Be Careful

Connie Reguli is a lawyer (with a checkered history) in Tennessee who makes a living “advocating” for people who are having problems with CPS. These folks are always, absolutely always, innocent, of course.

The Family Forward Facebook page is pretty much a giant advertisement for Connie’s legal services.

Anyway, she also has a group.

It’s public, so it’s fair game.

Kristina wants to “raise awareness.”  I’m not exactly sure what she thinks she will accomplish by doing that, but whatever. She wants to talk and she wants somebody to let her do that.

It’s the old “you do the work and I’ll try to benefit from it” type of activism.

But here’s the fun part.

Joe replied to her.

See, I told you it would be fun.

What Joe is talking about is this.

If you’ve never read it (I transcribed the entire interview), go do it now. If you’ve read it before, go read it again. It’s hilarious.

During that interview, Joe tells us that Rick Hardin is great. In fact, Joe hired Rick on the spot, in the courtroom, because Joe heard the man speak and it went straight to his soul.  He just knew that Rick was gonna be wonderful.

Joe, I might add, is not a very good prophet.

But here’s the thing.  Neither Joe nor Nicole seem to be able to grasp the concept that correlation is not causation.  Just because the rooster crows at dawn does not mean that he caused the sun to come up, even if he thinks that’s the case.

Just because they ordered a forensic evaluation (to determine if Joe was nuts) right after he did that interview does not mean that the interview was the cause of them deciding that Joe might well be nuts.

Wait. . .

It might have been.  Read it and see what you think.

How many times do we have to endure being told that Joe and Nicole are just about ready to do something?

I wait, and I anticipate, and I hold my breath (not really) and I wait.

Nothing happens except some more threats.

Shit or get off the bucket, Joe.


Joe and Another Threat

The original post, as you can see, isn’t really anything. One of the kids painted two of the other kids’ faces, and Nicole thinks that is “art.”

I couldn’t care less and I suspect you don’t care either.

But Joe had to chime in, and even though I am thoroughly tired of his shit, I am still going to put it here to show what he does. He will claim that this is all about some silly lawsuit, but it is not. It is a direct threat of physical violence and don’t think I don’t know it.


Let me translate that hashtag because it’s all run together.

We’re coming, Sally, Al, Lisa and Deb.

That’s what it says.

Uh, Joe, haven’t you and Nicole done too much of that already? It’s time to quit, I think.

One other thing: why is Joe so fixated on the boys’ muscles and their bodies?  Really.  Why?  I raised a son. I never remember either Dave or I ever commenting once that he was “muscular” or even thinking about it particularly.

Oh, and Dave says to bring help.