Seizing our new-born infants,
Blighting their lives with pain;
Filling their veins with poison,
Tainting each tender brain

The Anti-Compulsory Vaccination Hymn

Of all the nutty ideas that Nicole and Joe embrace (and they never met much “woo” that they don’t like), their anti-vaccination stance may be the worst.

I am well aware that there is an anti-vax movement in America today. There has been an anti-vax segment of the population pretty much as long as there have been vaccines available, so it’s nothing new. (Read about it at the link to the “hymn” that I quoted.)

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Nicole wrote a nice little article about her reasons for being anti-vax. The image above links there, so you can go read it if you wish. I’m going to quote from it a bit.

My family sees a Naturopathic Doctor, (Dr, Shelley Bluett), who has the same amount of yrs of education as a MD.

Well, I know a woman who has a doctorate in Rhetoric, which means she has the same amount of years of education as an MD.  That doesn’t make her a medical doctor.

A naturopath is not a medical doctor. She can put “Dr.” in front of her name, but she’s not a medical doctor.

Therefore she received the typical round of antibiotics used to treat her supposed Pneumonia (which was not even cultured or confirmed).

They do not have culture pneumonia to know it’s pneumonia. It has a distinctive sound, something Nicole would know if she bothered to ask or had ever listened to a patient’s chest who had it.

Even when my daughter had chicken pox…she recovered quickly with only about 20 pox total and felt absolutely fine…as if she wasn’t sick at all

How nice for her.  I wonder how many people caught it from the daughter and weren’t so lucky.

complications chicken pox

Both my children are on preventive supplements for when I take out into the public. . .

There is no such thing as a “preventative supplement.”

Being a pro-life Christian I cannot in good conscience inject Human Diploid cells from aborted fetus cells into my children.

You’re lucky, since vaccines do not contain any such thing.

human diploid cells
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From Steven Novella (a really good guy to follow if you’re interested in science and medicine), we have the above explanation in fairly simply language.

And Nicole goes on and on with this sort of thing, listing all her fears.  Most of them are groundless.  In addition, almost the entirety of her “article” is made up of cut-and-paste stuff, gleaned from anti-vax websites.

Rather than bore you all silly with a step-by-step refutation of her claims, here’s a good article written by a real doctor going through the mythology, point-by-point, complete with lovely linkies.

One of the most important points the man makes in that article is likely to be overlooked by most people, and that’s #16, “I use PubMed to do my vaccine research.” Nicole doesn’t cite PubMed, but she does cite more than a few abstracts.  The problem with abstracts (short summaries of the research) is that they aren’t the whole thing.  They’re intended to help professionals find articles that they wish to peruse, not to provide the average person with definitive research results.

But here’s why Nicole’s position on this subject is both dangerous and irresponsible.

head wound
from Blessed Little Homestead – click image to link

I will write later about the whole idea of treating that wound at home, but the subject here is immunization, not laceration.

Specifically, tetanus.

Nicole’s children have not been vaccinated for anything.  That means they have never had tetanus shots, nor did this child get a booster after this injury.

I’m quite sure Nicole has never seen a case of tetanus.  Most people haven’t. Frankly, most medical professionals haven’t.  I, however, have.

Most of the time, patients came and went and I barely remember their having been there two weeks after the fact, but sometimes a patient was simply memorable.  This lady was one of those.

She was a young woman who walked out her back door one summer day while barefoot. The screen door hit her leg/ankle and cut it.  It wasn’t a scratch.  It was a relatively deep cut.  Not as severe as the child’s head pictured above, but still, a good cut.

She cleaned the wound, bandaged it, and a few days later came to us.

She had tetanus.

clostridium tetani
Clostridium tetani – courtesy CDC

She and I were about the same age.  She was healthy.  She’d had no medical history to speak of, no serious illnesses.  She was simply a healthy young woman who was negligent about preventative medicine—she had never had a tetanus shot—and unlucky when that screen door hit her ankle.

I am now an old woman and I have never forgotten my week with her. She never got to become an old woman, because she died after a week of agony.

I remember that the whole thing so unnerved me that I got some tetanus antitoxin and brought it home and gave Dave the whole series.  Everyone that worked in our ICU unit got booster shots just because we were so freaked out.  The room had to be kept very dark and very quiet. We tiptoed in and out. The least sound or light would cause her to go into seizures.

tetanus patient
Opisthotonos (a type of seizure) seen in a patient with tetanus – photo courtesy CDC

Not everyone dies of tetanus. The majority survive, although the experience is not a pleasant one, and recovery can take a very long time.

