Joe and Another Threat

The original post, as you can see, isn’t really anything. One of the kids painted two of the other kids’ faces, and Nicole thinks that is “art.”

I couldn’t care less and I suspect you don’t care either.

But Joe had to chime in, and even though I am thoroughly tired of his shit, I am still going to put it here to show what he does. He will claim that this is all about some silly lawsuit, but it is not. It is a direct threat of physical violence and don’t think I don’t know it.


Let me translate that hashtag because it’s all run together.

We’re coming, Sally, Al, Lisa and Deb.

That’s what it says.

Uh, Joe, haven’t you and Nicole done too much of that already? It’s time to quit, I think.

One other thing: why is Joe so fixated on the boys’ muscles and their bodies?  Really.  Why?  I raised a son. I never remember either Dave or I ever commenting once that he was “muscular” or even thinking about it particularly.

Oh, and Dave says to bring help.



How to go to college like a Naugler:

  1. Pick a shitty online diploma mill
  2. Pick a stupid major (psychology)
  3. Take two classes and neglect to finish those and then drop out
  4. Refuse to get any sort of job at all and live off your wife
  5. Impregnate her repeatedly while you stay high on pot
  6. Play victim
  7. Blame everyone on earth except yourself
  8. Promote every wacky conspiracy theory on earth
  9. Refuse to educate any of your numerous offspring
  10. Refuse to vote at all