Who Are These People?

What is a “sock puppet” account.  Basically, it is a fake account that someone hides anonymously behind.  For a more in-depth definition Wikipedia provides this:


Why would someone do such a thing?  There are many reasons.  Some people are trying to protect themselves from online or real world attack , while some people are the attackers using the sock to try to hide their dirty deeds.

This post is about the anonymous, well sort of anonymous, Charles Smyth account on Facebook.  Charles is a special snowflake among many special snowflakes that have been part of this sordid tale.


Charles would like you to think he is an internet friend of Joe and Nicole.  A very close friend.

So close that Charles favors the same vulgar words that Joe and Nicole favor.

So close that Charles follows just about every post online about the Nauglers and is there in a jiffy to carry their banner into their internet war.


So close that Charles private messages the critics.  Charles will be one of the first to attack a supporter who isn’t blindly touting the party line. Charles even has inside knowledge on people who had only opened their profile to the Nauglers, people Charles has never been friends with.


So close that Charles likes to direct veiled threats at the critics.  Charles has a particular interest in serial killers or as he likes to call himself “cereal killer”.



So close that Charles has even been known to try to jumpstart new donation drives for the Nauglers.


Nicole finds absolutely nothing wrong with Charles.  Charles is just a little “snarky”.  Charles is their friend.  Included in their little closed groups, praising them on their personal pages, cheerleading on their public ones.

Charles will tell you over and over again that he is not a Naugler.  Not Joe, not Nicole.  That Charles doesn’t run any pages, well, except this fake profile page.

Now remember Charles Smyth is a sock, a fake account, just some lone wolf who is Joe and Nicole’s knight in shining armor/shivering leghumper/little pet attack dog and sometime fundraiser.

Then just the other day Charles wrote this.  This is why you shouldn’t try to juggle chain saws. (or hand grenades)


So the question is whose family?  How could anyone possibly be attacking and stalking Charles’s unknowable, nonexistent family?  Wait a minute!  Whose family? Who exactly is Charles?

I have found throughout this sordid tale that Nicole often reveals her own actions when she is pointing the finger of blame at others.  Many a day I have read one of her posts scratching my head about what she could possibly be talking about.  Then lo and behold she does that same curious thing she had just accused other’s of doing.


Personally, I think it is more than one person using the same sock account.  But who knows. They like to mix it up, a little Facebook foreplay.  After all in this case I think I can safely say the couple that preys together, stays together.  In the end does it really matter who Charles really is?  I don’t think so.  It is the acts, the words, and the how’s and why’s that matter.  After all — Charles isn’t real.  Charles is a sock puppet.

A small sampling of Charles’ posts.  See if you can figure out who is playing Charles.  This could be sheer coincidence.







Do you really care who Charles is or do you care what Charles does?
The motivation is interesting to say the least.

Courtesy of “the Nefarious Please”




Mothering? Is That What She Calls It?


Even when Nicole posts articles about parenting that she thinks will bolster her carefully crafted image of “Mother of the Year”, she is so disconnected from reality that she does not see that the articles invariably show her up as a failure.

Fun fact:  they did win the Ranker contest for “Absolute Worst Parents of the Year 2015”.

imageTake the above article Nicole posted from Renegade Mothering.  If you just skim Nicole’s post you can almost hear Nicole patting herself on the back and telling herself, and you, that she is perfectly justified in her abject failure as a mother.  Then you open the article and read it, something Nicole has admitted she rarely, if ever, does.

She should have read it.  The blog authoress lays out just what her responsibilities as a mother are.


Let us compare these responsibilities to Nicole’s reality.


If by provide for you mean beg, borrow and steal, then Joe and Nicole have got this one.

Begging seems to be a way of life with these two.  Everyone is probably familiar with the viral big payday.  I believe this one brought in close to $45,000.

