Threats on Video

The video is here.  I snagged a copy. If she tries to take it down, it’s preserved.

I wanted to do a quick live video because of some things that happened today. I posted a story and made some comments about what happened in my case when the sheriff came to my house. It had nothing to do with, um, with the psycho stalker, the leeches that leeched on, it had nothing to do with them, but they shared the post and involved themselves in it as if it was about them.

I find this sort of fascinating. According to Nicole, I, along with Lisa, Al, and probably Deb and god knows who else, are all in cahoots with the sheriff, the courts, the GAL, and the judge. It’s all a huge conspiracy. That’s what she and Joe say repeatedly. They say that I am actually being paid by the state of Kentucky to write this blog. Yet, somehow, when she talks about her case, the one I am supposedly involved in a conspiracy about, it has “nothing to do” with me.

Well, which is it? Does it have nothing to do with me, or am I a co-conspirator? Make up your mind.

And then some people came over and started talking about how I’m always talking about the drama. Me talking about what happens directly to my family is not drama. Me addressing issues that concerns my family is not drama.

But here’s the thing. When Nicole talks about her “case,” she goes after people. Innocent people. She trashes the GAL, the judge, and she mostly trashes Sheriff Pate. Hell, when Shitgate was going on, she trashed Jeremy Hinton regularly. I don’t know any of those people, but they are people who are just doing their jobs. I am here pointing out that she’s full of shit. I have a right to do this. It’s not drama. It’s me taking the side of those people who work for the state or the county and who she regularly trashes and defames.

Um, but I wanted to to point out something, um, about that because there was a lot of stuff being shared today off my page and comments that I really didn’t have

Sorry, that video got dropped.

Anyways, here’s, they say the other side. Those people are not the other side.

Here’s the deal. I talk about my family. I talk about what happens to my family. I talk about the trials, I talk about our successes. I talk about those things.

What I’m asking these people to do is to leave me alone. What are they asking me to do? They’re asking me to change my life, they’re asking me to, you know, give up my children, give the children back to the state. I mean, that’s literally what they’re asking.

Uh, no. I don’t give a shit what you do, Nicole. You write. I write. We both write. That’s all. Do anything you like.

I don’t want you to give your children up. I want the state to take them.  That’s a very different thing.  I don’t apologize for it. It’s what I want to see.

And there is another side. You trash the state and the county. You talk terribly about the people who work there. I don’t know them, but until you prove your libelous statements, I am going to defend them.

They’re asking me to close my business and quit doing this and quit doing that and quit living my life. That’s what they’re asking.

Nope. I suspect having no customers will finally close your business, but that’s on you. You have now threatened to kill people for simply walking into your shop. I really think that might scare some people off, but hey, that’s just my opinion. If people want to put their lives in jeopardy to bring their dogs and pay money to have children groom them poorly, that’s on them. I don’t care.

So when you’re sitting here saying oh, well, their side, your side, no. I’m asking people to leave my family alone. I’m asking them to leave my clients alone, my business alone, my children alone. I’m asking them to stop harassing, to stop send threatening messages, to stop sending anything to my business, do not mail anything to me, do not come near my business, keep away.

Sigh. Nicole, I have never been near your stupid business. To find it, I would have to use GPS. I’ve never sent you shit. I don’t have the slightest idea who your five clients are, and I’m more aware of your children’s privacy than you are.

Um, we had a police incident yesterday, I’m not going to get into it, but um, there was somebody at our business. There’s been inci, incidences and things that I don’t always disclose and if the trolls say I’ve not heard it it’s because it’s none of your fucking business.

Well, then, if we haven’t heard of it, then we didn’t have anything to do with it, did we? So why are you flipping out at me? I did nothing at all. Lisa did nothing at all. We don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.

Um, but here’s the thing. I’m asking them to leave me alone. What are they asking? All they have to do is just walk away. They have to not harass my family. That’s all they have to do.

The translation of this, of course, is that Nicole wants to write anything she likes, talk shit about the GAL, talk shit about the judge, shit in buckets and dump it on the ground, whatever, and she wants me to not say a word.

The answer to that is: No.

So, when I post about my family court case and they make it about them, that is them instigating drama. Me talking about my court case is not instigating drama.

When did I make your court case about me? It’s not about me. It’s about you and contempt of court, sweet pea.

Um, I’ve been making calls and trying to work on that and get everything done, but what I’m saying is for real.

Lisa needs to leave me the frick alone. If she wants to take it as a threat, if she wants to call the state police, go right ahead. Please, go ahead. File all your reports. File all your lawsuits. Whatever. Bring me into court. I would love, love it, love it. Go ahead. Do it.

