cathy, Camille and Maytag. Ever. It just means that the justice system didn’t understand that the accusation is the same as a guilty verdict.


Here’s the question.  Camille Lewis knows all about this.  I will tell you how she knows.  She knows because she was this young man’s peer.  She was there. Furthermore, he is now one of her biggest supporters.  Not only that, but I have watched him criticize the University’s handling of all things involving sexual assault ever since the whole GRACE debacle ensued.  I have watched him condemn people as guilty who hadn’t been to trial yet.  I have watched, and noted.  I have said nothing.

Why isn’t this story on your stupid, ridiculous Hall of Shame page, Camille?

Is it because the person in question is your friend and supporter?  I find that hard to swallow. You have never minded turning on anyone and viciously biting them if it could be remotely useful to do so.

Is it because the person in question knows shit that you don’t want revealed, Camille?

I don’t know.  But I do know that if you guys continue to call me names like “child abuse/rapists enabler,” I will continue to bring this up.  Again and again and again.

That is a promise.