Fun fact: doesn’t appear that they adhered to the below list of expenditures for that money, but hey, they will tell you, it’s none of your business how they spent your hard earned cash.  Sadly, they are right.  They can pretty much tell you whatever story they think will milk the most money from you, and then do what they want.  It’s become an ever increasing problem with unregulated personal charitable donations.

imageYou didn’t think there was just one GoFundMe did you?  There are, have been, and will probably continue to be all kinds of ways for them to get that last dollar from your pocket.  They have been at this for so long, there are so many examples to choose from, I could only include a small percentage.

imageLookee here.  They can even get other people to raise funds for them.  Their dear online friend, fellow Voluntaryist, spokesperson and all around swell guy, Pace Ellsworth, has been very active in both their cause, their fundraising and even her business.  Even on his business page he is asking for donations for them to “pay off their land”.

image“Send us more money.”  What?  You feel uncomfortable sending strangers money?  Not a problem, they take goods too.  They are not going to sit idly by and let that whole vast untapped market of potential donors pass them by.  No siree.image They have even mastered the art of subtle begging.  Child’s birthday?  Or maybe the child is just feeling blue?  This cute book would make him so happy.  Just click the little picture and it will bring you straight to a wish list of hundreds of things Nicole and the kids want.  They did a similar subtle beg for seeds when posting photographs of the children working hard on the garden meant to sustain the poor dears, but how many photographs can I post in one blog post.
image Why bless her heart, as if anyone could stop this juggernaut of online begging.  It appears to be the only full time continuous profession they work. It also appears as if some force has hindered their recent money flow from strangers on the Internet.
image Cash, Bitcoin, goods, repurposed whatever, they will gladly accept it all.    Fun fact: this is before the children were removed.  This is self sustained living off the grid at its finest according to Nicole and Joe.

image  Hey, even a dollar.  You’re a stranger?  No problem, just say you are a friend or family so they can squeeze every penny out of this.

imageAs regards “borrow” or steal please see the previous post about water.  Like a bad neighbor, the Nauglers are there, helping themselves to your water and who knows what else.

Fun Fact:  Pace Ellsworth also set up a donation page after the birth of the last baby for baby stuff and additional insulation for the shop.


Nurture is a more subjective concept, hard to quantify with photographs.  So just let me leave this photograph here.  Almost all the children are sick with food poisoning, well that is what Nicole wrote.  Luckily one or two of the children didn’t eat the rancid pancakes and are not sick so they can nurse the sick ones laying outside on the ground, and bring them water.  The goats help too, I suppose they are eating up the vomit?  Nicole is too busy taking photographs and writing about how this will teach the kids to ask her before they eat something.

Fun fact: Nicole actually claims to have cooked that day.  Pancakes, that Nicole says made the children ill.



There is nothing as luxurious as putting on nice clean clothes straight from the dryer.  This is not like that.  Not even close.
image image Fun Fact:  Nicole advertised a clothes swap on her pages.

image Bonus, you even get to write your name on your very own dirty laundry basket that holds your supposedly clean clothes.




Joe and Nicole haven’t been very successful in the grow your own food department.  They rely on the children to plan, build, plant and care for the garden with little to no guidance, because “unschooling”.  Let’s face it, starvation is a mighty motivator.  For a more in depth look at the issue, click here.

Animal husbandry, another failed endeavor.  There have been photographs and posts about rabbits and chickens.  A few photographs here and there of newly hatched chicks.  Followed by posts about how the rabbits and chickens have been eaten by their dogs, again.  So many plans, so little execution of those plans, nor for that matter, success.  The goats?  There is a separate blog post for them too.

Fun fact:  Joe and Nicole sneak off for fast food.

First let’s take a peek at Joe and Nicole’s custom kitchen.  Talk about well thought out and executed facilities.  Isn’t it Pinterest worthy?  It gets better.  Remember Nicole doesn’t like to cook, so rarely, if ever — does.  Joe seems to whip up a can of chili every once in a blue moon.  The children do the majority of the cooking in this rugged outdoor kitchen.  Even the littles have been photographed sweating and cooking over this lovely open fire pit of potential explosion.

image Here is an example of one of the meals cooked for the family by the children.  They’re just children so cut them some slack.  It’s not like their mother is teaching them or anything, you know, that unschooling thing again.

imagePlus there is only so much you can magically wizard into edible food when all you have is botulism in an unidentified can.

imageIt could be worse.  After all they do have a wide assortment of mystery cans to choose from. Thank goodness for the free food pantry and the kindness of strangers.



