Profit Margins

passing the time

Nicole reads the blog.  Nicole says she doesn’t but she actually reads every word I write. That’s so flattering.

Nicole has been scrolling back, looking at old posts to find things to be pissed off about.  She is “easily amused” with the little piece called “Buckets and Bows” found here.

The entire point of that piece was to talk about how many bows it would take to pay for a Porta Potty.  You know, instead of just giving in and getting their septic system up and inspected.  I was basically making fun of their financial priorities.

And I did a bit of speculating about the cost she incurs in making a single bow.

Nicole spent a bit of time this afternoon, since she has so much time on her hands what with a full time business to run and eleven children to interact with, correcting my figures.


And she didn’t stop there. She is big time mad at Patricia, her former employer, so she went on to critique her as well.


Your grooming quality sucks as much as your bows do.

Well, let’s just let the world decide.  Here are some of Patricia’s bows, and remember, she doesn’t sell them. They simply go with the dogs when they are groomed.



And here are Nicole’s bows.  You decide.



I found it all sort of interesting, frankly.

First off, Nicole just had not a clue what I was talking about in the first place.

My guess was that it would take 1725 bows to pay for the Porta Potty for an entire year. Here’s what I said.


Actually about 220 Bows [sic] ties, or flowers Or [sic] I could groom 4 dogs.

Really?  The cost of a Porta Potty for a whole year is $1272. Nicole earns (after expenses) $1272 for grooming four dogs?  She gets $318 for grooming a single dog?  If so, I am going into the dog grooming business.

I am going to assume here that Nicole is having trouble reading all this, and thought I was saying that it would take 1725 bows to pay for the Porta Potty for a month. Math is hard, but apparently reading comprehension is harder. So she says, no, it would take 220 bows per month, or she could groom 4 dogs.  The four dogs thing makes sense, if she’s talking about a month, because the price of the Porta Potty is $106/month, and her profit from grooming a dog would be about $25 (after expenses).

But if that’s the case, then the figure of 220 bows is for a month, too.  And if you multiply that by 12 (write it down, Nicole), you get not the 1725 bow figure I came up with, but a whopping 2640 bows.  Either that, or she’s trying to say that they make almost $6 profit on every bow (in which case, I’m going into the bow-making business).

So my estimate about how many bows would be required was way too low.  It’s actually almost 1000 more.  Sheesh.  All so they can say they didn’t give in to the ebil guvmint.

But her main beef was my estimated costs of her expenses to make the bows.

What Nicole is basically saying here is that I estimated way too high.  And I concede. That may very well be true. I have no way to know if she has some Hobby Lobby coupon, or what the percentage off might be.  All I did was look around online a little bit and find the going price for ribbon and the other supplies and make some guesses.  I wasn’t claiming to have any exact figures and I think I made that pretty clear.

So I was way too high on expenses.

Her bows, of course, are wonderful quality, made from the finest materials, better than anyone anywhere.

My bows are quality and my customers agree.

See? Wonderful stuff. Fabulous.  The best to be had anywhere.

Only, then she insists that the stuff she uses is

cheap as dirt on Ebay.

She wants the whole world to know that she uses the cheapest shit she can find.  She uses the absolute dirt cheap crap she finds on Ebay and at Hobby Fucking Lobby  to make her fabulous bows.

I suppose that all that cheap crap turns into quality simply because she touches it.  You know, like “the touch of the Master’s hand.”


So she’s doing another bow sale.  Gotta pay for that Porta Potty somehow.

Last time the goal was to have $1000 in orders.  Again, she’s unclear here, so I don’t know if she means that they need to make $1000 profit or if she simply has a goal of $1000 in sales.  That’s not the same thing, Nicole, just in case you don’t understand.

Anyway, $1000 was the goal.

They did “great” last time and sold less than half that amount.

I wonder what “abysmal failure” would look like.

But no matter.  I took the liberty of fixing up her sale ad to better reflect the message she is trying to send the world.


You’re welcome.

passing the time

Not a rewrite.  An update because I love it too when people who don’t know what they are talking about put their ignorance on display like this.




Thank You


I want to thank you all for the messages about Minnie.

It appears that Nicole has been snooping around on my Facebook page, scrolling way back in time and she found this.  She thinks that somehow our dog having an accident equates to her animal cruelty and threats to put her dog down if people didn’t step up and fix the problem that she created.

This accident happened last winter before we went on our cruise.

Dave had Minnie outside, and turned his back for two minutes and she headed for the road. As I have mentioned, I think, she is eleven years old but behaves like a puppy. She thinks that everyone is coming to see her.

So when a car came down the road, she went out to greet it, and ran right into the moving vehicle.

The woman driving (our neighbor) was horrified, thought she was dead, and rushed up to tell us.