However, those who die are chiefly those who were never vaccinated, and most people survive the disease today because most people have had at least the childhood series of shots and have some immunity (hence they don’t get as severe a case as my patient had).

It’s not about a “strong immune system.”  It’s not about a “healthy diet.”  My patient was young, and strong and basically  healthy.  It’s about an anaerobic bacteria, Clostridium tetani, that is present in soil, in dust, and in farm yard manure (like goat and chicken manure).  That bacteria gets into a wound like the head wound pictured above, and burrows down where there is no oxygen and thrives there.  No amount of “strong immune system” or “healthy diet” will do anything to stop it.  And there is no such thing as a “preventative supplement.”  You stop Clostridium tetani by getting a series of vaccinations in your youth and by having booster shots as needed.

I believe strongly that parents who refuse to vaccinate their children should be cited for not doing so.  I also believe that any parent whose un-vaccinated child contracts a preventable disease and dies from it should be charged with manslaughter.

The anti-vax movement has taken on a quasi-religious tone.  It’s rooted in a broader anti-science mentality, and once people embrace that, it’s difficult to dislodge. Evidence doesn’t seem to help particularly because the true believers are only looking to validate their own ideas.


My patient who died was an adult. She was responsible for her own health.  The Naugler children are helpless victims of their own parents’ lunacy, negligence and irresponsibility.



Are You Really There?

Are you really there?
Are you just a dream?
I thought you were in there somewhere, hiding from me,
Hiding from the world.

Nathan Davis, Untitled #2

keyboard warriors

‘Cause talking shit in person is too dangerous.

What follows here are excerpts from a conversation Joe Naugler had with Al Wilson. It’s a very long convo which took place over several weeks. I’ve tried to include the pertinent parts but not the whole thing because of the sheer length.

beginning 1

It began here when Joe sent Al a friend request.  Joe is a peacemaker.  He desires greatly to get to know Al better.

beginning 2

As you can see by the dates, there’s a gap. There is bunch of stuff, back and forth, that I omitted for brevity’s sake, but things began to heat up a bit when Joe made the now-infamous trip to Al’s farm and stopped to take a gander at Al’s daughter.

Please note that Joe says they stopped. This confirms Al’s daughter’s account, but Joe has often contradicted himself, asserting that they only slowed down.

Al 2

Al 3

So Al, in the interest of being up front about the whole thing, and obviously not afraid of meeting Joe in person, suggests that they do just that.  He makes it clear in what he says that Joe cannot bully him.  Joe can’t pull the shit he pulled on the other neighbor over the water because Al is not going to tolerate it.

And Joe insists that he’s a “super friendly guy” but “indifferent.”

We should totally make Joe Naugler Secretary of State.  He’s just got the touch for dealing with a hostile situation.  First, make all sorts of accusations, and then agree to have a meal and discuss stuff.  Super.

First though, he probably needs a good English course since he cannot spell and has trouble with coherent sentences. What in the world is “my god willing way of life”?

But anyway, Joe wants to meet for a meal, on Wednesday.  He’s available then. He’s not available any other time because he’s so busy with his job.

Wait.  No.  Anyway.

Al 1

So, it’s on.  Al suggested it. Joe agreed ’cause he’s a super friendly guy. Detente shall surely follow.

Joe 2

More from Joe, including a valiant attempt to placate Al with an assertion that Joe is only having the conversation out of curiosity.  That’s going to make for solid ground to form an understanding when they meet, I’m sure.

The highlighted part illustrates part of why my husband was concerned about me doing this blog.  Joe thinks this is really nothing, not even worth mentioning (only he mentions it).  But you know what?  If you do a search for my criminal record, or my husband’s criminal record, you know what you will find?


And then comes the little sermonette. Screw your religion, Joe.  The church you claim to believe in doesn’t even want you.

Joe 3

. . . yes, I did call them cunts. . .

And then he has the temerity to say that’s why she became so “vile.”

No wonder he took a plea.

All of which are saved.

Right.  Something like the video of the vehicular assault, showing the neighbor’s daughter clearly admitting that she rammed the Naugler van on purpose for Reasons.