Be careful what you wish for.

Because no one in the count, state of Kentucky will take any of this shit seriously. And if they wanna wait until someone drives down my road or walks into my shop and have an incident like we almost had the other day, then go ahead.

So, now we can’t drive down the road or you will shoot us. Thank you for that warning.

But I am going to defend my family. And if you think Sally Davis is going to write some stupid blog about how I’ve threatened her because I sent her a cease-and-desist letter, she literally wrote a blog saying that I threatened her, and that was it, you know, my cease-and-desist letter was a threat to her. I’ve called her home. I’ve told her husband, leave me alone. That’s what I’ve done.

I never mentioned that silly cease-and-desist letter, Nicole, in what I wrote earlier today. I didn’t consider that threatening. I considered it hilarious. Why don’t you write me another one?

You didn’t call my home. We don’t have a land line. You called my husband. You thought you were calling me and you royally screwed the pooch. My husband doesn’t need a message from you to leave you alone. He barely knows who you are, except a disheveled woman with no teeth married to Joe. And he uses the word “nauglered” to mean “something all screwed up.”

But yeah, you threatened us in that call.  It’s okay to deny it. I have the recording.

If you want to be left alone, then leave me alone. I do not go out looking for you people.

Oh, but you do. I have never one time, ever, sent you anything. I’ve never messaged you. I’ve never called you. I just hang out over here, write my “silly fucking blog” and mind my own business. And you come over and read it. You have to look for it. You have to type the URL into your browser to get here. The Supreme Court already ruled about this, Nicole, and you lost.

If you left me alone, I’m telling you, sh be done. So I don’t want any more bull crap from you. If you bring yourself into my lives, you have to just understand that you’re gonna be dragged into this and I’m not going to leave you alone as long as you’re up my ass.

And don’t mail anything to my business. And leave my fucking clients alone.

Video is wonderful. I love it.


Threat to Kill

Okay, you see the date I’m publishing this. I just made that screen shot, so she posted that 17 minutes ago.

Nobody that I know anything about was sent to her stupid shop.  Nobody.  I didn’t send anyone. If anyone went there, it has nothing to do with me or with anyone I know.

Nicole, you cannot keep doing this. You go public with all sorts of controversial stuff. You put yourself out there, talking about how you hate the military and you hate the police and you hate everyone in government, and you hate the GAL and you hate the judge and you hate anyone in authority anywhere all the time. You hate, hate, hate.  It’s reasonable to expect that all this hate would result in some negative reactions.


But I had to laugh, seriously.  You’re afraid for your life?  Why?  Really?  Why? Who has threatened your life, Nicole?  Let’s see it.

I’m the one who has been threatened. The people I care about have been threatened. You have called us and threatened us, Nicole. We have it recorded.  You have written multiple threats like the one above. I’ve published them. Let’s see your documentation, sweetie.

You are threatening to kill somebody, Nicole.

You are threatening to kill a person who enters your place of business.  Frankly, I wouldn’t go in that shopping center or even into Radcliff itself.  You are crazy and you are threatening to kill your customers.

Edited: One thing to seriously consider here is that Nicole shares all this paranoia with her kids. All of it.  They get no education at all in the things that actually matter, but they get ample education in this sort of lunacy.

And Nicole doesn’t typically handle guns.  That means that she is pretty much egging on one of her children to kill somebody.  Seriously.  They even call the kid most likely to succumb to this sort of influence “the enforcer.”

Somebody needs to get those kids out of there.

And here’s proof of who she is talking about.

Nicole C Naugler is threatening, with absolutely no provocation of any sort, to kill Lisa Luthi.

First off, nobody gives a shit about your family, Nicole. Nobody. We don’t. Obviously the state of Kentucky doesn’t or they would have taken those kids away long ago and terminated your parental rights. They don’t care. I don’t care.

Second, this is not the first time you’ve done this. You made a bogus call to a CPS hotline which resulted in a police visit to Lisa’s house. In that call, you claimed falsely that she was drunk and out of control with a special needs child on the premises.  You were attempting to get her killed. You made that call within hours after you shared an article online about a woman who was killed by the police during a well check.

I saw it unfold, and I knew that you did it and that it was an attempted murder. You wanted to get the police to do it for you.  The Louisville police are well aware of what happened, so much so that they have discussed sending it to the county attorney for possible charges to be filed against you.

Now, you’re threatening to do it yourself, or have Quinten do it for you.  Which one is it?

It’s not that nobody believes Lisa. The problem is that nobody believes you.

But they might believe this threat.