I have no words, but I don’t need any.  As they say, every picture tells a story.

Fun fact:  only Joe and Nicole had a mattress, the children got plywood.  They also got mud for Christmas.



Joe and Nicole throw around words and concepts such as homeschooling and unschooling.  Taking the children to the shop to wash dogs, unschooling lesson.  Having a child do the books for the business, unschooling.  Ordering things from a business catalog, yup, more unschooling.  Building a doorless hut for the shit buckets, you’ve got it, unschooling.

If you glance at this post, it almost looks impressive.

Then you look at it a little closer.  Nicole can’t tell you how the children learned to read or to do math?  No, I suppose parenting isn’t hard at all, if you’re not actually doing it.  The really frightening thing about this post though, doesn’t have to do with education, it has to do with problem resolution.  Nicole handles it the same way she does with a friend or neighbor.  I’m just leaving that be for right now.  Future blog posts will enlighten everyone as to why I find this so chilling.


Well, there you go.  She doesn’t teach them to read because she finds it can’t be taught.


Well, she did notice this child could read.  Of course she did.  The child was reading her Facebook comments, something extremely necessary to Nicole’s very survival and validation.  How excited Nicole must have been, another fan.


Don’t be too alarmed.  See, her children can write.  She had them write the state on why they don’t need no stinking education.  Well, okay, not exactly compose it, they copied it from the HSLDA.  Extra bonus points, Nicole did throw in a little unschooling lesson about screwing the man.


Fun Fact: Joe and Nicole aren’t too well versed in spelling, grammar or punctuation.  Same goes for math, history, politics, etc… Joe also claims to have earned an AA from the University of Phoenix and to have done in depth studies in psychology that have been rejected by the mainstream, because, oh screw it even I can’t type this with a straight face, he’s a controversial genius.


I haven’t written much about Joe and his parenting skills.  That would be because Joe just doesn’t appear to do much.  Fatherhood, I suspect everyone will agree, is more than being a sperm donor then retiring to sit on your ass getting high and watching your children do all the work.  I have heard from several reliable first hand witnesses that he does scream orders at the children peppered with an occasional, some have said frequent, observation that they are “stupid fuckers”.  As to Joe’s eldest son, Joe’s rights were terminated, which is no easy feat.  That young man has publicly stated that Joe abused him physically, emotionally and sexually.  That young man is grown now, and Joe still hasn’t paid off his back due child support for the short time he was obligated to support the child.  Meh, I don’t see Joe getting father of the year anytime soon, unless the award is for quantity and not quality of parenting.

The Renegade Mothering blog writer ends her post with this advice.  You shouldn’t care, unless of course, you rely on the kindness of strangers to financially support all your poor decisions, abject failures and nearly a dozen children.

imageBrought to you by the “Nefarious Please”.


Nicole Not a crime

Well, there we have it. Right from the horse’s mouth.

It’s not a crime for people not to like her.

We’re just delighted that you are acknowledging that, Nicole.  It’s not a crime not to like you. It’s not stalking, or harassment, or any of those things. It’s not a crime.

It’s also not a crime to say that, right out loud, on Facebook, or on a blog.

So I will.

I don’t like you.


Not responsible

Today was a special day for Joe. It’s his birthday.  Happy Birthday.

Unfortunately, part of that special day was spent in a special place.

The courtroom.

Wait? What happened? You can read about it here.

We’ve already discussed the goats.  There were further developments later as well.