We thought she was dead, too. Dave got her and was walking back up to the house, thinking about where he would bury her, and I came over and realized that her eyes were flickering slightly.  She was not dead.

But I thought she could not possibly live.  She had blood draining from her nose and mouth, and quite obviously had a serious head injury.

So we got in the car to take her to a nearby vet to have her put to sleep. Thankfully, he was closed.

We then headed to a nearby town (30 miles) to our usual vet.  She had a pretty massive seizure while en route and I thought she would die then.  Dave and I both were crying most of the way there.

When we arrived, I jumped out of the car carrying her and ran into the office. They treated us like it was an hospital ER, which it actually is if you think about it.  After they took her away, we waited.  And after about an hour, the vet came out and gave us the news.

Yes, it was a severe head injury. He said her prognosis was 50/50. He put her in a 100% oxygen tent and she stayed there for 48 hours (to provide as much oxygen to her brain as possible until the swelling began to subside).

The issue once she looked like she might live was what her quality of life might be like.  We honestly were not sure.  The vet was much more optimistic than I was, frankly, but the three of us discussed it and we were in agreement that if she had severe brain damage that would make her life miserable, we would put her to sleep.

She came home three days after the accident.

Mullins Minnie

Here she is. The vet holding her is Dr. David Mullins, Midway Animal Hospital, Somerset, Kentucky.

She was a pitiful sight.  (She had just had a bath, because Dr. Mullins said he couldn’t release her in the condition she was in  – she had peed and pooped herself a bit, and had dried blood all over her head.)

But we were glad to see her alive and conscious.

me and Minnie

After we got her home, we realized that she was walking in circles. Literally walking to the right in a circle.  She could not walk straight.  She had lost all spatial recognition and if you put her on a chair, she would just walk right off the edge.

Dr. Mullins said that was okay (!!! and I said it was not okay, and he said that yes it was for the moment), and that he thought she would slowly improve.  His guess was a week.

It took about two weeks.  She spent about a week never barking a single time, which was beyond weird.  Her circles gradually got larger and then she began walking straight for very short distances.

He asked me on followup if I thought there was any brain damage, and I replied that it was impossible to tell since she had little to no brains in the first place.  (I told you all that she’s a complete moron, didn’t I?)  This accident is the reason we refer to her as Minnie the Muddle-headed Maltese.

But here’s the deal.

It was a preventable accident.  However, it’s a pretty long way from our house to the road and Dave just had no idea she’d run straight down there.

And, once the accident had occurred, we took her straight to the best vet in the world and she survived quite nicely.  It cost about $400. We did not have to mount a GoFundMe and beg strangers to pay the bill.

She never goes outside without a leash on now, ever.  She cannot be trusted and we tell her so frequently.

Accidents happen. They happen to everyone, to adults, to children, to children that grow up and become adults, to pets, to livestock.  It’s not having an accident that makes you irresponsible.

What makes you irresponsible is when you fail to provide a remedy once the accident has occurred, and more importantly, when you repeat the same things over and over again (getting pets and livestock you are not prepared to care for and cannot afford) and expect a different result.

My sincere thanks to all of you who messaged me privately because you were concerned about her.


Here she is, as I type this, sleeping on a chair right behind mine.  It’s her chair and where she always sleeps when I am working at my desk.

Oh, and before you can say anything –






Of Course

A horse is a horse of course of course.
And no one can talk to a horse of course.
That is of course unless the horse is the famous Mr. Ed.

Go right to the source and ask the horse
He’ll give you the answer that you endorse
He’s always on a steady course

Talk to Mr. Ed

Theme to the television program, Mr. Ed

When you’re so poor that you live on marginal, crap land that can’t even support a decent garden, with no cleared pasture land of any sort, and you have no water supply, but have to haul it all in using white buckets, you try your best to do something about your situation.  Don’t you?

And when you’re so poor that you don’t even have a house but jerry-rig a three-sided shack that would just barely be housing for a couple of goats, and it’s so bad that your children are removed by the state and you have to go online and beg money from strangers, and you buy a garden shed to live in but squander the rest of the money on heaven knows what, you try your best to do something about your situation.  Don’t you?

And when you’re so poor and stupid that you refuse to use any birth control for anyone including your pets, and you keep reproducing like you don’t know what causes it, having one baby after another without even being able to afford the original two or three or four, you try your best to do something about your situation.  Don’t you?

Don’t you?

No.  You don’t.

Instead, you get a horse.

Because that is exactly what you need.   An animal that does nothing at all but eat and shit and hang out.  A great big animal that does nothing at all and is quite capable of killing you without meaning to do it. That’s what you do.

