It’s Not About You

Nicole and Joe have been very busy trying to get Rick Hardin, their former attorney, to comment on their legal situation.

He has refused to do so even though they have tagged him repeatedly, baited him and insulted him.  They loved him, of course, until he didn’t do what they thought he ought to do and now they hate him.  This is what they do to everyone, so all lawyers in the area need to listen up.

Here’s the latest.

He’s running for office. Nicole is so delusional that she thinks she can affect the outcome of the vote in the primary, so she is trying to use that as a lever.

She says, “I think as an attorney he should be answering that one question.”

She thinks.

This just goes to show you the depth of her thinking.  She doesn’t know what the fuck she is talking about.

Rick Hardin smacked her down beautifully, succinctly, and with dignity.

There were recommendations made at that final disposition and adopted by the Court as an Order of the Court.


Maybe Nicole and Joe should read that fifty million times and start doing some of those recommendations.

But the important thing here is what he says first.

This is not your case.

It’s about the kids. It’s not about Joe and Nicole. The Court gives not one flying fuck about Joe and Nicole. They are adults. They can do as they please as long as they don’t break any laws.

This is about the kids.

How many times have we collectively tried to hammer that into the Naugler parents’ thick, stupid brains?

This is not your case.


The Judge

Going on social media and calling the judge “bat shit crazy” and declaring that she is “loosing [sic] her mind” is not really the best way to get your CPS case closed.

I find it really interesting that Nicole is fighting so hard to keep her kids from being evaluated by Weisskopf. She has one child who she has said over and over again is on the autism spectrum.  She has no idea if this is true or not, of course. She simply did a Dr. Google diagnosis.  This is her opportunity to find out for sure, but she refuses. Why? What is she afraid of?

How are her children “being treated”?  Nobody is doing shit to her children except her. The only people stressing her kids out are their parents.

Here’s a hypothetical for you. What if my radiologist had looked at my mammogram, decided it showed a suspicious spot, did the needle biopsy, then looked at the pathology report and said, “Oh, gee, the mammograms are probably inaccurate.  It’s all okay”?  What if she did that?  If she did that, I could die as a result.

The social workers are not educators. They have no expertise whatever in determining anything about a child’s educational level. They didn’t test those kids. They probably talked to them about five minutes.

The truth is that those kids are not being educated, and the judge knows it.  The truth is that Nicole cannot produce examples of their school work, because there isn’t any.

What was decided in November 2015 when Nicole and Joe pleaded dependency is that they were found to be dependent. That means, by definition, that they were neglecting and/or abusing their children through no fault of their own.  They were either too poor, or too ignorant, or had mental health issues, or something, that hindered their ability to parent adequately.

A dependency plea doesn’t end the case. On the contrary, it starts the case.  It says to the state, “This couple aren’t capable of parenting. They can’t help it, but they need help. We have to help them parent.”

And the state goes on that assumption from that point forward until and unless the parents show the court that they have figured out Parenting 101.

Refusing to do basic things is a clear sign that Joe and Nicole have made an F.

Nicole and Joe have sailed (well, rowed) through life dragging their feet. They get away with stuff simply because they are such horrible pains in the ass that nobody wants to deal with them. Nobody wants to raise their kids. Hell, I don’t.  The state doesn’t.  So they do the absolute least they have to in order to keep the state at bay, knowing that the state is unlikely to grab those kids again just because of the expense involved.

They’re the type of people who always pay every bill two days or a week late. Always. They wait for the disconnection notice and then run pay.

Their entire lives have been like that. Do as little as possible, always.  Do a half-ass job, always.  It’s like this with everything. Half-ass gardening. Half-ass home building.  Half-ass raising children. Half-ass dog grooming.  Half-ass personal hygiene.  Half-ass cooking. You name it. Half-ass.

Oh yeah. Do it, Nicole.  Just do it. Quit saying you’re going to do stuff and just do it.

I’m sure he’s going to hop right to it.  Why don’t you pay him what you owe him?

Actually, nothing you’ve done for the past three years has proven anything at all.  Nothing. When I started following this sordid saga, I believed (and still do) that the kids were being horridly neglected. I didn’t want to believe that there was outright overt abuse. I believe it now. Nicole and Joe are fighting all this too hard.

And their strategy here is to defy the court’s orders hoping that nothing serious will occur before January, and a new judge will be more to their liking.

We’ll see.


Good for him. That’s exactly the right response.  His job was to represent them (the parents, not the kids) to the best of his ability, and the goal was to get the kids back. He did that.

When I have a job to do, I do it.


Oh, yeah, right.  Joe has recordings. Of course he does.  Do it, Joe, you fatass slob. Just do it.