For those readers that are unfamiliar with how things really work in the country and community — occasionally livestock create issues. Very occasionally. Rarely in fact. Sure. It happens. Critters get out. Gates get left open, even good fences fail –occasionally and rarely. When livestock get out, you drop everything you’re doing and you contain them. Neighbors pitch in and work together. We laugh it off and if there was in fact any damage done, we make it right.

That’s how responsible, conscientious, honest homesteaders do things. Because we know that next time, it could be our livestock that gets out and we want to cause minimal impact on rural relationships based on common trust and understanding.

Most farmers and homesteaders are decent, hardworking, honest people. Just the title “homesteader” tends to make most folk envision peaceful country settings where hard work and clean living reigns. That same mental image plays well as a facade if you’re trying to convince people to assume you’re one of those honest, hardworking, clean living homesteaders. Plays well on big hearts.

Like money making sticks on a kettle drum.

Homesteading entails responsibility and accountability to your animals AND your neighbors.

Think about this for a brief second.

What does it take to actually get law enforcement involved? It only happens in the rarest of circumstances. An individual has to ignore repeated warnings, has to blow off myriad reminders, has to basically not give a shit what their livestock is doing to the neighbors.  It’s extremely rare and it takes a special kind of irresponsible or incompetent wannabe “homesteader” to make this kind of thing happen.

A decent person accepts responsibility. A decent person owns his or her actions and makes things right.

A truly decent person would have admitted fault after being charged. But hey, that’s not what this birthday blog is about. It is after all Joe’s birthday, let’s cut him some slack.

He pled “Not guilty”. Basically the same as saying “This isn’t my fault, I am innocent, I didn’t allow my livestock to run free, I am not completely oblivious to the hard work involved with responsible animal husbandry, I am being charged for something I did not do. I am not guilty

He’ll probably get a deferment. Probably skate out of this and chuckle. But here’s the deal; he’s in court on his birthday for repeatedly being an irresponsible and inept owner of livestock.  He may evade legal issues, but he won’t drink a Red Bull, grow wings and bullshit his way out of community opinion.

Why? Because we know. We see it. And they are proud to advertise their complete lack of actual animal husbandry skills.

Let’s look at this from a chronological standpoint. Let’s see if Joe and Nicole can’t explain their methodology. We can’t make this shit up.

Back in March of 2013 they admit that they are tying the goats up. That’s not really “free range”, but hey, it keeps them from straying. It’s also a great way to come home to a dead goat that has strangled itself at the end of a tie out.
Capture11Welp, that must not have worked. Seems they gave them free rein again. And . . . 20+ acres of yummy grass? (forget the trash, the demolished mobile homes, the forest, the pine trees, the roads . . . 20 acres of pasture in the wilderness)
Capture13Gah! That didn’t work either. Letting them run free causes issues. Whoduh thunk it? I wonder what these “barriers” were?
Capture14OK. OK. They’ve got this. They’ve got everything fenced. They have gates. They’re figuring this stuff out. And as an added bonus, they’re keeping CPS out too. Not that they’ve ever had problems.
Capture4Well shit. Maybe not. Sigh. What a tangled web they weave. Maybe they should weave fences instead?
Capture8OK, maybe they did weave something. A corral? Nothing wrong with a holding pen. If it’s used to hold. “Free range” however kinda negates that. Which is it?  Who knows. Maybe they corralled them to milk them?
Capture15OK, maybe they’re actually trying here. This was from a video on the blessed little homestead page. By the way, REAL homesteaders understand that LGD’s  and their mutt crosses should never be used to drive livestock. Unless of course, you want them to rid you of your livestock. But hey, she’s a dog groomer. She knows dogs.
Capture16Screw that penning and corraling and tying them out stuff. Gah, that stuff is work.  Let them figure it out. They’ll find a place to crash at night . . . when it snows.

Well that stuff doesn’t work either. Maybe Joe is a slow learner? Kinda special? Here we go again.  I thought they already did that? June last year?
Capture10Sigh. Never mind. I wonder WHERE they’re foraging? Maybe the neighbor’s soybean fields? His landscaping? Fly that free range banner baby! (cheaper than feeding them)
Capture7What happened to the fences and gates from 2 years ago? Did the goats eat them while foraging? At least they’re not dropping milk duds in the kitchen any more.
This is getting confusing. But I can begin to understand why Joe got his birthday present.