When you have been to court already because you cannot keep your animals contained on your property, and you have no fencing at all, it makes sense to get a horse, doesn’t it?

Ever buy one of these?

HP Envy 4520 Wireless All-in-One Photo Printer

Maybe not this exact one (this is the same printer we have), but one similar?

You know how the printer really doesn’t cost very much (this particular one is $72, which is the most I’ve ever paid for a printer), but the ink will bankrupt you?

Horses are like that.

It’s October.  In the fall, horses are often sold for a fraction of their value because the owner is going into winter and knows exactly what it is going to cost to feed that horse, and doesn’t want that expense. So he sells it cheap. Or even gives it away.

You know, a brown horse.  They’re a dime a dozen in Kentucky.

And often, when people want to dump one of these animals in the fall, they don’t even check to see what sort of place they are putting it. They don’t necessarily care. They just know what hay and grain cost and they don’t want to have to buy them.

I could make a list of what it costs to keep a horse.  It’s like cartridges for the printer. You can buy the OEM cartridges that cost $30 each, or you can go online and get the cheap knockoffs that have half the ink and leak for $10.  Or you can get really cheap and try to refill them yourself and have ink leak out all inside your printer so that you end up having to buy a new one.

But of course the printer isn’t alive, and the brownish horse is, at least for now, until Nicole goes online and threatens to put it down unless somebody comes and gets it in a week.

I don’t know about Breckinridge County, but around here, you know, in the Russell Springs area (since Nicole is doxing me), square bales of decent hay run about $4/bale in winter.  The price goes up as winter progresses. And if you have no place to store hay, you have to buy it frequently.  It’s far cheaper to buy the big round bales, but you have to be able to handle those and the Nauglers can’t.  And you can’t feed a horse the kind of shit hay that you can get away with feeding to beef cattle.  You have to buy decent hay.

A typical horse will eat about 15-20 pounds of hay daily.  An average bale around here weighs about 40 pounds.  That means it costs, using square bales, about $2/day to feed a horse. And the price goes up, as I said, the longer the winter goes on.  And that’s just hay.  Grain is extra.  Hoof trimming is extra, and woe is you if you don’t have it done.  When you have zero pasture, that expense goes on year-round. A vet will charge you about $100 just to come out, and you can’t take the animal in if you don’t own a trailer.  But of course, they won’t get a vet. They’ll just forage around and come up with “herbal remedies off the land.”

These folks are gonna have to haul water for a horse. Just the thought of doing that makes me cringe.  In winter, it freezes and you have to bust the ice.  Often.

Horses don’t “free range.”  They need a place to live.  You can’t just tie one up to the side of your garden shed like in the movies.

shed sticks

Please tell me that this is a shower shed and not a horse shed.  Please.

If this is intended to house a horse, I am never going to stop laughing.  What is with all the sticks?  Does bamboo grow in abundance on that shitty land?  It must.

Anyway, the Nauglers now have a horse, or at least it appears that they do. Somebody saw it tied to their garden shed as they passed by.

You know, because that is exactly what they need.

Maybe it was just visiting.  One can always hope.


Do It Right


Do it right if you’re gonna do it, Nicole.

This is not Nathan’s “childhood home.”  He never lived here, you dipshit.

His website is here.  The movie website is here.

But this is Nicole, doxing.  When she says she doesn’t ever, ever do it, you can see that she does. And she cannot do it without bringing Nathan into it.  Of course, he’s dead and can’t come after her, so she thinks that is safe and fair game.

If I were employed, she would call my employer and harass him/her. She’s done it to other people.  I bet she’d call me if she knew my phone number.

This is why I do what I do.  I have never published her address that I remember.  I certainly have never done so purposely.  I didn’t send anyone over to her business page to mock her.  She did that to herself.  I didn’t call in the rescue people. She did that to herself.  I never even use the names of her children.  I block out their faces.  She mocks mine.

I am not religious and don’t have any expectation of justice in the sweet bye-and-bye, but I go to bed every night in an actual house with electricity and running water.

Karma is a bitch.

By all means, come visit, Nicole.  We’ll have a nice cup of tea and some cookies.  I’d offer you a beer, but I think you probably don’t drink.


You’re Kidding, Right?



This from the woman who does not spay or neuter her dogs, who does not take her dogs to the vet, who does not vaccinate her dogs.

Her dogs have never had so much as a rabies vaccine, folks.

Furthermore, due to her complete irresponsibility, her Pyr mutt and her boxer mutt conceived a litter of pups.  Pretty much useless, unwanted dogs.  She had to really work (meaning she had to post repeatedly on her page) that the pups were “available” (translation: for sale).

And then she threatened to kill one of them if somebody  didn’t take him off her hands.  She couldn’t even be bothered to post anything about him on her own business page for fear that her clients would find out what a worthless pet owner she is.