. . . we went to work.

Oddly, we cannot tell.  Why can’t we tell? They’ve been there two years and we can’t tell.

. . . testified to the awesomeness I profess to be.

The poor judge had a headache, I’m sure, confronted with that awesomeness.

Joe 4

So going by somebody’s house, and slowing down (and in Joe’s case, stopping) and having a bit of a look is not a crime.  Glad to know that.  Then quit bitching about people going by the Blessed Little Dump.

I am looking forward a finding common grounds of understanding.

That’s JoeSpeak, of course, but it means he’s going to be there Wednesday for breakfast.


And when Al arrived at the appointed time and at the appointed place, here is what he found.

empty seat

Sometime later, Joe came over to my wall because he found my photo of an injured chicken to be threatening and starting yammering about lawsuits.  During that conversation, all of which is posted here, he made this comment when asked about his no-show.


No. Al didn’t not ask Joe to meet after school at 3 o’clock. He asked him to have breakfast with him on Wednesday at 7:30, the day Joe said he was free to meet with Al.

Al was there.

Joe was not.

I guess it was just too “dangerous” to “talk shit in person,” and Joe finds being a keyboard warrior more to his liking.




During my younger years, when Nathan was busy being born and being a young child, we were very religious.  We attended a church I refer to now as the “Fundy Church From Hell.”  It was one of those fairly common, typical fundamentalist Christian churches, complete with a Christian school where Nathan was educated.


When he was a teenager, we had a bit of an epiphany and left the church.

Just prior to that time, and for a while afterwards, we got some anonymous letters.  There was no internet in those days, so these came via the US mail. Some were postcards.  Some were in envelopes.  The two different types made it fairly obvious that they came from two different people.

We later identified one of them as Dave’s boss (elder of the church) by tracing the typewriter he used to write them to his office. Those just poked general jabs at us. He didn’t like it that Dave grew a beard, for example. His wife totally misinterpreted a remark made by toddler Nathan at a baby shower and told her husband who wrote to us about it.  Dumb stuff. And he later on did it to other people, including other employees, and ultimately lost his job as a result.

The second person was taunting us just prior to us leaving the church and in the immediate aftermath.  You have to understand that leaving the Fundy Church From Hell was just not done.  It was tantamount to spitting in the face of Jesus.  They did not take it well.

We didn’t make a big scene when we left. We just walked out the door one Sunday and never went back, but it was still seen as a threat of some sort, so somebody retaliated with nasty letters.

I didn’t even see most of those, because Dave intercepted them at the mailbox and destroyed them.


We never knew who sent them.

It has been more than 20 years and we still wonder sometimes.  We speculate about it, idly.  There is a list of suspects and I think our letter writer is on The List, but we’ll never know for sure.  However, occasionally, we wonder. And on that list of suspects are some perfectly innocent people.  We just don’t know which ones they are.

That is the nature of anonymity.

It casts suspicion all over the place. You make these mental lists of possible suspects. It affects your relationship with each of those folks. Even when/if you find out who the real culprit is, you’ve already gone through the mental gymnastics of analyzing the character of all the other people on your list and determined that they might have done it, hence their inclusion, and from that point forward, your relationship is tainted.

We didn’t get these for very long. Somebody else left the church and they went after those people instead of us.  And there were only a few of them. But that was enough to come up with The List.

I hate anonymity.

That experience is the reason that I have no fake Facebook profiles. I’ve never made a sock puppet. I’ve gone into the very valid reasons why my husband was a little concerned when this blog went up.

Nicole dismisses that with this.

better be glad

I haven’t ever accused him of any such thing. What I said was that my husband was concerned because it’s a fact that Joe Naugler has a criminal record and served jail time for what Kentucky calls “menacing.”  Nicole might think that means nothing, but to my husband, it means plenty.

Oddly she goes on to post this about three hours later.

tread lightly

I don’t “really get into TV shows” either, and have never watched Breaking Bad.  I didn’t even bother watching this until somebody told me I probably should. So I did, and I got the message, Nicole.

My husband was right, of course, to be at least mildly concerned.

So that’s why I made a half-hearted stab at anonymity. I knew it wouldn’t last and in fact, wanted to end it long before I did, but continued only because I was getting the love letters pretty regularly and didn’t want to stop them. It was a nice collection.

