The centerstage of grief

*This story was sent to Sally about two weeks ago. And since we all know she is blogging her way through Europe, she sent me a few links with the order; “check it out”.

So I did.

This is a three-part series, buckle up. This one can go either way.

With each blog post the story becomes more unbelievable. I did not concoct this story, I’m merely telling you what has happened, what she has shared since the tragedy in July.

Don’t shoot the messenger.

And, as all great mysteries go, they start in a small County in Kentucky, with a GOFUNDME…

Have a look at this. A single-wide in Kentucky.

Enter from center stage Christen Tarvin Henry

A fire breaks out — you and your husband survive with minor injuries, your youngest (3) dies in the fire, your middle child (4) dies at the hospital shortly after, your oldest child (7) dies soon after surgery to amputate both legs and arms because she was burned so badly.

Horrifying, I know. All 3 of her children basically  — burned to death.

The fire happened on July 6th of this year. Four months, two days ago today.

How soon do you move on? I mean really move on? I mean, I got myself a new puppy and we are going on a road trip to Nashville move on?

Is three months too soon?

I have never personally had three of my children die a horrible death so I can’t say. But just sitting here thinking about my 6-year-old burning alive, I think MAYBE at the 3-month mark I can stop vomiting…MAYBE.

Not Christin, she has faith. So apparently when you have faith you just don’t give a shit. You move on like your life before GoFundMe never existed.

Don’t worry, that’s not the only fundraiser

You will be happy to know she has healed enough to share on her FACEBOOK page every fundraiser and has even announced when they will be attending said fundraisers . . . you know, like celebrities.

I guess when you believe in God you get to hit the fast-forward button through grief, and that God money sure does soften the blow of losing your only children in an unimaginable tragedy.

Now before you jump my shit, watch this.

At least she still has a sense of humor. At this point, it was only 20 days after her home burned to the ground and two of her three children had succumbed to the most horrific and unimaginable injuries imaginable. So she is well into the second stage of grief –mocking.

It’s never too soon to have a smiling picture of you and all your friends . . . at your children’s FUNERAL!

Three and a half months after the fire, she’s pulled herself up by her apron strings and bravely went out for sushi in full drag.

Her supporters LOVE this shit, they eat it up and celebrate her faith in God. They love the fact that she is so strong that she can get up every day, slap on her makeup and jack her hair to Jesus.

“Looking good” is the 3rd stage of grief.

“Enough!” you say, she has lost her children! . . . ALL people process grief differently.

Do they celebrate with a selfie with the grieving grandparents? 45 days after the fire?

These are the smiles of true believers . . . true believers with a winning lottery ticket.

You see, based on her outward appearance, she has her life together. But, she lived in a shitty run down trailer on her husband’s parent’s property. The marriage was rumored to be failed. There was CPS involvement, stories of “church sex” with other men, (gotta love those testimonies in front of the parishioners), and doxing people that call her out about her spending habits from the fundraisers. But believers are gonna do what believers do –and that’s believe whatever bullshit you feed them. Even though all the evidence of you being a heartless beast is laid out in front of them.

The cold hard fact Christin, is you look sketchy as fuck. This whole situation is sketchy as fuck.

And I’m nowhere near done with you.

Happy Birthday, party’s over.








*What Grief looks like on Social Media* Part Two of the Henry Story

What I have done is create a video timeline, to the best of my ability with what Christin Henry has provided for me since that fateful day in July.

Her Facebook page continues to be wide open, you can go and view all her videos in their entirety, you will see the occasional tear, but not much.

Their story unfolds as the days go on, people are coming forward with claims of her harassment for questioning her on her irrational, narcissistic behaviors.

Here is Part 2 of the Henry story.




Are you there God?It’s me Nicole

There are two important things in Nicole’s life, one being her rights, the other — her image.

She takes these two things very seriously and when the rest of Breckinridge County doesn’t, you can bet you are going to get a strongly worded meme.

She has more important things to do then defend her right to not defend her rights.

Nicole has a love-hate relationship with her community, she is either, (according to her and Joe) adored by them or they are Government paid trolls who want to keep her quiet, there is no grey area. People love and adulate them or they’re hell-bent on destroying them.

Because the safety of the free world depends entirely on Nicole being able to do a live feed about her rights being trampled while she is trampling on her children’s.

And Nicole has handled it with with all the class one would expect of a woman who thinks a port-a -potty is an unnecessary expense.

As far as I can see there is zero community support for the Nauglers, at least not online. I haven’t seen the community rally around them with a fundraiser or a church dinner or even a friendly “HI, your property looks GREAT” on their Facebook page. More often then not its this…

And the token event that she is not invited back to, like this…(which really isn’t in her immediate community, but rather 45 minutes away)

We’ve all heard Joe and Nicole mention countless times how the community love them

But no one loves or cares enough to defend them.

I would wager a guess its because of things like this…

People shy away from mixed messages.

You can’t shit on the ground of your community and say you love it Nicole.

This anti-political platform you are trying to publicly embrace for your handful of “fans” isn’t working out.Its time to go back to God

That group at least sent you money.









The ONLY thing clean in that shed is Nicole’s conscience

Todd Pate won tonight.

Nicole however — continues her losing streak.

It’s a dead giveaway. When Nicole says something is funny, she is FURIOUS. This woman never laughs except in emoji.

She is upset that voting for Government officials actually fills those Government seats? This is where she loses me. She wants change, yet insists the best way to affect it is to just meme her way thru life.

That’s it, that’s the extent of her exercising her rights towards changing anything about her dumpster chic lifestyle.

Nicole you are a little long in the labia to still be whining about this shit.

Grow up.

Pate won because the people voted him in. Your neighbors. The unfortunate folks, that for some sad toss of the coin, are unlucky enough to call you a neighbor — chose him.

You are now everyone’s bitch because you chose to exercise your right to be a bitch.

Congratulations to Todd Pate.

Here is his speech.

Don’t hate the players, hate the long game.