Capture17“Not Guilty”

Yeah. Right.

Happy Birthday Joe.


“Tall Strong Fences”

Capture3Capture18 Capture19 Capture20

This installment brought to you by “The Nefarious Please”

Sacred or Profane


It is hard for me to reconcile the above post that Joe made on Nicole’s public page with the “faith driven”  Mormon family man he claims to be.

After all the Bible plays a “vital role” within the Church of Latter Day Saints.

The Nauglers craft the appearance of being Godly people.

Capture Joseph claims to be a saint and a radical rational hippie Mormon.

imageCaptureAt other times, the image projected is far less Godly.  The constant use of profanity we are told by Nicole is no big deal and does not make them less Godly, and anyway “who are we to judge?”.  I am not judging.  I am simply stating that I, personally, cannot reconcile the constant use of profanity with the faith driven image they would have me believe.  It impacts their credibility.

Perhaps he’s really making these “small, steady, incremental improvements“? The kind listed below in one of his G rated posts? I wonder what he’d really like to post. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’s on that reverent path. Preparing to walk guiltless. Waving the “C word banner” and dropping “repentant F bombs”.
CaptureBecause . . . integrity? Seems we have different opinions.
CaptureI think hubris can often be seen to bleed over into his religious views and holdings.  He often calls for mercy on himself, while rarely giving it to others.
CaptureHe seems to have a few bones to pick with the members of the Church of Latter Day Saints and his perception that they are “statists”.  That they do not see as clearly as he does.
CaptureOf course, Joe’s vision has been “enhanced” with “herbal supplements” causing him to have “great revelations and insights”.
CaptureBut wait, Joe sees “Satan’s influence” on others who have “been called as seers and revelations”. Joe finds following “the prophet insidious”.  Maybe Joe just wants everyone to know, that although he himself claims revelations, he has a much better understanding and insight into God than they do.
CaptureAfter all it is all about the individual.  A statement which I feel sums up the entirety of Joe’s very self obsessed philosophy.
CaptureWhen the Nauglers first came to live in Kentucky they relied on the kindness and open hearts of the Church of Latter Day Saints.  While the below statement by Nicole may have been true by 2015 the Nauglers, after moving from ward to ward in different stakes, had long worn out their welcome.

The Nauglers are loathe to discuss it much, but this has not stopped them from publicly naming and shaming ward members on their public postings.  I will not share those here.  I will not be a party to the Naugler’s biting the hands that literally fed them for years.
CapturePerhaps, someone should ask Joe if their Temple Recommends were revoked.  All I can say, is – don’t expect a straight answer from either of them.image As I wrote earlier, Joe and Nicole often invoke mercy for themselves, but are far from willing to extend it to others.

The Naugler’s words and actions are far too often at odds with the image that they have carefully crafted.
CaptureCaptureCapturePerhaps instead of just publishing the good works and words of others, Joe could begin to practice what he preaches.  It is not enough to self-proclaim yourself a saint and a man of God.  It is not enough that Joe proclaims that the spirit has moved him to do the things he does (some of which are not good deeds in the slightest).   I think, for people to take you seriously, you need to walk the walk and talk the talk.
CaptureI believe that Joe thinks he is a faith driven man.  The problem I believe lies in Joe’s uniquely self absorbed and grandiose views of himself and his place in the world.  It would seem that Joe is consumed with a false impression of his own importance, that he knows best when it comes to just about everything, including his special relationship with God.

