Have you ever been interviewed and then quoted by the press?

I have, and sometimes they just don’t get it right. It’s not that they try to do “fake news,” it’s just that reporters are human and they make errors. Sometimes they get your name wrong.  Sometimes they get the facts wrong. Sometimes they totally screw it up, and sometimes they do a really good job.  Ask any politician that has ever lived about this.

Travis Metcalf lives next-door to the Nauglers. That said, “next-door” in the country isn’t the same thing as “next-door” in a city. There are many acres between the two living areas, and those acres are filled with scrub trees. Visibility would be limited. 


This is the Shitshack as it appeared in the spring/summer of 2015. During the previous winter, that blue tarp (and I think others) had been draped all over the place.  There were other tents erected on the property, per the social workers who went out there. They erroneously thought that the Shitshack was animal housing and that the people were living in tents.

And they actually entered the property and walked around. Travis didn’t.  Travis came up with the assumption that the Nauglers were living “underneath tarps” from what was visible from the road.  That was more accurate than the report from the actual investigators. They were, in fact, living underneath tarps.

kitchen trash
I mean, what do you call this?  I call it “living underneath tarps.”

But here is what Travis is quoted by the press as saying.


I want to focus, though, on that last sentence.

Travis made two statements.

Statement one: “They delivered a baby up there last winter.”

That is true. They did.

Statement two: “It was about 30 degrees below zero; it’s no living conditions for a kid at all.”

That statement is also true. It was a very cold winter.  I don’t know if it actually got that far below zero in Breckinridge County, but it certainly was subzero here in South Central Kentucky for an extended period. I remember that we had to put all the animals in the barn for several days in a row, which meant we had to provide them with room service. It was brutal, and our barn is a far better structure than the Shitshack ever was.

Nicole has always chosen to interpret all that as Travis saying that she, Nicole Naugler, delivered a baby in a tent when it was below zero outside.  That is not what he said.  Travis would have had no way at all to know exactly when that kid was born.  He just knew that she’d had a baby over the winter. Hell, he could easily have confused exactly which winter (or the reporter assumed he was talking about a couple of months before (2015) instead of “last winter” being the winter of 2014.

There is no reason at all to assume that Travis made those two statements in tandem. Those are the two statements the reporter chose to quote. The quotes may or may not be entirely accurate. They also might have been separated by other comments which were discarded.

The Nauglers are secretive, unfriendly, refuse to have anything to do with their neighbors, and cause trouble when they do have encounters with them, so is it any wonder that people have nasty things to say about them?

What is undeniable is that they were living “underneath tarps,” they forced their children to live an entire winter in those conditions,  they delivered a baby in those conditions regardless of the temperature, and they wrecked a car and abandoned it on the side of the road just over a week ago.

Reality is a bitch.


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Day 19 – Dubrovnik

October 20, 2018

Dubrovnik, Croatia

In port from 10 am until 11 pm

Dubrovnik is one of the places where Game of Thrones has been filmed. I have read all the GOT books, but have watched very little of TV series. For some reason, I just haven’t been able to get into it, maybe because I already know what is going to happen.

It has a long history of being a major Mediterranean port, used to be part of Yugoslavia, declared independence in 1991 and that resulted in a war.  The city was largely destroyed in 1667 by an earthquake and subsequent fire, and then had more damage inflicted upon it during the recent war.


From what we’ve been able to find out, it’s walkable. It’s a DIY city, which is a big YAY from me.

It’s surrounded by a wall, and the wall can be walked (for a small price).  It’s approximately a mile in length, and it’s not level, so there are lots of steps and uneven places. The views from the wall are breathtaking, so we’ll do that.

In addition, there is a cable car that goes way up on a mountain (Mount Srd). We’ll put that on the list. And finally, my buddy Rick has a walking tour of the heart of the town, and that will complete our day.

This will more than likely be a “pack your own lunch” sort of day.