To boot, she tells us that the mother of these useless dogs was pregnant yet again when she was shot by a resident for being aggressive after they abandoned the dogs on their property and went to enjoy themselves in a motel.

What we don’t care about, Nicole Naugler, is you.

Ranger, Ranger, Wherefore Art Thou, Ranger?

smear campaign

Ah, Nicole.  You really have missed your calling.  If you just had better writing and grammar skills, you could have gone to work for the Trump campaign, spinning shit.

Somebody “started a smear campaign.” They “started a rumor” that Nicole had shot Ranger.

So she is producing the oft-demanded photo of Ranger, “in his new home.”

photo ranger

Is this Ranger?

I don’t know.

If it is Ranger, is it current?

I don’t know that either.

And it doesn’t matter.


You see, this isn’t about whether Ranger is okay or not. Of course, that little detail is very important to Ranger, and probably pretty important to the rescue people who did what they do so well, and offered to come to the rescue, but it’s not very important to me.

The story isn’t about what actually happened to Ranger. That is just Nicole’s deflection.  It’s her changing the subject. It’s her turning herself into a victim.

The story is about a woman who is such a jerk, such a horrible piece-of-shit scrap of protoplasm, that she goes on social media and makes this threat.

original post

He has one week to find a new home or he will have to be put to sleep.

That’s what she said.  Notice how she words it?  “He has one week to find a new home. . .”  He has to find the new home?  How is he supposed to do that?  They kept him chained all the time.  He couldn’t even go next door to the nice neighbor who feeds Maggie, the escape artist.

She does not say, “We have to find him a new home soon or he will have to be put to sleep.”

That would have been better, although still bad.

How about “We have to find a new home soon or we’ll have to take him to the animal shelter”?  Far better.

Furthermore, I said it in the original piece I did about this, and I meant it.  Nicole doesn’t do veterinary care.  There is no way in hell they were gonna take that dog to the vet and have him put to sleep.  “Put to sleep” meant “shot in the head in the woods.”

Everyone understood that.

And when somebody on her page objected, she retorted.


I can tell you how steers and pigs are killed.   They are killed with a stun gun, by a professional who does that all day every day. (What an awful job, by the way.) They drop on the spot, unconscious.  Lights out.

They are not shot in the back woods by amateurs who are children.

But you get the point.

Anyone with more than two brain cells understood that Nicole was justifying the fact that her threat was indeed to shoot Ranger.

As I pointed out in the other essay, she did this to herself.  She let these dogs breed indiscriminately (and amazingly admits that Angel was pregnant again when she was abandoned and subsequently shot for being aggressive, pregnant with more puppies that nobody wants and nobody needs and that more than likely were carrying a genetic propensity that Nicole was aware of to be livestock killers).  She created the entire problem.

They chain up those dogs.  They used to let them just run loose, but the courts decided that wasn’t a great idea, so they now cannot. They cannot because they proved themselves to be irresponsible animal owners.  That’s what happens when you don’t take care of your animals.

So they chain them up.  And ignore them.

And then she acts like she’s being victimized when she goes on social media and tells us all about it and we respond with criticism.

But as far as this current situation is concerned, she put out a plea. Ranger had to find himself a new home (by golly, she was too God-damned busy to be bothered finding one for him) in a week, or pow.

People, being kind and basically decent, responded. A rescue stepped forward. Lots of suggestions were made, and even though she was too busy to do anything for the dog and demanded that everyone else do it for her, she found time to nix every suggestion.

And then she suddenly turned on the rescue people and banned the primary person.

These are not people I know.  These are not people who knew anything at all about the Blessed Naugler Crap. They are just dog rescue folks.

After being rude as hell to these people, she quite off-handedly announces that Ranger has been “placed.”  And then changes the subject.

And she wonders why this was not seen as enough. She wonders why people who she purposely and deliberately got all worked up by playing with their emotions and got them all invested in this dog and his tenuous future would be rather taken aback when they get no denouement.  And she wonders why people who love to troll (the real kind, not her critics that she’s so fond of calling “trolls”) decided to descend up on her business page and give her back as good as she dished it out.

I wish I could feel sorry for this woman.  However, I just can’t muster up any sympathy.  She asked for this.

Regardless of Ranger’s current situation, she is an irresponsible animal owner and shouldn’t be trusted with anyone’s animal at any time, for any length of time.



The quote is from here. She is quoting me.

And that becomes

They admitted to killing Angel.

They.  Who is they?  I am not they.

They’ve known the whole time.

Actually, no.  I have not known the whole time (whatever that means.)  I found out what happened to Angel not long ago.