He may lightly lay the mantle of one religion or another over his shoulders, but he does not adhere to any teachings that he doesn’t feel like adhering to.  He does as his “spirit” tells him, often invoking this spirit to justify otherwise unjustifiable actions towards others.  It would appear that he does not believe that he serves God, but that his God serves him.  He may have been criminally convicted any number of times, lost parental rights to his child, bully and threaten those he deems weaker than himself, engage in behavior that demeans others both online and off, not provide for his family, or any number of heinous things, but it is all just dandy.  Joe tells us so over and over again, and if we don’t believe him, no worries his spirits have his back, and you’re just a cunt.

Hubris.  Pride.  To quote one of Joe’s favorites — Ezra Taft Benson
CaptureCherry picking right and wrong and who it applies to seems to be a subjective art here huh?

This installment brought to you by “The nefarious Please”

Do You Think It Is Funny?

The ingredients that make up humor are hard to pin down.  What one person finds funny, another may not.  What we do know about humor is that it is often a way to alleviate fear and anxiety.  Humor disengages fear because it changes your perspective of the topic being joked about.

You can know a lot about a person by the jokes they tell.  Jokes often carry hidden meaning for the person telling the joke, whether they are consciously aware of it or not.  Too often, jokes are a way for a person to assert their feelings of superiority over others.
CaptureCaptureWhat does it say about a man who publicly posts jokes about eating pets? Who finds the idea of “it tastes like cat” or “deep fried puppies” to be humorous?  It is particularly interesting when such jokes are made by a man who relies on his wife to support both himself and their large family.  When the wife in question is a successful pet groomer.

I may not know the answers to those questions, but there is one thing I do know.  If you have to explain the joke, then you have failed to be funny.

This installment brought to you by “The Nefarious Please”


personal space

It’s all about personal space.  Everyone has some and nobody can disrupt anyone else’s space. That’s the rule.

Isn’t that nice?  It’s all civilized and orderly.  And there’s no unnecessary clutter.  Everyone just keeps track of his own stuff and his own personal space and it’s just great.

They teach their children to honor those personal spaces by example, of course. The children mimic their parents.

with trash

And what they learn is that “personal space” is nonexistent when it comes to other people.  You know, like the neighbors who ask  the Nauglers to please get their goats off their property so they will quit eating all the stuff the neighbor is trying to grow.

so damn dumb

But, of course, the Naugler’s goats are “free-range” and that means no fences, no matter what.  You don’t fence in the goats, ever.  You fence in the garden.  Right.  How could “the people on TRTATN” be so damned dumb?


What do you suppose the children will learn about personal space from this?


specific docket
click image to link

Just for those who might ask, the law in Kentucky refers to “cattle,” but the same law applies to all farm livestock. Like goats.

And please note this. The Nauglers have been told repeatedly that they needed to keep their goats at home and made either half-assed attempts to tie up the goats (that’s why we’ve been seeing jerry-rigged “collars” on them) or just ignored the requests.

Joe must just love seeing his name on the court docket.


Sweeping Generalizations

offensive FB page

I want to make a statement about this, just for the record.

I do not know who runs this page (or maybe ran, as I’m hoping it is down by the time I publish this). However, as soon as the offensive posting, which I am not going to share, and photograph, which I cropped, were sent to me, I did everything in my power to find out who was responsible and make sure that every effort was made to take this page down pronto.

One reason that I started this blog in the first place was because of this sort of crap.

It’s bullshit when it comes from Nicole (calling my son a “dead junkie”), and it’s bullshit when it comes from Joe (coming to my Facebook page uninvited for no other reason than to intimidate me because I dared criticize him), and it’s bullshit when it comes from a critic (whoever this lunatic is).

The person who did this is just as bad as Nicole and Joe.  Every bit as bad.

Here’s Nicole’s take on it.


“These people.”

“They have done everything they can. . .”

“They were going. . .”

“They didn’t . . .”

“They didn’t get . . .”

Who, exactly is “they”?

veiled threat

And maybe Nicole needs to re-read this.

She has been playing with fire. She insists that she isn’t “running any of the pages and profiles,” but when the tables get turned, she lumps every critic in a big huge They and blasts away.

I sort of understand. When you don’t know, when somebody is poking at you and you can’t see the face of the attacker and it’s coming from all directions, you just tend to lump it all together.

