Large Family Woes

Nicole wants peace.  That’s what she said. She’s over it.  That’s what she said.

Only she’s monitoring every word posted everywhere.

A couple of pages posted a link to this.

mental health article
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The article, which is one of those types of articles reporting the findings of the “latest study,” is the sort of thing one should take with a huge grain of salt.  Remember that it’s the result of one study.  One study does not make for definitive science.

And some of what it says is pretty much common sense.

The researchers found that the more the children, the lesser is the investment of parents on each child, which is defined on the basis of time spent with children, home environment safety, affection and resources such as money, books and other materials. “If you are in a well-resourced family, some of these things do not apply,” Juhn said.

In other words, you run out of money.  You run out of time.

Just like it takes several boxes of macaroni and cheese to feed a family of 13, where it might only take one or two boxes to feed a family of three or four, less time means less time per child. And unlike boxes of mac and cheese, you can’t just buy more time.

The scientists, of course, took into consideration the fact that rich families have less problem with this because they can buy more books, or clothes, or food. (They cannot, of course, buy more hours in the day, but they can purchase help in the form of nannies.)

The same thing would hold true of a school. The more students per teacher, the worse the students tend to do academically.  Smaller classes, better outcomes.  That’s not a universal truth, of course—you find exceptions to almost anything—but generally it is a fact.

Anyway, that’s the gist of the study. Not really earth-shattering, but these websites have to have something new to post, so they glom onto anything that appears even slightly interesting to get people to click.

anti large Christian family

. . . anti-Christian, anti-large family propaganda.

Actually, no.  It isn’t.  It never even mentions religion at all.  Not once. And it’s not really “anti-large-family.”  It’s the result of a study and just presents some findings.  And as I said, it’s the sort of article one should take with a big grain of salt.

But this is what happens when you go on a tirade without even reading what you’re all pissed off about.

Tossing out the whole “anti-Christian” moniker is especially low.  That’s just red meat for Nicole’s little supporters.  OMG, the article doesn’t love Jesus.  Because, naturally, if  you’re interested in actual science, you can’t possibly be Christian, can you?

. . . ignorant, rude, disgusting, hateful, damaged goods. . .

Gee, that’s an interesting list.  I have not interacted with the Naugler children (knowingly) except for one, once, who tried to post here and I declined to allow him to do so.  His comment here was, in fact, sort of rude, and a bit profane, but I tossed him some slack because he’s a kid and was peeved.  He actually sounded like a teenager.  He blustered a bit about how great he is (probably because his folks keep telling him that he’s better than other kids his age).  But generally, he sounded like a kid.

Most of the photos of the children that I have seen show them dirty.  Dirty faces, hands, skin, clothing, surroundings. That’s not something I am making up. It’s simply a fact.  That might mean something and it might mean nothing.

And it remains to be seen if those kids are, in fact, ignorant.  My guess is that yes, they are and will be.  But it’s possible that I am totally wrong and one of them will become a nuclear physicist and come up with an alternative energy source that saves the planet. I wait with breathless anticipation.



Pages? What Pages?

veiled threat

I know.  It’s the same screen shot from the other page.  But I want to focus on a different couple of sentences.

I’m not running any of the pages and profiles you accuse as me.  In fact, I don’t even know who is.

Oh, Nicole. Your nose is gonna grow so long.

First, when Facebook removes your profile because you used a fake name—that’s your fault.

funny story

“I used a fake name. . .”

Well, yeah. And Facebook doesn’t allow that, Nicole. I know you get away with it a lot, but every now and then, they just clamp the hell down on you, don’t they?  Don’t blame that shit on anyone else.

Oh, and Joe is. . . well. . . weird.

You need some peace. Poor baby. I feel so bad for you.

You know how you can get some peace?  There’s an X up in the corner of your browser window.  Click on it.  Peace.

Nicole knows

Let’s see.  Who runs “Blessed Little Homestead”?  Whose back has “Donny” got?  Oh, yes.  Nicole’s.

But she has no idea who any of these people are.  It’s just a mystery. They have created a minimum of 40 pages all to defend her and she doesn’t know who they are.

Ben Teresa SS

So the back story here is sort of irrelevant. The short version is that Teresa Frogue posted a comment to the Blessed Little Homestead blog (Nicole’s blog) and took a screen shot of the comment awaiting moderation.  Nicole did not approve it because Nicole never approves anything but love and kisses.

The important thing to notice here is that after Teresa posted her screen shot of her own comment on her own page, “Ben Franklin” linked to it.

Remember Ben?  He’s one of the fakes on the other page.  He’s one of the fakes that Nicole has no idea about.  She just doesn’t bother even trying, don’t you know.  He loves her passionately, obviously, but she doesn’t even know who he is.

Only, when somebody else made a comment about that whole thing (“Ben” and Teresa and the unposted comment) on yet another page, Nicole knew all about it.

She not only knew all about it, she was outraged enough to send a private message to the somebody else because she was concerned about the “lies.”

PM Nicole

Don’t worry if you don’t understand the whole back story.  I didn’t, and had to get somebody to explain it to me.  It doesn’t matter. The important thing here is that Nicole is freely admitting just how closely she follows all this and just how involved she actually is in all these pages.

She tries to pretend that she’s above it all, and that somehow there are these faceless, nameless supporters who are gathering about her defending her like, well, a cloud of angels, but there aren’t. There is most likely Nicole, Joe, and maybe a couple of the kids. There might be one or two lunatic supporters who join in, but not many.

I’m over it.

That’s nice to hear.