I’ve assumed that the dog wandered away from the Blessed Little Pet Sematary and got shot by somebody who didn’t like her attacking their livestock.  There are big white dogs around here just like these Pyr mutt-mixes the Nauglers have, and they are a nuisance.  They are the dogs I mentioned that got in our fence and chased our calves.

Same type of thing.


But thankfully we have Amanda who clarifies everything with the whole history.

Aster (Ranger’s sibling, apparently) was hit and killed by a car.  Angel is (at the time of Amanda’s comment) “missing.”  She doesn’t leave the property. Not ever.  So it “raises red flags.”  Only one dog has a tendency to leave the property.   Only one, unnamed, but it’s a “he.”


You’ve gotta be a real leghumper to believe this drivel.  The Nauglers moved, the second the children were taken by the state, from their idealic, beautiful Blessed Little Property, all homesteady and off-griddy, to a motel, one that is absolutely not homesteady and very much on-griddy, complete with a swimming pool.  Hey, it was summer, and they had this windfall money.  The motel is located about 35 miles from the Blessed Property.

Get that?  It’s not down the street.  It’s 35 miles (more or less) away.  About a 30 minute drive.

And it “was visited several times a day.”

By who exactly?  Who ran up and down the road visiting the property “several times a day”?  If somebody did, that’s all they did.

And yes, I absolutely believe they left their property unmonitored and unchecked. It’s a shithole.  Not even the garden shed was there then. Nobody in their right mind would want anything that was there.

So, the children were in state custody for about two months. During that entire time, the parents were at the motel spending some of the GoFundMe money. And the dogs were left at the property, basically abandoned.

And they roamed. And they chased cars.

Remember, folks, I have been to that place.  I have met Ranger.  Ranger quite literally attacked our truck, snarling. We weren’t in the driveway. We weren’t pulled over. We were not stopped. We were simply passing by.  His sibling, Aster, got too close to some car and got creamed.  It’s not even one bit surprising.

And Angel wandered off.

Which brings me back to the whole “only one dog ever leaves the property” bullshit.  Remember?  Only one dog, and he’s a male?

maggie missing

This is well before CPS took the kids and the parents abandoned the place and the animals.  Notice who left the property?  “Our female Pyr,” she says, “has gone MIA.”  Know who that is?


Maggie, who I have shown spends much of her time at the neighbor’s house next door.  Nicole will not admit this, of course, and insists that the neighbor must have sneaked down to the Precious Property, gotten Maggie, and taken her to the garage for a photo-shoot and then sneaked her back in place, all without anyone noticing.


This is just Nicole lying through her teeth. She knows that photo is not from “before.” She, in fact, in her little fake-weepy video rant, says specifically that the photo is recent because of the gay leg paint job.  But when did the truth matter to her.

Only then I showed that Maggie has been there a different time for a photo shoot, last April.  And Al, who took the April photo, says that every time he’s gone to visit the neighbor, Maggie has been there.

But not only did Maggie escape, she stayed gone for quite some time.

maggie home

She went walkabout in late December, and Nicole posts a photo celebrating her return home on January 18.

Notice one other thing?  Alma brings Maggie rabbits. There are lots of posts like this, about the dogs catching rabbits.

If you celebrate your damn dog killing rabbits, why do you bitch when the dog kills the domestic ones?  How do you expect the dog to know the difference?

This is a woman who styles herself as capable of teaching a “pet parenting class.” Hell, I own Minnie the Maltese and know she’s an undisciplined idiot and I could do better. At least I know that if a puppy chews on shoes, it’s not a good idea to give it a slipper to chew on.

But back to Angel, who was “100% trustworthy.”  Mind you, Angel killed rabbits, too.  But Angel killed more than rabbits.


Angel was a chicken-killer.  Like mother, like son.

By the way, when you “adopt some older and slightly abused hens,” what you’re getting are better known as “spent hens.”  As they age, they lay less and less.  Some people just don’t want to butcher them (old hen is tough and requires long, slow cooking – chicken and dumplings, anyone?) so they give them away. That’s what Nicole got.  Old, crap, worn-out hens.

But anyway, Angel was a chicken-killer.

And when the Nauglers abandoned her, she roamed.  Not next door, like Maggie, but further afield.  She was hungry.  If Joe said he visited the place daily to feed her, he was lying. Something like the way he lied about the beer. She was hungry and she began terrorizing somebody’s dogs trying to get their food. There were children present and the adult there was afraid for the kids and shot the dog.

It was not a close neighbor.  It was not anyone who would have had any way to know that the dog was abandoned and hungry.

So this is just dumb.