That’s how I feel about the love letters. They are all from Joe and Nicole. Doesn’t matter to me who actually wrote them. Nicole has admitted to one of them, and the others followed the same pattern, so that’s enough for me.

The way you can stop this sort of thing, Nicole, is to stand up and say “NO” to fakes like Charles Smyth and Ben Franklin and supporters who say horrible things about the critics.  Ban those fakes. Stop your supporters (like Naomi and her garbage). Quit writing anonymous notes to people telling them that their son is a “dead junkie.”  Just stop it.

I assure you that nobody will ever be allowed to come over here and write the kind of crap about your business that was on that Facebook page, ever. And I don’t have to make ridiculous threats implying violence.


I published this less than three hours ago. This is the response.


First, what exactly do you think you’re doing to me by sharing my photo? It’s a nice photo of me and Dave in Alaska snowshoeing with friends. It was 6 degrees that day, I remember, and we stopped just long enough to snap that picture because we had to keep moving to keep from freezing. We were on a trail in the huge wildlife preserve located south of Anchorage and north of where we lived in Cooper Landing.

Dave and I have been lots of places.  We’re going to go lots more places. We have been able to do that because we are financially responsible and didn’t have more children than we could afford.  Jealous, much?

I like the photo. I don’t give a rat’s ass who sees it.

And regarding the “shut down” thing, the answer is simply “no.”  The difference between me and Nicole is that I don’t give a flying fuck if they talk about me.  I really don’t even care that Nicole called my son a “dead junkie.” That says a whole lot about her and nothing at all about either Nathan or me.  And I get to advertise the music every time she does shit like that.

And my other blog has nothing to do with any of this.  I’ll handle it, thanks very much.

But you see, this is the sort of thing “they” do.  And by “they,” I mean Joe, Nicole, their older children and their lunatic supporters.

Real Life

I am going to be tied up with Real Life for the next few weeks. As a result, I won’t be able to keep up with this blog like I’d wish.

However, I have been rescued by a very capable set of volunteers.  They are calling themselves “The Nefarious Please.”

They will be blogging and moderating in my  absence.  Please be kind to them.

The rules remain the same.

No discussion (except in a very general vague sense) about Nicole’s business. No speculation as to the state of that business. I want her to succeed. I do not want to do anything to jeopardize that success.

No photos of the children without their faces blurred (and only use a photo of a child if it’s necessary for commentary). Typically I try to either pick a photo without children in it, or one with their backs to the camera or crop the kids out.

No use of the children’s names, please.

nathan admission

You see, I am more conscious of Nicole’s children and their personal space and privacy than she is.  And certainly I am much nicer about it than she is about my child.

But there is one thing about me.  I never, ever, ever forget.

Play nice while I’m tied up elsewhere. I will be watching even if I’m silent.

Do You Think We’re All Deaf?

BLH post

I removed the photo of the vid because it shows a child’s face and uses his name. The link is there if you want to laboriously copy it, or conversely, you can visit the BLH Facebook page and link from there.

It’s all cute and sweet (I suppose—I actually didn’t watch it), but what struck me was this sentence:

I think I will add it back to our routine.


What about this?


Notice the whole emphasis on choice?  Notice that the 11-year-old “creates his own structure”?

. . . they all have the freedom to choose their own goals and guidelines.

What if the children do not want to learn ASL anymore?  What if they think it’s a completely useless skill considering that no one in their family is deaf and they aren’t really given any opportunity to interact with many other people?

Why is it cute and good and “I think I will add it back to our routine” when it comes to something like ASL, but hey, algebra is just useless because who uses that in real life?

How many times have you needed to know ASL?  I worked for years in hospital settings, and I had a far greater need to speak Spanish than to be able to communicate via ASL. Obviously, if one of the kids thought that he might want to work with deaf people as a career, then it might make sense to learn that particular skill, but she’s going to “add it back to our routine.”

Unschooling.  Ain’t it great?