*It’s not illegal to be a Narcissist * Part 3 of the Henry story

On September 26, 2006 Facebook became available to everyone 13 and over with a valid E-Mail address.

Only 12 years ago. Can you believe it?

Before that, this flood of Narcissists we are seeing were forced to seek attention in other ways. We all knew one or two, but they were never our problem. We didn’t come home to them,  we could be safe behind our closed doors unaffected by a facet of society we would never associate with.

It was a simpler time.

Today we get a notification on 5 different devices when one of these attention seeking whores has a flare up.

When Sally left for Europe, and left me and the fly boy in charge, they were anticipating something like this. . .

But the reality was quite different.

I have an all new respect for Sally and the constant stream of bullshit she has to deal with on a daily basis.

That being said

Here is my third and final installment of the Henry story


Were it not but for Christin Henry’s public displays of “shocking happiness” accompanied by the lack of conversation allowed about just that topic, we would not be here.

Here are the facts . . . y’all.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will give you my third installment entirely in Screen Shots.


and this.

and this.

Pay attention to the dates and remember, it was July 6 of the same year when a fire took all 3 of her children

How she spends her time now.

When Christin found out about the blog, she decided to call out her God army.


I am not accusing Christin Henry of being anything except a Narcissist, the likes of which we have never seen before.

Well, there was this.

And we were all mortified, and that was after 5 years.


It was a simpler time.


PODCAST tomorrow night 10 PM Eastern, anyone is welcome to call in from both sides(God/Devil). Click on the link below and all the information is there to contact us.










*What Grief looks like on Social Media* Part Two of the Henry Story

What I have done is create a video timeline, to the best of my ability with what Christin Henry has provided for me since that fateful day in July.

Her Facebook page continues to be wide open, you can go and view all her videos in their entirety, you will see the occasional tear, but not much.

Their story unfolds as the days go on, people are coming forward with claims of her harassment for questioning her on her irrational, narcissistic behaviors.

Here is Part 2 of the Henry story.



For those who could not access the link above


Are you there God?It’s me Nicole

There are two important things in Nicole’s life, one being her rights, the other — her image.

She takes these two things very seriously and when the rest of Breckinridge County doesn’t, you can bet you are going to get a strongly worded meme.

She has more important things to do then defend her right to not defend her rights.

Nicole has a love-hate relationship with her community, she is either, (according to her and Joe) adored by them or they are Government paid trolls who want to keep her quiet, there is no grey area. People love and adulate them or they’re hell-bent on destroying them.

Because the safety of the free world depends entirely on Nicole being able to do a live feed about her rights being trampled while she is trampling on her children’s.

And Nicole has handled it with with all the class one would expect of a woman who thinks a port-a -potty is an unnecessary expense.

As far as I can see there is zero community support for the Nauglers, at least not online. I haven’t seen the community rally around them with a fundraiser or a church dinner or even a friendly “HI, your property looks GREAT” on their Facebook page. More often then not its this…

And the token event that she is not invited back to, like this…(which really isn’t in her immediate community, but rather 45 minutes away)

We’ve all heard Joe and Nicole mention countless times how the community love them

But no one loves or cares enough to defend them.

I would wager a guess its because of things like this…

People shy away from mixed messages.

You can’t shit on the ground of your community and say you love it Nicole.

This anti-political platform you are trying to publicly embrace for your handful of “fans” isn’t working out.Its time to go back to God

That group at least sent you money.