But what happens with anonymity is that because you don’t know who sent the letter, you come up with your own List.  You’re basically blaming everyone on The List for writing the letter.

It’s not fair, of course. Nor is it reasonable. But it’s what happens.

This is the reason that Nicole has a habit of calling anyone who criticizes her a “troll.” There have been so many fake identities and sock puppets that it just turns into a Big List and they are all a collective they. So one fake person says X, and another fake person says Y, and in her mind, every person who is opposed to her in the slightest way is guilty of X and Y.

And of course, she lumps me in as well.  I made The List early on, under my real name (which is the only name they’ve ever had for me because it’s the only name I use).  There were 55 of us on The List.  The Naugler Enemy List.

And she’s been lashing out wildly, flailing around fruitlessly,  trying to take out the people on The List.

And on the other side there is the whole list of Naugler fakes. “Jack Schitt,” for example.

It’s a mess. It drives me crazy. I wish it didn’t exist. I understand why people do it. I know that being taunted because your child died isn’t fun and doesn’t feel good, and I totally get the desire to lash back, and if it takes using a sock puppet to do the lashing, well. . .

I also know that there are very real concerns that equal or exceed my husband’s concern about Joe Naugler’s criminal record. People have families that are vulnerable. They are employed and don’t want trouble at their workplace. The Nauglers have participated or encouraged or condoned that sort of thing right from the start.

It’s an interesting thing to me that Nicole raises holy hell about fake identities on her pages and bans them immediately.

fake trolls


It’s her page, of course, and her right to do so, but what I find sort of fascinating is this fake profile.


I’ll have much more to say about “Charles Smyth” later on, but he’s very much a fake and very much tolerated on Nicole’s pages.

He’s also very much her little sycophant.


Nicole has little conversations with “Charles.”  Nicole is very comfortable with “Charles.”  Too comfortable.

“Charles” functions a bit like a bouncer. “He” rushes to Nicole’s side whenever “he” thinks she is being threatened in some way by somebody who is disagreeing with her and he often does the “TROLL ALERT” thing like he’s this brilliant detective or maybe a Geiger counter.

So some fakes are fine. Others are not fine and are banned.

I strongly suspect the fakes that are fine are the ones that Nicole knows because she knows who the real person is behind them.  That or she is the real person behind them.

And that brings us back full circle.  When you use fakes, you create uncertainty not just about who around you might be guilty of doing a specific deed, but about yourself.  It works both ways.

And that’s why I don’t use fakes.

Nicole dead junkie

I included a copy of Nicole’s one comment (under her real name) here.

Jacob’s comment was denied, after I gave it a little thought, because he is underage.

And no, I don’t have balls, something you’ll just have to take my word about.  Nicole doesn’t either, something the whole world knows because she posts photos of her genitalia during childbirth.

Jacob’s comment put me between a rock and a hard place. If I had approved it, she would have howled and screamed that the resultant conversation was “attacking her underage children.” I knew that if I didn’t approve it, she would also howl. You know, it’s something like President Obama and the Republicans in Congress. I couldn’t do anything “right.”

Suppose there was a town with an average number of banks (dozens, I would presume), and let’s suppose that one of those banks got robbed on a day in July.


And the police came and interviewed the tellers and customers who were in the bank during the robbery and they all said that the guy (it was a man) wore a multi-colored crocheted face mask and was tall and thin.

In August, the same bank got robbed again by a tall, thin robber wearing a multi-colored crocheted face mask.

In September, ditto. And October.

By November, the bank manager and the police (who are admittedly a little slow here) start to see a pattern, so they lay a trap, and lo and behold, a tall, thin guy wearing a multi-colored crocheted face mask comes into the bank in November and tries to rob it.  But our clever cops and bank manager are prepared and catch him.

When they get him to the police station and take his statement, he admits to the attempted robbery, but insists that he didn’t have anything to do with the robberies in the previous four months.  Nothing. He is just plain innocent of them.  It was a different tall, thin man wearing a multi-colored crocheted face mask.

And anyone who suggests that he might be the culprit in all the robberies is “lying.”

You know how Nicole could exonerate herself from all the other “robberies”?  She could tell us who wrote them. She knows, of course.  Tell us the identity of the other tall, thin man wearing a multi-colored badly-crocheted face mask.