Please explain to me why, if you abandon all your livestock and dogs for two solid months, your neighbors are required to take care of them for you.  We went on an extended cruise this spring.  While we were gone, we arranged for Minnie the Maltese to be boarded in a friend’s home, and for that same friend to visit our place twice a day to feed our livestock and our two cats. By “arranged,” I mean that we paid him.  We paid him the same rate we would have paid if we’d boarded Minnie at a kennel, and we paid him a base rate to visit our place twice a day.  And he only had to drive about two miles to get to our house.  That’s what you do when you are responsible.  And I still worried (needlessly).

It’s entirely likely that our neighbors would quite happily feed our animals for us for a few days if the need arose, but I wouldn’t expect anyone to take on that sort of responsibility for two months. And I certainly wouldn’t consider them “pieces of shit” for not doing so.

However, this person was not a close neighbor, as I said. Angel got around.

But none of this stopped Nicole.


This is from back when it all happened. Nicole accused a critic of driving about 2000 miles (I am serious) to hit one dog and steal that very valuable chicken-killing white boxer that nobody on earth wanted.  And I remember when she did this. She kept on and on about it. Her critics had killed one dog and stolen the other.

stupid story

And even now, when we’ve told her what happened to the damned dog, her idiot follower offers that as an explanation.  Such pigs.  Because, you know, an “intruder” came there.


Here. This is where the “intruder” came.




By the way, where is the pig?






Maggie, Just Visiting

Wake up, Maggie I think I got something to say to you
It’s late September and I really should be back at school
I know I keep you amused, but I feel I’m being used
Oh, Maggie, I couldn’t have tried any more
You led me away from home
Just to save you from being alone
You stole my heart, and that’s what really hurts. . .

Maggie May, Rod Stewart

In her ridiculous whiny video today, Nicole suggests that probably somebody came over to the Blessed Little Pet Sematary and got Maggie and took her over to the neighbor’s house.  Because, you know, Maggie never, ever gets loose and she’d never go over there on her own.

April 19

This photo was taken on April 19, 2016 by Al Wilson at the neighbor’s house. The dog is quite clearly very much at home.

She goes over there every chance she gets.

Nobody shoots her.  Everyone just loves her and gives her attention.

Do I have to find more of these to make my point, Nicole?

What Happened To Ranger?

NOTE: I am going to discuss the Blessed Little Grooming Company tangentially here. Nicole, the Blessed Little Dog Killer, has made that fair game. What we will not be discussing is whether or not the business is a viable concern, or whether or not Nicole is an adequate dog washer. Please keep comments about the business confined to their relationship to the threat to kill Ranger.

ranger placed

Ranger has been “placed.”  Placed where?  Underground?  In somebody’s home?

Doesn’t matter. What matters is that Nicole Naugler the Blessed Little Dog Killer feels better. That’s what matters.

I want to go back and tell this story again, because it deserves to be told.

If you’re new to this story, you can catch up by reading the preceding couple of pages.

We left the Blessed Little Dog Killer having made a threat on her Facebook page to kill her dog if somebody didn’t step up and fix the mess she created.  Make no mistake here.  Nicole and Joe Naugler created that mess.


And I’m not a dog breeder.

But yes, she is a dog breeder.  She owned a big white Great Pyr (male) and a white boxer (female). And she failed to get either one spayed or neutered and they had a litter of puppies.  She was basically fine with this because, in typical Naugler fashion, she thinks that not only her and Joe’s genes, but the genes of any creature under her control are things that demand being replicated again and again.

Besides, she could sell the puppies, she thought, and make some money.

I find this all sort of amazing because these are mutts. There is no reason to believe that either parent was purebred, and it’s for damn sure the pups weren’t.  Yet, they are valuable because they belong to the Nauglers.

So she advertised the damn dog, that puppy, Ranger, as having an “excellent guard dog personality” and sold him to some unsuspecting people who thought they were getting a guard dog. Instead, they got a chicken killer. They returned him.

She spent a year trying vainly to find him a home, she says.  Poor Nicole. She tried so hard.

adoption post 1

Oh, look. See how hard she’s trying?  Right on her business page where lots of doggy-type people will see it?

Oh, wait.

That’s not Ranger, is it?  That’s “Drill Bit.”  That’s a black dog, not a white dog. That’s last March.  You know, after she got the chicken-killing dog back, the one she knew had problems and the one she has spent a year trying to find a home.

adoption post 2

And lest you think that “Drill Bit” was an anomaly, the Blessed Little Dog Killer posts adoption stuff from time to time on her business page, so all the dog lovers can see what a kind, caring person she is.  From August, 2015, we have this one.

And the followup:


Two days later.  The dog is adopted and the Blessed Little Dog Killer is so delighted.

So, she knows that she can post an adoption on her business page and get the dog seen by lots of people, and in some cases, facilitate an adoption.

Does she put up anything, a single word, about Ranger, her own dog that needs a home?

No, she does not.

Why not?

I haven’t a clue. The only thing I can figure is that she didn’t want her business clients to see what an abysmal failure she is at dog training and dog care.

animal advocacy


In the first place, notice that the Blessed Little Dog Killer tells us that all the dogs that belonged to the hoarding woman were “well-mannered and healthy”?  Does this sound anything like “everyone who has ever met my children will tell you that they are happy and healthy”?  I nearly gagged reading it.

But then we get the rest.

We need to support responsible breeding and encourage adoption.

No, we don’t.  The only people on the planet who should be breeding dogs are those who are breeding working dogs (not bullshit mutt half-breeds in the back yard ) from working stock, and those who breed very highly prized show dogs and keep the various breeds intact.  “Working dogs” can mean livestock guardian animals, sheep-herding dogs, guard dogs of all kinds, seeing-eye dogs, etc.

Everyone else is simply contributing to the problem of too many dogs and not enough homes.  And that includes the Blessed Little Dog Killer.

If all these folks (except those special situations) quit breeding Fido, we’d cease having a problem.  If you don’t spay/neuter your dog, and if your dog does not have the title “Champion” or is not a world-class working dog, you’re part of the problem.

. . . helping others working through behavior problems.

She writes this like she has the slightest idea what the hell she is talking about.  Just like calling herself a “homesteader,”  the Blessed Little Dog Killer wants people to think that simply because she washes dog butts, and clips their coats, she is an animal behaviorist and/or dog trainer.  She is not.

Her dogs live their lives out on that godawful property, ignored for the most part (to the point that Maggie goes next door whenever she can get loose for food and attention), and since allowing them to just run all over met with unwanted notice from the court, they are chained all the time. There is no fenced yard.  There is no shelter for them.  Nothing.

And when she and Joe abandoned the property last summer as soon as the state took their children, they abandoned the dogs as well. This led directly to one dog being run over (yes, they chase cars) and Ranger’s mother being shot because she was starving and got aggressive with somebody’s dogs (and that person feared for children who were present).

And then she has the audacity to announce that she’s going to teach “pet parenting” classes.

This, like the promised “weekly thread,”  was another of those plans that never amount to anything, but still. . .

hot cars

See what I mean?  She would never, ever do such a thing. She’s so responsible and caring.

But leaving pets chained to a tree without shelter (and I bet without water or food) is fine.  Letting them breed indiscriminately is fine.

think haven't tried

Yeah, I think you didn’t try.  You didn’t try at all.

trying year

No you haven’t.

July 28

This, on July 28, is the first instance I know anything about of the Blessed Little Dog Killer saying a single word about Ranger the Chicken Killing Dog. And she put it on the BLH page, not on her business page.

But don’t message her unless you’re “seriously interested.”  For those who need a translation, that means she was wanting a “rehoming fee.” Betcha.  They can “meet an hour radius.”  Need for them to drive?  No problem.  You pay money, they meet you.

Obviously, nobody took her up on it.

One other thing.  Notice the date?  July 28.  Anything familiar about that date? That just happens to be the same date that she posted the pictures of the new little batch of chicks that the hen hatched out.

Ranger, of course, killed them.

Or Ranger got blamed for killing them.  Who knows? She sometimes says that a “fox” got them.


All the rescues are full.   We don’t have the budget.


So, when nobody comes forward to take Ranger off her hands and pay for the privilege, we rock along until the hen, bereft of her chicks, begins laying again and hatches out another batch of chicks.

How much you wanna bet that they got killed too?

So, in a fury, the Blessed Little Dog Killer posts an ultimatum.  She basically says, “You people better step up and relieve me of this burden or I will put a bullet in his head.”  It was the online equivalent of holding people hostage at the bank.

Remember, she allowed this to happen. The whole thing. Ranger would never have been born if Nicole Naugler was not an irresponsible pet owner.  How many dogs have they been through?  I have no idea, but at least two have died needlessly, along with dozens of baby chicks, a whole batch of rabbits, and probably some goat kids.

All right there at the Blessed Little Pet Sematary (my apologies to Stephen King).

And lo and behold, this time she got everyone’s attention. She’s gonna kill the dog.  So people began sharing the post, calling folks, and the dog rescue people found out about this and responded. They did so within about two hours.

Remember, she put the time limit on it. Ranger had a week.  One week and then a bullet.

first contact rescue

So the process begins.  But rescue requires a bit of coordinating.  So other people got involved, trying to set up “legs” to arrange transport of Ranger to his new foster home.

And the Blessed Little Dog Killer was just too damned busy to bother answering these people.  These people, who came to her page without knowing a damn thing about her, but who simply wanted to save a dog’s life. These people, who didn’t want shit from her except some cooperation. She’s just too damned busy.

life didn't stop

She has a business to run. She has a family.  Her life didn’t stop.

No, but she was threatening to stop Ranger’s life.  She worked, I tell you. She ran errands.

She posted on Facebook. (Note: these are clipped, just to show the time stamp.)

dinner same night

Note: This is right about the time that the rescue responded. She’s just torn up about her poor dog.  So torn up about it that she takes a picture of corn chowder and posts it on the page.

next morning

And the next morning, she’s up bright and early and taking sunrise photos. And she has time to post it.



This is a tear-jerky story about a client who died.  She had time to write all about it.




So, a few posts on her pages that day. If she says she was busy working, that’s believable.

But what about yesterday?  Yesterday was the day when she blew up at the rescue people for messaging her too much.  She was busy all day long, don’t you know, and she didn’t have time to bother with them, even though they were trying to help her out (or rather, and more importantly, help out an innocent animal) when she caused the situation in the first place, and she put the gun to Ranger’s head and threatened to pull the damned trigger.





You can see how busy she was.  She simply didn’t have time to respond to any messages about the dog she was threatening to kill. And all these posts, by the way, are meaningless crap.  They are her usual “I hate the cops,” and “I hate government,” and “breastfeeding makes you a superior human,” and “the election is shit even though I never vote.”  That sort of stuff.


This one is a photo-collage that she had time to put together and post.  You know, while she was so busy.



That’s nice. I don’t.


That’s right. I forgot. She added the obligatory “Monsanto and GMOs are evil” post. We’ll get to that some day when I have time.


Remember, this was so important that she simply could not answer any messages.  She has a life, don’t you know, and responsibilities. Work, children, errands.  Dog?  Not so much.

At this point, Nicole was so frazzled by all the hard work she’d done and all that reading and posting and commenting and worrying, that she cried.





She doesn’t vote. She brags about not voting. We’re all glad she doesn’t vote.


And this is a long-ass post that she had time to read, copy and paste and ask questions about.  You know, about the election that she does not vote in.  It’s not that she doesn’t like either candidate and therefore won’t vote. She never votes.

But she can’t respond to messages about her damned dog that she asked people to help her with because she is too busy.


Nothing about “we have to see about our dog’s rescue.”  Just about her “updating the blog” and bullshit stuff like that.  But head over to her blog, and while you’re there, be sure to notice the nice big donate button.


Remember, in addition to all this posting, she was also commenting repeatedly on BLH under not only the original “I’m gonna shoot the dog” post, but also under others, getting more and more defensive with all the “I’ve been trying for a year” and “I’m nice because I haven’t shot him yet” stuff.

I am retired. I do not have eleven children. I do not work off this property. And I could not keep with it.


I absolutely call bullshit on this. She was not “busy as hell at work.”  If she had lots of dogs to groom, her children were doing the grooming, because she sure as hell wasn’t. She was busy writing stuff about the election and writing little essays about a client who died and posting “I hate the police” posts.

The upshot of all this is that these very nice people from this rescue stepped in to help this dog who was under a death sentence from this horrible woman who gives not one single damn about the animals that are in her care. There’s nothing in it for them.  They just wanted to help.  They were not judging her. I am doing that for them.

And she got pissed off almost immediately and banned them.


Why would she do that?

She asked for help. She threatened to kill the dog if nobody would help her. She got snarky with anyone who criticized her even slightly about the whole situation.  But when people who didn’t know her, and didn’t know anything about the Blessed Little Pet Sematary raised their hands collectively and volunteered to help out, she responded by banning them.


Let me make something really clear for the clueless leghumpers, if any of them make it over here.  I actually live in the country and I really do have farm animals (chickens, pig, calves, dairy cow, donkeys). I absolutely understand that a livestock-killing dog cannot remain on a real farm.

The Nauglers, of course, do not have such a thing as a real farm, but still, I get it.

What is egregious about this is not that the Blessed Little Dog Killer didn’t want to keep the dog.  What is bad is that she is lying about her attempts to find the dog a home. She did practically nothing, and she was trying to sell the dog.  And then when that didn’t work and the dog quite obviously pissed her off royally by killing something else (new chicks perhaps, exactly as I predicted?), she flipped out and threatened to kill him on social media. What actually happened to this dog?

She expected no repercussions from this threat. She thinks she can emotionally blackmail people and they will not respond negatively. She thinks that she can abuse well-meaning folks who simply wanted to help the dog live and were very afraid that she’d kill him at any moment, and reacted the way you would if she had been holding him out a window on the 18th floor and threatening to drop him.

ranger placed

Placed where, Nicole?  With who?  When?

Forgive me if I simply do not believe you.